Alizabeth Calder

Business Strategy and Business Growth Expert

Alizabeth Calder is a senior business leader with over 30 years of experience delivering business transformation, sales effectiveness and organizational change through proactive strategy and practical execution. She is an experienced meeting facilitator and speaker, capable of building strategy for and leading a broad range of business events that inform, motivate, and get results. Alizabeth Calder has the strategic ability to set vision and direction, and the tactical experience to work with a team to get the job done.

Calder is an excellent listener with the proven ability to distill a great deal of information from diverse sources, support discussion to enable understanding and decision making, and help stakeholders to buy-in where there cannot be full agreement. She is at her best in situations that carry multiple, highly complex ‘moving parts’, to ensure that all activities drive to targeted and measurable outcomes. Alizabeth Calder is a certified corporate director. She received her MBA from the Ivey School of Business in 1982, and joined the world of retail financial services as a planner and facilitator. Leveraging her experience introducing practical strategies and sustainable solutions, she then moved into the world of consulting and spent five years with KPMG Peat Marwick.

Calder then returned to the financial institution sector, acting as a change agent in the leadership of high potential customer service improvement programs. She joined IBM Canada in 1995, taking progressively senior leadership roles including participating at an Executive Committee level in her last IBM role. Leaving IBM to build her base of experience in smaller and more entrepreneurial enterprises, Alizabeth Calder has seen what it takes to adapt and enable sustainable growth based on business maturity regardless of company size. As a business leader with experience in many industries, she commands a presence based on significant leadership credentials in small and large enterprises. She had successfully overseen more than $1 billion in business transformation programs, with companies including CPRail, CIBC, TD Bank, CML Healthcare, HomeEquity Bank and Si Systems. Bringing her unique sense of humor, practical knowledge, and easy credibility to your business program.

Alizabeth Calder provides customized presentations for clients helping businesses become more effective and productive, and showing measurable results in, both increased profits and business growth. She is a leading expert in helping business leaders and their management teams identify keys areas for immediate personal and business growth.

Topic Presentations

Leveraging the Investment to Deliver Sustainable Shareholder Value. Nearly 90% of Board-level leaders feel that Information Technology is important for creating long term shareholder value; However, 50% of those same Directors say that they are not adequately engaged in the decision making process. Success depends on having practical ways to leverage the conversation to get the right focus and funding for the opportunities that will differentiate. Make every investment discussion an opportunity to improve Board level confidence by addressing practical challenges in a balanced view of risks and outcomes.

How does your dog miraculously know that it is time to go for a walk? You’re only watching him 1% of the time, but he’s watching you all the time. How you perform as the Leader has a fundamental impact on almost everything in your organization. Looking beyond the conventional leadership wisdom has amazing impact on your bottom line. Leverage your intuitive leadership talents for real-time results by applying these critical lessons from leaders like Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, and Barak Obama.

In our rapidly changing Global economy, few career paths are well defined straight lines. Whether you aspire to be a C level executive, an entrepreneur or a recognized Global expert in your field, you need to optimize every change as an opportunity to build your foundation. Make every new situation a relevant building block to always be at the top of the headhunter’s candidate list.

Research shows that one in three business leaders make critical decisions without the information they need. Successful strategy demands that you build the right business dashboard to steer through the hazards, and arrive at your destination without being blindsided! Master the defensive driving techniques that let you measure and demonstrate effectiveness. Understand what’s working and what isn’t. Leverage the right strategic initiatives for your best bottom line.

Digital Transformation has become an over-used term, with increasing skepticism that there is an attainable strategy to deliver real and measurable value. Leverage proven techniques to improve impact with the CFO, CEO and the Board, and be recognized by internal stakeholders, shareholders and analysts. Focus on the strategic outcome-based competencies needed to engage successfully up to and including the Board.

Leading successful Millennial and GenX sales teams demands leaders to find the teachable moments that won’t generate an ok, boomer response. Leverage proven leadership and direct sales strategies to get and keep the attention of the client. Motivate teams to earn the right to be heard. Take advantage of new techniques to increase stickiness and drive traction to close the deal.

Cyber security is everyone’s challenge. Leverage a custom-designed program with lessons from the trenches to inform the oversight, decisions and preparedness.

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Growing Up

Independence isn't doing your own thing. It's doing the right thing on your own. The same can be said for raising children or for managing employees. Your business needs to have people you can rely on to 'do the right thing on their own’; Otherwise, you spend more time babysitting than managing. The people, process, and leadership demand of building a business are a lot like the demands of raising children. By looking at your business activities through a child development lens, you quickly can identify the things that will help you (or hold you back) as your business grows. You would approach a four-year-old differently than a fifteen-year-old, and this book explains how to use age appropriate tactics to be most effective as a business leader. No one grows up overnight. Growing Up provides a simple and easy way to look at the maturity of specific business activities, providing an effective tool for planning and managing growth. Growing Up helps you answer questions such as: * As an entrepreneur positioning for a major growth program, how do - you make sure that your people, process and leadership can keep up? * As an experienced leader looking for your next career opportunity, how do you test against your expectations? * As a parent who knows how to manage the kids effectively, how do you apply that intuitive strength to be more effective in your day-to-day work?

Duty of Care

In today’s fast-paced digital age, it is no longer enough for executives and board members to merely rely on an expert to opine on digital investments or enterprise risk strategies. If the right questions are not asked, or the right oversight not given, executives may lose their jobs and directors may have liability. Duty of Care provides a hands-on guide for executives and board leaders who need to understand more about the strategic and business implications of digital technology. Written in accessible terms, the book offers practical advice for protecting from risks ranging from cyber breaches to investment mistakes. The book also offers unique case-study based insight into the opportunities to advance the organization through true value-based transformational strategies. Duty of Care offers a range of illustrative Case Studies from such well-known organizations as Amazon, Yahoo, Home Depot and Equifax, revealing that executives and the board got right and where they went wrong. In addition, the book is filled with Smart Questions that support critical understanding of digital information systems, modern high-speed networks, and rapidly evolving software and hardware ecosystems. The Smart Questions offer a springboard for knowing what items to consider when making decisions and how to frame conversations with experts. Lack of knowledge can lead to disastrous decisions that can cost billions of dollars in lost income or risk liability. Duty of Care helps leaders fill their technology-knowledge gap in order to better deliver the trusted organization and ensure their success.

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