Anthony Johnson and James Makokis

Team Ahkameyimok! - The Amazing Race Season 7 Winners

Dr. James Makokis is well grounded in all matters relating to Indigenous cultures, traditions, values, and customs. He is one of Canada’s leading experts for Canadians and First Nation communities. Dr. Makokis currently heads one of Canada’s leading LGBTQ2 and Transgender focused medical practices and commits himself to saving lives through his progressive empathetic approach to medicine. He also incorporates First Nation healing practices to connect the mind, body and spirit for his patients. Dr. Makokis is a leading role model within the medical and Indigenous community and regularly consults numerous organizations on mental health, health access, health and wellness, diversity, inclusion, housing, cultural sensitive medicine, patient focused medical practices, health, social programming, social services and social policies for any institute or organization that is working to create a better experience and equal treatment for all. Dr. Makokis provides information on his struggling years as a youth, and his resiliency to become who he is today. Dr. James Makokis and his partner Anthony Johnson also recently became the first Two Spirit team to compete on the Amazing Race Canada and are both getting national attention for their participation on the show, while bringing new awareness to gender, sexuality and First Nation issues.

Dr. Makokis will provide inspirational stories and practical insights on how his own experience in being excluded and segregated as a First Nation and Two Spirit person. He offers practical insights for teaching others about the importance of culture, spirituality, health, self-confidence, community access, support, and policies to help improve the quality of life for Indigenous and LGBTQ2 peoples. Dr. Makokis has faced off with many Government leaders and is at the forefront of shifting Government and individuals perspectives on Indigenous and Non Indigenous best practices. Dr. Makokis is a leader among Canadian First Nation community and is a primary resource for the Provincial and National Governments and many Alberta Health Service Agencies. Dr. Makokis is always the highlight of every event and often leaves audiences wanting to hear more. Most organizations book him for a keynote and breakout session on the same day.

Anthony Johnson graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in 2008. Johnson’s life has been full of dedicating his career and his time to countless numbers of non-profit organizations, social movements, and councils. He also has a very dedicated career as an international businessman. He has recently taken time to slow down and reconnect with his Navajo Heritage. Ideally he would have found work on the reservation, but because the unemployment rate is around 48.5%, it was next to impossible. Thus, he earned money by providing whatever services he could to whoever they would help. Though this initially started as a means to an end, it turned into a meaningful life experience that has taught him the power of connecting with others. Johnson’s story is one of hope, overcoming adversity, dealing with racism, activism, community engagement and success. His customized presentations can be presented alone or with his partner Dr. James Makokis, who has a very similar story to Johnson.

Johnson’s education and work background is truly inspirational. Johnson delivers sessions that are tailored to the event theme, the desired learning outcomes of the presentation and each member of the audience. His story and his presentations always leave the audience with a stronger understanding of the challenges individuals from the LGBTQ2 and First Nation communities face. He also delivers practical solutions for individuals to better understand their role and responsibility to treat others inclusively and with respect with a strong focus on the importance of prioritizing equality at work and in society. Anthony’s presentations focus on LGBTQ2, sexuality, gender, mental health, suicide prevention, addictions, resilience, health and wellness, self-confidence,  teamwork, leadership and overcoming adversity.

Anthony Johnson and Dr. James Makokis also recently became the first Two-Spirit team to compete on the Amazing Race Canada and received national attention for their participation on the show, while bringing new awareness to gender, sexuality and First Nation issues. They fought hard challenge after challenge eventually to become the winners of Season 7! They are both now speaking across Canada sharing their stories of their experience on the Amazing Race Canada while continuing to raise awareness and advocate for First Nation and LGBTQ2 individuals.

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