Byron Smith – See You At The Top

Byron Smith is an award-winning businessman, accomplished adventurer, and one of Alberta Canada’s leading motivational sports speakers. Byron Smith has scaled the Seven Summits, which are the highest mountains on each continent, and uses that physically challenging experience to craft keynote presentations and stories that detail calculated risk, commitment, and success.

Byron Smith also serves as the president of Byron Smith Ford Sales, and sits as the director of Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation, Redwood Technologies, and Motor Dealers Association of Alberta. His Ford dealership is one of the largest dealerships in Alberta, and for 6 straight years, received the highest honour any Ford Motor Company could receive, the prestigious President’s Award, an elite award for business acumen and exceptional customer service and satisfaction.

At the age of 14, Byron Smith learned his love sports after pursuing Jr. “A” Hockey. By 18, he had set 26 provincial and regional track and field records. At age 21 Byron Smith took on a Parts Apprenticeship position at a local vehicle dealership while playing Senior “A” Hockey.

Smith set a goal to own and operate his own dealership before the age of 30. By 29, he had achieved his goal, and continues to utilize his focused and goal oriented growth his Ford Masters Dealership into one of the largest volume sales Ford Motors Dealerships in Southern Alberta, Canada.

On May 21st, 2000, at 7:05am, Byron Smith triumphantly states “I can’t go any further…I’m on top of the world!” to a live broadcast to millions of Canadians on CBC Television. Byron Smith organized and scheduled Everest 2000, one of the most highly publicized mountain expeditions in history. CBC Television transmitted live daily broadcasts from Mount Everest for 3 months while facilitating enrichment outreach and education online so schools and people around the world could follow the historic event.

This accomplishment, along with completion of the Seven Summits shot Byron into the spotlight, and the spotlight, and serves as the theme for his signature keynote speech “See You at The Top.”

As a motivational sports and adventurer speaker, Byron’s keynote speech has been described as articulate, inspiring, and powerful. His experiences as a businessman, mountain climber, husband, and father are used as story telling vehicles to deliver messages of risk, reward, and success.

On the surface, Byron Smith uses classic motivational themes to deliver his speech, but at the heart of See You At The Top, is an essential strategy for setting and achieving goals. He draws parallels between his infamous Everest 2000 Expedition, and the seasoned business processes he used to grow Byron Smith Ford Sales.

Byron Smith delivers captivating keynote presentations on subject material from motivation, leadership, overcoming adversity, goal setting, risk management, problem solving, and commitment. He also designs and presents workshops on team building, leadership, sales and marketing,

His message is delivered to audience members with the challenge to dream big, set goals, and achieve them. Byron has spoken to hundreds of corporations and organizations throughout Northern America, Oceania, and Europe.

By Gordon Breault,
Executive Director, Speakers Bureau of Canada
Feb 15th, 2017