“Our Setbacks in life are designed to push us further ahead’ - Daniel Lewis

Daniel Lewis

Entrepreneur, Marketing, Customer Service Expert

Daniel Lewis is an acclaimed high-energy and high-content, inspirational speaker. Daniel Lewis is the funky- bowtie wearing founder of the modern, award-winning tea company, T By Daniel Inc. His crazy outlook on business and his Willy Wonka inspired retail tactics have garnered him and his company nation-wide recognition and many awards and honours, such as the 2016 Business Excellence Award and 2017 and Top 40 Under 40 Entrepreneurs.

Daniel’s success with his retail tea brand have even landed him a new exciting title as one of three Global Entrepreneurship Week Ambassadors for Canada and also paved the way for him to launch MARSketing Boutique Agency. Daniel has a popular blog where he shares his story and his “outside-of-the box perspectives” with audiences all across North America.

What many don’t know about Daniel Lewis is the story behind his drive and passion and his desire to spread it to any pair of ears that will listen. After being a victim of a nearly fatal stabbing, (where Daniel was stabbed four times), he decided to make the best of his second shot at life, by turning a bitter situation into an opportunity to help impact and inspire the lives of others in a special way, using a tea business as the means to do it. This is the motivation behind the tea company and the man, Daniel Lewis.

By facing life and all its ups and downs head-on, with a smile on his face, Daniel Lewis challenges, youth, business owners, professionals to appreciate the NOW, Master the Miniature and Make Crazy Look Normal!

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Let's cut right to the point . . .

When you're running your own business, every single detail matters! Your customer service, your hustle, your passion, your expertise; these skills are all directly associated to the entrepreneur. In other words, if you don't succeed, you don't eat! It's this kind of passion-driven attitude that helps many entrepreneurs to excel in their businesses. Now that's all fine and dandy, but why can't the everyday employee apply these same target driven skills to the companies they work for?

In this keynote presentation, inspirational speaker and multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Daniel Lewis shares his insights and proven methods of how companies of any size can benefit by empowering their employees to think and work like an entrepreneur.

Through this high energy and very inspirational presentation, participants will learn -

  • to reinstitute the mental and physical EFFORT back into their jobs

  • to become a real CEO (Catching Every Opportunity)

  • to take responsibility for the attitudes and to infuse passion, personality and purpose into their work!

Participants Will:

  • Will learn how to reinstate mental and physical effort into their work.

  • Learn how to observant and identify opportunities to help the company grow and succeed.

  • Learn how small and consistent gestures can eventually determine the overall impact of a company or an organization.

  • Explore how passion, personality and purpose play a huge roll in the overall performance of an individual.

One of Daniel's most requested keynote presentations today is "How Super Mario Helped Me Grow My Business." In this high energy, motivating presentation, Daniel walks the audience through his award-winning tea company's step by step growth journey, (successes & failures) using the characters from the timeless Nintendo video game Super Mario to represent and teach us all very valuable lessons in business and in life.

Of course, of course . . . you may be thinking, a video game? That seems a little to "under qualified" for an adult or seasoned professional! Daniel promises that participants will be amazed at the undeniable truths that are hidden in some of the most unexpected places.

The moral of Daniel's presentation is that life is like a slingshot. If we don't experience any setbacks, then we'll never be able to propel farther ahead in life or in our businesses. By facing life and all its ups and downs head-on, with a smile on our face. Daniel shares his “AHA” moment where life's misfortune taught him how to appreciate the NOW, Master the Miniature and Make Crazy Look Normal!

Participants Will:

  • Learn how to identify their STAR POWER (Unique personality traits) and how to apply it to their jobs or businesses.

  • Learn how to identify the KEY HELPERS in your life that are able to assist you in reaching the next level of success.

  • Learn how to determine SUCCESS and redefine the word in a way that is more genuine to who you really are.

  • Learn how to exercise our perceptive skills and becoming more aware of the opportunities that surround us.

  • Learn how to take negative and tragic situations and turn them into motivating drivers of success.

  • Learn how to redirect our focus on THE WHY WE DO rather than THE WHAT WE DO.

In seven years, Daniel's tea company has grown from a one-man-show to a 5-star rated, household brand in the Greater Toronto Area and is becoming a name that is making an impact across Canada and internationally. T By Daniel's successes and story have been featured on news stations across the country and have garnered so much attention from the media.

One of Daniel's most honorable achievements includes the royal honour of being invited to serve His Royal Highness Prince Charles a cup of tea during his Royal visit to Canada in 2017 to help celebrate Canada's 150th birthday! Cool huh! How did he do it? As Daniel would say, simply changing your perspective about customer service an focusing on people service is the recipe for success!

In this presentation Daniel will take the participants into realistic exploration of what “customer service” REALLY means in today’s world and why it sucks so badly. Using interactive everyday examples, that are current to the audience/industry, Daniel will help participants to both see and understand why businesses that focus on getting “customers” usually cannot compete with businesses that focus on creating friends, followers and fans!

Participants Will:

  • Go through a visual case study on how to stay true to the mission and focus of their business or their company.

  • Learn how to build fans instead of customers.

  • Complete and witness the interactive "Know it all test" to help build their communication and confidence levels.

  • Learn how to make a positive long-lasting impression on their customers.

  • Learn how to demonstrate OUT OF THIS world customer service and compete in the age of social media.

After all, your business should be delicious!

Apart from being a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, self-published author and motivational speaker, Daniel just happens to know a thing or two about marketing and branding!

After 6 years of running a successful startup business, Daniel and his wife Renata went on to start a boutique marketing company called MARSketing.  The company's primary focus is to help small to medium sized companies transform their brands into something desirable and delicious. Consumers are bored with traditional marketing and advertising. They want to learn something new, they want to stand by brands that are genuine.

In this presentation, Daniel will share his insights on how to brand yourself or your company like a SUPERSTAR! Daniel will highlight the benefits of focusing on the overall experience rather that the product and the services the company offers. Daniel will guide participants through the fundamentals of marketing, including:

  • The Product

  • The Price

  • The Place

  • The Promotion.

We'll discuss the most common mistakes for many business and lots more! A very beneficial presentation for any business looking to take their brand to the next level of awesome!

Participants Will:

  • Learn how to brand themselves or their company like a superstar!

  • Learn how to use the "Disney World" approach by marketing the experience to their end consumers.

  • Learn the basics about marketing such as: product, price, place and promotion.

  • Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes when building a business.

Intrapreneurs are employees within any company or organization, large or small, that grow the company by adopting an entrepreneurial attitude within it. It can be an employee that has an innovative idea that helps to serve the marketplace, or development of a new service or technology to better serve clients.

Who said that you need to be self-employed to be an entrepreneur?

Intrapreneurialism is essential to help organizations adapt to changing times.

  • How do you encourage it, marshal it, take full advantage of it?

  • How do you invest resources and workforce hours to foster growth through it?

  • How much money should you invest in a formal and informal intrapreneurial idea?

3M company has a formal Intrapreneurial Program. That’s how they and a few innovative employees within it, profited by introducing “stick it’ notes into the marketplace. Many organizations invest in research and development.

Participants Will:

  • Learn how to institute and formal and/or an informal intrapreneurial program.

  • How much work time can an organization afford to invest in intrapreneurialism.

  • As a intrapreneurial employee, how can/should I approach my boss or senior administration to undertake a new program, service or to introduce a new product?

Who is Daniel Lewis? Ask anyone around town today, they'll tell you, he's the "happy-go-lucky," smiling in his sleep, ambitious entrepreneur. Motivational speaker. Retail Magician!

A couple business ventures, a couple awards, not too shabby on the popular scale. Daniel Lewis has moon walked across stages while accepting awards. paraded the streets in blue leotards with iced tea samples strapped to his back and has served up his well-known tea blends to Hollywood celebrities, influencers and even royalty. Coasting through life's everyday adventures, one could easily say Daniel is living the Canadian Dream!

But what would he say?

High school drop out. Gang fights. Drugs. Guns. Charges. Working dead-end jobs, fighting for his life when tragedy suddenly strikes. This was far from a dream. He would say, "I'm just a simple kid with a desire to impact people's lives in a positive way." After being thrown into a whirlwind of unexpected events, his story has now become his message of inspiration and motivation to anyone who has ever felt helpless, hopeless and given up on their dreams. Resilience is the message, and today Daniel's passion is sharing it with audiences across the country and beyond.

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