Daniel O’Neill

Energy Mover & Mental Health Advocate

Experience comes in many shapes and forms as we journey our path on earth. Some are labeled as good, happy, or nice. Others are labeled as bad, sad, or unhealthy. Daniel’s life experiences have taught him it’s not what happens, its more important how the energy of what happens is shaped in the aftermath of every experience. Energy is the key to creating the life you desire and using every experience to master yourself. As a Coach and Speaker Daniel uses his vast work and life experiences to create an excitement and energy in his clients for experiences.

Daniel grew up playing sports and has continued to pursue an active lifestyle. Daniel has finished Three Ironman Canada Triathlons, over sixty Half Marathons, Marathons, and Ultramarathons. Daniel completed five Tour of Hope Cycle events and skied five Canadian Birkiebeiner Ski Festivals, he continues to train and race. His passion for adventure, love of fitness, and the joy he experiences competing in these races continue to drive his lifestyle and continued growth as an athlete.

Daniel retired in March 2021 after a thirty-five-year career in the Transit industry. Daniel was a Transit Inspector and a Level II Forensic Collision Investigator. Succeeding on many levels in his career didn’t alleviate the feeling Daniel had of being a misfit. Overcoming the trauma of childhood sexual abuse opened a perspective that Daniel viewed things from in a different light. There was an underlying dogma in his industry that doing just enough, accepting mediocrity and apathy were alright. This never felt right for Daniel and his motivation to step outside of the boundaries those industry standards accepted compelled him to start coaching. He understands that there is a collective consciousness surrounding exploring outside of unhealthy cultures to expand and grow.

Daniel received his Triathlon Coaching certification from the NCCP in 2012 and began to coach athletes. He successfully helped athletes meet goals in Triathlon from completing their first triathlon up to coaching athletes to Ironman finishes. Through the process of coaching these athletes a new form of coaching began to take place. Often the most help Daniel found himself providing was through his own life experiences in areas the athletes were seeking information and guidance. Daniel found a passion and excitement in helping his athletes to create healthy, balanced cultures in their lives where Triathlon was one component of that culture. In 2018 Daniel embarked on his career as a Life Coach.

Daniel has a passion and capacity to create experiences for his audiences and clients. Through a mindset of unconventional pursuits in his own journey Daniel knows the value of individual expression and how moving into that personal space creates healthy, balanced lifestyles. Daniel has explored life in many ways considered to be unreasonable in order to find the highest expression of his own love and why that is the greatest energy he can bring to all he does. He is not afraid to let his light shine for the world to see.



Topic Presentations

In this presentation Daniel references his three Ironman Triathlon Finishes to inspire the audience to step out of comfort into discomfort. It is a personal journey to change his narrative surrounding childhood sexual abuse and reshape the energy created in the aftermath. Daniel will create a sense of wonder around how gritty is pretty and transforms negative experiences into positive leverage to become the best possible version of ourselves.


  • Understand environmental cues and design

  • Actively creating your lifestyle (not living other peoples)

  • Building grit through reality

  • The value of an inside out personal operating system

  • Releasing your arrow

  • Being specific in your intentions to overcome the But of fears.

Creating adult adventures with an eye on joy and happiness is fully encouraged. Daniel isn’t encouraging escapism. No, this presentation is the opposite of escapism and asks us to dive headfirst into exuberance for those things that make us feel incredibly alive and fulfilled. Interweaving his concept of Insanity Architects, you’ll experience a shift in your perception of what is and possible and not allowing limiting beliefs to compromise what you’re capable of.


  • A desire to explore self-acceptance and self-love

  • The courage to cross your personal draw bridge

  • Understanding powerful questioning

  • Learning to enjoy meeting gate keepers

  • Learning to live your life measured by your own metrics

  • Leaping the fear mote

Daniel constructs a message about failure and the negative connotations surrounding the word. As an Athlete for over forty years Daniel has had his fair share of unsuccessful attempts to complete events, butt kicking’s, and failures of success! The experience s woven into the presentation offer a glimpse into why someone continues to pursue a vison, dream, or goal even after they have been unsuccessful. Daniel talks about the nine years it took to get his first book ‘Nobody Can Take It Away From You’ published.


  • Humans can learn to connect more through unsuccessful ventures

  • What are you willing to sacrifice, hopefully not your truth

  • Why would anyone do that

  • Is there a threshold for how much one should continue to go after a dream/goal

  • Try even though you know you fail, look bad and enjoy your personal growth

  • How pain helps us to embrace reality and move our own personal needle.

  • Don’t quit because it’s hard, quit because you have done all you can

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Edmonton, Alberta

Nobody Can Take It Away From You

The story of a one-year period when Daniel trains for and competes in his first Ironman Canada Triathlon in 2004. The journey to Ironman opens a healing pathway through past trauma experienced as a boy. Sexually abused as a boy by his uncle, Daniel fully immerses himself into a spiritual journey that aligns with his Ironman Journey. Raw and inspiring the book details some aspects of his life Daniel needed to overcome and the obstacles he experienced in his life. Daniel finds the good that can come from experiencing life at it’s lowest points to transcend the past and illuminate the future.

Racing Death, A Radical Pursuit

The word Radical derived form the Latin Radic, means returning to the root. Daniel outlines a philosophy for overcoming the status quo and societal conditioning. Presenting ideas, and information that help the reader to explore their own authentic, true nature. In his career, as an athlete, and in his own experiences Daniel realized that most people are running a program, an operating system that comes from the outside in. When Daniel shifted his thoughts and beliefs, he discovered how to change the program and create his own personal operating system that comes from the inside and works out into the world and culture. This is an uplifting and inspiring read that challenges the reader to get out of comfort zones and to take back control of their lives.

‘Junk Yard Dog.’ A Children’s Book

The heartwarming story of Smokey, a puppy rescued from a dump in Saskatchewan. The book tells how Smokey made his way into Daniel’s family. Daniel wrote the book to give children a sense of their unique value and that no matter what, they will always be loved, loving, and lovable

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