“One life… One shot… Make it count” - Dave Davlin

Dave Davlin

Professional and Personal Development

Over 25 years ago, Dave Davlin began bringing smiles to faces with a form of entertainment he developed as a young boy. From NBA and major college arenas across America to the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea, and even to the world-famous Branson Strip. “Travelin” Davlin has entertained people of every age and background. His amazing ability with basketballs even landed his name and picture in the 1990 Guinness Book of World Records.

Dave Davlin began to hone his speaking skills in the early 90’s as a national speaker in public schools across America. Combining entertainment with a powerful message, he was instrumental in the fight for education and against drugs. At the advice of friends working in corporate America, Dave began to develop presentations for the corporate and association market. The rest is history.

Dave Davlin now speaks at numerous corporate and association conferences each year. From public school students to CEOs, his message has made a difference in the lives of thousands, and his impact continues to grow each year as he shares his philosophy and wisdom through speaking and writing.

Topic Presentations

The key to success in any business lies not only in the development of great products and services, but more importantly, in the development of great people.

In this insightful presentation, Dave Davlin shares three essential ingredients for developing a purpose-driven mentality to achieve a fulfilling career and balanced life.

“The Game-Winning 3” will reveal how to succeed in a pressure-packed world wholly consumed with ever-changing technology. It will provide an outline for us to stay true to ourselves even as we strive to surpass expectations. This presentation delivers the blueprint for organizations and employees to stay focused on what’s important amid today’s unique brand of stress and chaos.


* Developing vision and a sense of purpose.

* Recognizing and diffusing limiting beliefs and fears.

* Harnessing individual performance to embrace the power of teamwork.

In our ever-changing world, the need to adapt to new situations-and thrive within them is at an all-time high. What worked yesterday may not work today. Therefore, survival depends on our ability to continually manufacture creative and innovative solutions in almost every industry.

  • But what are the elements involved in unleashing and maximizing our creative juices?

  • What skills must we develop?

  • What mentality do we need to embrace in order to effectively overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow?

In this fascinating presentation, Dave shares five essentials for effectively creating solutions that can guarantee success.


* Embracing challenges as growth opportunities.

* Discovering the power of innovation and creative problem solving.

* Realizing the importance of modifying actions and ideas and the proper use of role-modeling to accelerate success.

* Achieving success by combining excellence with service.

We operate in a world filled with distractions. The overload of media intake, the need to be all things to all people and the "speed of sound" pace at which we are living are all factors that can rob us of our potential-and stifle our creativity.

  • What if we could tune out the negativity and chaos and focus solely on the truly important?

  • What if we could discover and act upon the one thing that would make our lives and careers extraordinary?

In this eye-opening presentation, Dave Davlin leads audiences through a nine-step journey of self-discovery and mastery . . . a journey toward extraordinary results.


* Developing and utilizing the power of focus to produce desired outcomes.

* Recognizing and diffusing limiting beliefs and fears.

* Taking consistent action and harnessing the true power of time.

Society has taught us to measure our lives in years. Although convenient in some respects, the truth remains that we become who we are and end up where we are based on the things we do every day.

If we measured our lives in days instead of years, would it change our perspective and our decisions?

In this powerful, thought-provoking presentation, Dave Davlin examines the perception of time and challenges the audience to make the most of every moment.


* Gaining a new perspective on the gift and resource of time.

* Challenging yourself to consciously make each day meaningful and memorable.

* Seizing every opportunity to create value for those you love and those you serve.

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The Game-Winning

What is the scorecard for success in your life? This book is a journey into the meaning of genuine success. It illustrates and examines the true elements that create a life of meaning, fulfillment and lasting contribution. This book guides you to discover purpose, develop passion, design a plan and cultivate persistence. This book helps you determine who you are, where you are and where you want to go. This book is about becoming the person you were meant to become and leaving the world a better place than you found it.

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