“My guidance counselor said that I am like a kite using adversities and setbacks to rise against the wind. This has made me obsessed with helping people use obstacles as stepping stones to build a thriving business” - Dawnna St Louis

Dawnna St Louis

Entrepreneur, Sales, Branding and Business and Women’s Expert

Dawnna St. Louis is an extraordinary woman. Educated in a technical field, she studied further to leverage her skills on the science of confidence, the psychology of influence and the power of Mojo. In 2004 she was recognized in Top Female Executives 40 under 40 by Forbes and in 2006, recognized as Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur.com.

Before starting her own business, Dawnna St. Louis worked her way up the ladder in a male dominated field. She became a C-Level Executive of an international business intelligence consulting firm.

Now with over two decades of experience, Dawnna St. Louis is a successful consultant with the ability to deliver authentic and applicable solutions for all kinds of business problems. Under her consult, business leaders and entrepreneurs have stood out from the competition to increase revenues in a crowded marketplace.

Dawnna St Louis was a homeless teenager. But instead of letting these challenges hinder her success, they are a core part of what’s fueled her to become a top-selling author, successful entrepreneur, and keynote speaker to the likes of Microsoft, US Federal Courts, Merck, and many others. Her humble roots gave Dawnna St Louis the courage to take bigger risks and reap bigger rewards. Her ultimate reward came in the form of founder and COO of a $250m tech consultancy.

Today, as CEO of Biz On Fire, Dawnna motivates and educates sold-out audiences around the world to think differently, act boldly, and build thriving businesses. As a serial entrepreneur, Dawnna founded three multi-million dollar businesses and has written 5 bestselling books. Today, she travels the globe as international speaker and CEO of Biz On Fire Academy and Retreats.

In a recent interview, Dawnna recalled living in her car as a teenage girl. “If my life was handed to me on a silver platter, I wouldn’t be as driven to discover my purpose,” she said. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, the author of books such as 6ix Kick-Ass Strategies of the Million Dollar Entrepreneur, turned her early life setbacks into a springboard for growth.

As an eager participant of the daily rise and grind, Dawnna St Louis brings an authentic and edgy humor to the platform while delivering inspiring and actionable keynotes that drive results.

Dawnna is the perfect balance between engaging and practical; entertaining and results-oriented; fun and impactful. As an entrepreneurial keynote speaker, successful serial entrepreneur, and well-respected leader, Dawnna blends down-to-earth experiences with a magnetic stage presence that draws you in.

From understanding the powerful mindset of successful entrepreneurs to The 7 Triggers to Yes, Dawnna delivers customized content-rich keynote programs with engaging stories and practical techniques that drive attendees to increase profits, motivate the masses, and engage on a deeper level.

Topic Presentations

Think differently, act boldly, and get rich doing it (even if you’re not an entrepreneur).

Did you know that a staggering 96% of businesses will fail within 10-years? As for the remaining 4%, it does not necessarily mean they succeed, it means that they’ve survived!

So what does it take – not only to launch a business, but to grow and scale in a successful and sustainable way?

From Musk to Branson, entrepreneurs are a unique breed. They see the world differently and chase their vision with passion and courage. They are game changers.

They know it’s not just about having the best product or service, or having the right strategy or skills. They know that business is for gladiators.

So . . .

  • What is it about their mindset that drives these gladiators to risk it all to seize opportunity?

  • What are the moments that define you as an entrepreneur?

  • What does it really take?

As a rags-to-riches entrepreneurial success story, Dawnna shares what is takes to not just start a business, but to be a thriving entrepreneur that changes the game.

Your words, your brand, and your products . . . absolutely irresistible

Entrepreneurs must have influence. If they can't convince their prospect that they are worth taking a risk on, they will soon go out of business.

That's why greatest entrepreneurs, the strongest marketing and the best sales pros ALL have one critical factor at the center of their success:

The ability to influence.

Marketing focuses on where customers are. Sales training increases customer engagement. But where is the formula that tells you WHAT to emphasize and HOW to communicate in a way that actually influences decisions?

You just found it.

The 7 Influential Triggers to Yes make your words, your brands, and your products absolutely irresistible. The formula is straight from science and it works to drive real results in every interaction.

When you discover the 7 Triggers you will quickly have the skills to be irresistibly influential

Leverage your greatest asset to achieve explosive growth. People have chiseled boulders into wheels and put men on the moon. Business is about harnessing the power of people. Corner the market. Enhance leadership effectiveness. Capitalize on innovation. No matter how explosive you want to be in business you must tap into the power of your greatest asset to do it.

This keynote can be customized for: Leadership, Business Owners, New Leaders, Association Executives

Harness your unique competitive advantage and be the winner you were born to be

Winners know that you don’t have to practice to be in last place. But to own the leaderboard you must think like a winner; act like a winner; and be the one who wants to take the winning shot at the buzzer . . . even if it misses.

This winning mindset propelled Dawnna from homeless teenager to founder/COO of a $250M tech consultancy. She discovered that if she did what others wouldn't, she would live how others couldn't.

In this hilarious rollercoaster ride of motivation, you will discover the 7 levels of the game-changing mindset and how you can use it to tap into your personal brand of boldness, embrace change, and harness your unique competitive advantage to own the winners circle.

Develop instant relationships and close more business faster.

What does your client say about you when you are not in the room? Not sure? Then you could be in trouble.

A powerful customer experience is the difference between exceeding your sales goals and wondering about your bonus check. Dawnna St. Louis shows you how to create an amazing customer experience from the get-go.

• The Secret Sales Pyramid that creates a powerful customer connection

• Three things you need to know right now to seal the deal

• How to be the choice of ONE in a crowded marketplace

• Deliver the experience your customer can’t live without

This keynote can be customized for: Sales Teams, High Value Sales Teams, Women In Business, MLM Entrepreneurs

You’re the closer. You handle the tough deals. Negotiations are in your blood. And while that last deal was good you still feel like there was still a little money left on the table.

You only get one shot at a ROI-increasing, leaderboard-owning, competition-crushing negotiation. So just nailing it isn’t an option. You gotta own it.

Armed with lessons from her mentor, a 20 year FBI Hostage Negotiations Veteran, Dawnna created high-powered negotiation strategies that transformed a tech start-up into a $250M boutique consultancy. Imagine what you're deal-closing resume' will look like when you know how to pull the strings behind deal.

In this content-rich program, you'll close bigger better deals faster when you discover how to:

• Nail the 3 secrets to power-up your negotiations

• Influence deeper conversations for more information

• Maximize profits on big money-making deals fast

• Leave no cash behind with this can’t lose triple threat tactic

• Beat the odds even when the deck is stacked against you

Innovation is disruptive. It causes change that your competitors are not ready for. And sometimes it makes people think you are a little crazy. But without some innovation and a dash of crazy companies would die.

So the question remains, do you have the guts to be disruptive?

Do you have the guts to shake things up?

In this entertaining and exciting program Dawnna asks your audience the tough questions while getting them to laugh at themselves. With a combination of business lessons, life experiences, and a trek down innovation history Dawnna will show your team why it’s important to ignore the competition, let go of the status quo, and have some guts!

Year team will walk away with a fresh perspective on new ideas and the confidence to bring them to the table every time.

Women control 60% of wealth, own 50% of stock, and account for 85% of consumer purchases. Yet, only 21 Fortune 500 CEOs are female, and women only make up 14% of all executive officer positions.

It’s time for women have to get in the way of those opportunities, get comfortable demanding what they are worth, and making decision from the head of the boardroom table.

In her entertaining, exciting, and educational program, international speaker, Dawnna St Louis, reveals how women can have the confidence to take on great opportunities.

Based on her top-selling book, The Audacious Acts of Successful Women, Dawnna delivers highly impactful, trajectory changing content that not only motivates women to make a significant move towards the next level, it actually drives game-changing momentum immediately.

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This book will not suddenly transform you into a millionaire. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. None of the information in this book comes from a higher power that will suddenly endow you with the sorcery required to pull a rabbit out of a hat. There is no magic here. This book is an income building, busy-ness eradicating, get your sh*t together on a daily basis - business advice tool containing six strategies that smart and successful entrepreneurs have used to start, build, run, grow, and repeat their business success.


The most popular question asked at a network meeting is: “What do you do?” How many times have you asked this question to an attendee and found yourself held hostage in the corner for 10 minutes of babbling? How many times have you found yourself doing the babbling? At most network meetings attendees are asked to stand up and give a 30 Second Pitch. This simple task strikes fear in the hearts of many. They feel pressure to perform without the skills to make it happen. In 30 Seconds you are either getting business or losing it. There is NO IN BETWEEN! Pitch to Profits turns you into a pitching pro and transforms your audience of window shoppers, business card collectors, and browsers into buyers. This book will give you more confidence and creativity topped off by amazing delivery. Isn’t it time to turn your PITCH to PROFITS!


Tap into the leadership secrets of industry icons such as Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, and Oprah with Dawnna St Louis’s Mojo Mogul - How to Become Tomorrow’s Leadership Icon Today. The next generation of iconic leadership principals applied in your life - and the life of your organization - will redefine how you spark a desire to innovate, influence others, and magnetize the masses to move into action.

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