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Women Leadership Expert

International speaker, leader and activist Debra has captivated audiences around the globe with her radiant power, passion, and presence. She is a sought-after international speaker because of her diverse background and ability to engage others and convince them of their inherent worth, value and ability to fearlessly move forward. She has been a leader in the education system for many years holding various positions before retiring.

Debra has represented Canada at women’s and peace conferences around the globe and repeatedly held positions of feminine power. Her various businesses; Junegrass Centre for Empowerment, Soul Tribe, Women Rising magazine and Manifestation programs reflect the belief in empowerment and innovation through expansion of core values of the  Debra understands feminine leadership: Debra has been at the forefront of many initiatives which promote feminine leadership qualities as qualities crucial to navigating the 21st century including representing Canada at The Women’s Global Network for Peace, Women’s Peace Summit, various positions in the ATA Friendship Centre Women’s circles, New Mexico Women’s Retreats, Sevda Gok Foundation presentations (protesting stoning of women-Turkey),Earth Shaped by Women Conferences and Ethno Diversity Galas.

Debra has navigated adversity: Despite multiple adversities and loss she has rebuilt and re -invented herself and life several times from award winning teacher to artist to peace representative and global activist to leader in the field of education and empowerment. Debra has experienced massive loss; her home to fire, a baby, her husband, part of her left leg and recently her daughter and navigates this as soul directive by leading as a model of resilience and strength. Debra has been recognized in her field: Debra received a title from the House of commons CAA (Canadian Arts Ambassador). Hilroy Scholarship.

Wise Woman’s Centre award for her magazine, Women Rising, Alberta Teacher Award of Excellence (twice), Mevlana Supreme Honorary Membership. She has been featured on CBC radio, Aja Television, Arts Talk Edmonton. She has had unusual and powerful life experiences: From a visit by a live cobra in Turkey as Canada’s representative for peace and it’s powerful meaning, from depression to award winning teacher, from widow to success in writing and spiritual counsel, parts of Debra ‘s personal story invites audiences to summon tools for embracing life on life’s terms. Debra met with a former torture squad member and presented him with flags for peace which was shown on 13 television stations.

She went ahead with her Peace presentation in a building that had been bombed as warning to women holding a conference there. Within these amazing stories is the power of the feminine leadership qualities she shares in her presentations. Her studies in archaeomythology have solidified the directive to help return women to cultural memory and activate powerful pillars of knowing. In 2006, her book In Her Image: female image explorations, was published.

She has written for various periodicals and magazines including Elephant Journal, Sage Woman, WE’Moon. Debra has an on line Wise Woman’s Academy which presents various courses and events designed to propel women forward with confidence and knowledge, In a presentation style that is described as powerfully vibrant and innovative, Debra engages audiences with interactive experiences designed to instil the powerful message of aligned leadership. Drawing on her personal inquiry into and compilation of key processes of feminine leaders she helps prepare audiences for today’s challenges with new inspiration, fresh ideas and thought-provoking introspection. Debra is described as having a huge radiant energy that envelopes audiences and convinces them to reclaim and renew their own energetic reserves, dreams and goals.

Topic Presentations

In this powerful call to action keynote Debra invites audiences to answer the call of a new way of leadership; the fierce feminine. As stewards, we must find a new way and that way is expanding overlooked leadership qualities that are crucial to navigating the 21st century.

She invites the world changers, way showers, thought leaders, and system shifters to step up and into the call of a new paradigm. She asks them to be the sovereigns of their own life. Audiences will be propelled to magnification of inherent wisdoms and active expansion of present gifts. Weaving stories, examples, upbeat audience participation, discussion and humour Debra offers thought provoking key processes identified in inspiring transformational leaders compiled as witnessed at world conferences and events she has attended.

She offers these key processes to women to claim as their own and use as stepping stones to claim their own visible leadership and the voice they are being called to bring forth. These key process attributes are applicable to business, entrepreneurial endeavors and personal life that will express the individual’s sole purpose and bring their gifts more fully into the world!

The audience will be activated to look at the key traits in a new way which will inspire them to reach higher, dig deeper and trust innate wisdom. Debra believes empowered women empower women and convinces audiences to claim their power, magnify their strengths, look within, and change the world! Audiences leave the keynote with ah ha moments and high energy to move forward with new ideas and a refreshing look at fierceness.

Key traits of inspiring leaders covered in keynote:

Accessing Your Why: what lights you up? Stay connected to your why

Your Genius Zone: where do you feel challenge, excitement? Where are you energetically at your peak? How to make the most of it.

Do the Inner Work: response to patterns and deeper awareness

releasing patterns, beliefs and blocks which hamper access to the leader within

Sacred Commerce: conscious choice mindset, growth mindset vs fixed mindset

Balanced energy: masculine and feminine is an energy

Emotional Alchemy: emotional challenge as ally

Community: the power of circular leadership

Co-creation & collaboration: many minds is where true power manifests

A Feminine Leader has the willingness to awaken to her leadership, strengthen that aspect of herself, and dares to go first. She supports and inspires both consciously and unconsciously, through her clear actions, potent vision, and loving communication. In this interactive presentation, Debra will take women on a journey to meet aspects of their feminine Leadership qualities and enhance or magnify them forward.

Through discussion, humour, upbeat introspective work, stories, and examples Debra will accelerate the leadership journey by planting powerful amplification ideas such as:

Where true power manifests

The power of trusting intuition

The emotional alchemy vectors

Co-creation is where it’s at!

Divergent thinking is the way of the future

With an intimate invitation to explore the following Principles to Feminine Leadership, audiences will hold space with Debra for sacred inquiry and personal contemplation. As the Principles are woven into a powerful circuitous cone of possibility. There will be ah ha moments, laughter, thoughtful silence and excited bursts of anticipatory energy. Audiences will leave the keynote with new dialog and passion for aligning with the power and possibility of a new leadership style. They will move forward with renewed foundation and solidity in self.

Principles of Feminine Leadership Covered or Tailored for Each Audience:

Embodied presence – Bringing all of one's Self to the moment.

Self-authority –. You have the right and authority to take action based on your needs, ideas, desires, dreams, and more.

Integrity –   Be consistent with your actions, behaviors, and communication.

Intuition – Utilizing your instinctual knowing and deep wisdom.

Leadership with Love – Holding a balanced position of leadership with compassion and generating a nurturing environment.

Clear Communication – Being willing and having the skill set necessary to speak lovingly to your needs, desires, boundaries, goals, and vision

Individual Uniqueness – Willing to radiate your “YOUness

Confidence – A trust filled relationship with yourself, your skill set, and your wisdom.

Birth –Allowing the process of Birth to organize and move through you.

Commitment- Be willing to commit to your vision and goals. Allow yourself to be realistic with time lines, implementation, personal strengths, and follow through.

Open to Receiving and Being with the Mystery – Embracing the gifts in life.

Accepting Self and Others – Self acceptance is embracing the beauty and all aspects of you

Balanced and Nurturing Self Care – Giving yourself permission to take care of yourself on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Release – Be willing to let go. Change can be empowering. Having the ability to recognize when it's time to release what no longer serves you, your creation, or your work.

Bad Ass Women of the Past: Vital Insights for Feminine Leadership Today

In this light hearted, upbeat session Debra introduces audiences to heroines, poets, pyramid builders and princesses that made a difference and how their leadership qualities relevant today.

Synopsis of the vital lives of brave and fascinating women such a Hatshepset the female pharaoh and Sappo the poet is explored with airy humour and a light-hearted touch filled with cultural tidbits.

Rendered in a zippy, energetic fashion often using props symbolizing the women and conversations with them this keynote/session will take audiences on a history journey through vignettes of heroes that rocked their world and times.

Audiences will ponder expansion of their own gifts and magnification of their own dreams as they laugh and learn through these delightful Herstory lessons.

Women will be asked to take a look at how the leadership aspects of these women surface in themselves as powerful stepping stones to path and purpose. As audiences explore women who lived outside the box and norm they will glean valuable insights into;

Decisions from the heart

Standing in power

Living with passion

Taking risks

Living big

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In Her Image: Female Image Explorations

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