"I have experienced every crisis that occurs of farms personally. No matter what challenges you have, peace of mind is at hand."

Elaine Froese

Empower Family | Increase Profit | Secure Legacy

Elaine Froese, is a lifelong farmer. Every day, she uses her background in conflict resolution and communication to help fellow growers and ranchers face make-or-break issues head on – so they can focus on the business of farming.

Starting with 4-H presentations in Manitoba at age nine and moving on to audiences today in Mexico, Australia and beyond, she has always understood that communication is the key to building trust and understanding, especially when your family members are your business partners.

She has personally experienced the stresses and frustrations that only families in today’s agriculture climate understand.

Elaine has seen it all, heard it all, and survived it all — from buying the in-laws’ farm, the isolation of farm life, a sudden illness or death in the family, and every crisis you can imagine. She has given families worldwide the practical tools they need to save their marriages, hold onto their farms and gain some much-needed peace of mind.

More than 600 families have received her personal coaching advice, along with thousands more who have attended her keynote presentations on emotionally complicated topics -and walked away with life-changing results.

If you want relief from uncomfortable discussions about roles and responsibilities, arguments over ownership and succession agreements, and procrastination on planning for the future, there are several ways to put her expertise to work for you.

Topic Presentations

Conflict avoidance is the biggest barrier to the next generation’s succession success. Elaine Froese provides practical conflict resolution tools to help families have courageous conversations for business continuance, and reduced family tensions.

Founders typically want to know where their income streams will be after they let go of power and control of management and/or ownership. They also have marital conflict about home residence issues, and how to be fair to non-business heirs. The next generation can’t wait to gain equity, and more decision making power.

Young farmers are smart, tech-savvy, and want to have their opinions heard by parents and respected. They also need certainty that timelines for transfer and succession agreements will be honoured. Add the conflict dynamics of a new spouse and you have many interesting conversations ahead!

Elaine Froese’s expertise is her practical common sense approach to starting courageous conversations between the generations, and auditing the key challenges. You’ll gain insight into the tools you need to talk about tough succession issues, and then act on them with agreements that work for the different demands of each stage and age of successor or founder. Learn to listen to your head, heart and your “gut”.

Session Solutions:

  • Acting on common sense tools to talk about issues and resolve fights.

  • Learning new language to express your intent and expectations.

  • Meeting regularly with an agenda that morphs into timelines and action!

  • Embracing conflict resolution as a key business risk management strategy.

  • Having fun and stronger relationships by being soft on the person, but hard on the problem.

  • Identifying the "Undiscussabulls™" that you need to take care of, and start your own pack.

Elaine delivers actionable information farm business owners and managers can implement today. She challenges farm family businesses to get "unstuck" and not accept the high anxiety and stress of poor decision making. Her tools are grounded in years of working with farm succession planning and coaching. Her award winning book Planting the Seed of Hope helps build insight and trust quickly with families seeking tools for dealing with conflict and change.

You love farming and you never plan to really quit. Your spouse has other ideas. You are both in different stages of the cycle of renewal, but don’t know it. Your adult children want you to move to town. What are you going to do? Nothing? That doesn’t feel very good! How about planning for change, letting go and taking on new plans? Discover how in this revealing presentation.

Session Solutions:

  • Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara’s planning for change map gives insight and direction for moving ahead. Mapping out the cycle of renewal clears up why you are stuck.

  • Know what you need to let go of, take on, move on, and hold on to.

  • Appreciate the other person’s perspective of change and renewal.

  • Acknowledge the steps you need to take to get to the next stage of the planning cycle.

  • Enjoy freedom to get what you want in your new role.

  • Forget about retirement, you’re re-inventing yourself on the farm! Really?

Elaine is a certified Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara Coach (www.hudsoninstitute.com). She is highly trained to help people see where they are on the cycle of renewal map in order to plan for change. She’s the farm family coach your clients need to connect with!

She has presented this workshop and keynote across the prairies. The key issue is discovering that your perspective and stage of the cycle can be completely opposite to your spouse and business partners. This makes planning for change a challenge, unless you identify what to let go of, “drop the bananas,” and what to take on.

Farming dads need to transfer control and ownership (eventually) to younger farmers. If there is no successor, then what? If there is a keen successor… congratulations! What do young farmers want? They want certainty of ownership, and a plan with deadlines. They want the farm intact. What do older founding farmers want? To be useful and appreciated. Fairness. They want an income stream for their lifestyle needs.

Session Solutions:

  • Understanding barriers to farm succession planning

  • Knowing the age needs that cause conflict

  • Discover ways to get certainty about everyone's future and income

  • Explore building a team of expert advisors

  • Define timelines for the process. This is not Roundup®!

  • Know the next steps that you need to take now!

  • Assess what is fair DNA pay and sweat equity compensation.

Elaine delivers actionable information farm business owners and managers can implement today. People seek out advisors after she hits home with her message.

She challenges farm family businesses to get “unstuck” and not accept the high anxiety and stress of poor decision making. Her tools are grounded in years of working with farm succession planning and coaching. She’s survived two succession plans and can talk about it.

Elaine's a farmer and speaks to the heart of farm family issues. Her stories make people feel like she’s literally been at their kitchen table for years!

Folks are tired and overloaded. They think self-care is selfish. Too many roles and too little time. Where did the fun go? Elaine is an active farm partner with off-farm demands, just like you. She’s experienced a serious health issue, which makes her passionate and practical about being intentional, not “busy” and she shares her story and strategies for living a balanced life in this presentation.

Session Solutions:

  • Learn to identify your 6 core roles and the passions that drive you.

  • Embrace simple ways to be intentionally self-renewing

  • Enlist family members to share the load

  • Decrease your demands... what needs to be dropped?

  • Adopt energy boosters... what things give you energy?

  • Create a new storyboard for your life to remind you of the next steps

  • Take care of you, people are your farm business’s most important asset.

Elaine Froese hates it when people say “she must be busy.” As a certified coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, Elaine has amazing strategies for mapping out a great way to live intentionally and make conscious choices.

She removed “all hurredness from her life” after a serious bout of post-partum depression. Her empathy for mental health is widely appreciated by her audiences as she confronts the true challenge of self care which is not selfish. As a depression survivor, she places a high priority on staying healthy.

Elaine has been writing and speaking about balanced living in a complex world since 1987. She knows it is never a quick fix project, but an ongoing process of choosing what is most important to you in the present season of your life.

Lack of appreciation is one of the top key reasons farm succession planning fails or is blocked. Farm families need a strong emotional bank account and huge relational capital, not just net worth. Each generation needs to feel their work counts. In this presentation, you'll discover how to use encouragement as a leadership tool.

Session Solution:

  • Learn how to put deposits into the emotional bank account.

  • Decipher your language of affirmation and appreciation.

  • Discover family leadership skills to strengthen your business and your family.

  • Invest in human resources that will increase your resilience to stress: communication, celebration, and connection.

Dr. Nikki Gerrard, farm stress specialist discovered that “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Her resilience research was the foundation of Elaine’s award winning book Planting the Seed of Hope. Families need to communicate, celebrate and connect with community.

Elaine farms, has employees, and manages role overload, just like her clients. She has been a popular retreat speaker for many years as she is gifted as an encourager. Her common-sense approach and toolbox will help your farm clients see encouragement as a leadership tool.EE

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Farming's In-Law Factor

Farming's In-Law Factor... How to have more harmony and less conflict on family farms. Everyone wants harmony on their family farm and this book will show you how to get it. Unresolved in-law tensions can create chaos and split the farm. It time to take the bull by the horns and solve the people conflicts on your farm with this book's practical tools.

Do the Tough Things Right

Do the Tough Things Right... How to prevent communication disasters in family business. "Are you having a hard time starting the conversations about who gets the family business, and when?" This book is designed to help you nail down the key challenges you need to talk about. It's a workbook style, so you can write your responses to the tough questions certified coach Elaine Froese asks.

Planting the Seed of Hope

Planting the Seed of Hope Elaine's award winning 186 page book. Planting the Seed of Hope Celebrating Prairie life. The book of encouragement for rural families based on 10 years of writing about communication, connection, and celebration.

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