Evaluating Presentations & Public Speakers

Here are some practical tips to use when evaluating presentations & public speakers.

Watch the audience during the presentation. Look for signs or indications of engagement, general interest or boredom from the audience participants. Find a few of the audience members that you observed to gather testimonials about the presentation. Ask the Speaker their experience with the audience and the crowd. Conduct a formal appraisal of the keynote. Ask the any other speakers in the crowd or at the event their opinion of the presentation. Ask the CEO, President or Executive Director how they received the presentation.

When collecting, analyzing and formulating a positive or negative result from the presentation, and when talking to audience members about the presentation, try to think of questions which will help you gather information to answer the following questions:

  • What were the strengths of the presentation?
  • At what point, could you identify any weakness within the presentation?
  • Did the audience stay engaged throughout the presentation?
  • Was there a lot of applause and/or questions for the speaker at the end of the presentation?
  • Can you identify the reasons why the audience lost engagement? (Content, Delivery, Timing of Presentation, Organization of Presentations, Other)
  • Did the speaker achieve the pre-discussed learning outcomes of the presentation?
  • Did the speaker contact you in a professional amount of time to prepare the presentation?
  • How did the presentation flow within the conference or event theme?
  • What did the leaders think of the presentation?
  • Would you invite the speaker back or recommend the speaker to another audience?

These questions will help you explore the presentation, the audience members’ opinions, your understanding of the event and the speakers performance.