“A positive change can often occur at a moment’s notice when a person finally decides that he or she cannot take it any longer. They awaken to the fact that they need to mentally unshackle themselves to move forward in life. What is the difference between a person who succeeds and one who doesn’t? Often, it’s because they have a different way of thinking which empowers them to take concrete action. You too are gifted and have unlimited potential but your gifts and talents can only be attained when you learn to free yourself from self-imprisonment through believing in your true potential.” – Gobinder Gill

Gobinder Gill

Diversity & Inclusion Expert | Multicultural Workplace Advocate & Presenter

Gobinder Gill is a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon – “Achieving Prosperity through Diversity.” He trains companies in the art of Diversity and Cultural Sensitivity to bring greater harmony, productivity and profitability in the workplace.

He has worked in many facets of the media dealing with diversity issues. His experiences cover all facets of radio, television, film and print.

Gobinder was a reporter for CBC television, contributed freelance articles for the Vancouver Sun and wrote a weekly syndicated multicultural column for the Metro Valley Newspapers. As a journalist, he interviewed high profile personalities including Mother Teresa. In 2013, he spoke at the TEDx Stanley Park Diversity: Evolution of the Unthinkable. He was also featured in the Canadian Immigrant magazine.

In addition to appearing in films and television commercials, Gobinder has worked as a Set Dresser on such shows as Dr. Doolittle, Air Buddies and Psych.

Gobinder’s purpose and passion is to motivate and inspire others to embrace our differences and similarities. He teaches his clients to make a shift in their attitudes toward others by approaching them with the recognition that we are all different, gifted and follow different journeys – and that there is much we can learn from each other. His approach is always positive.

And he also urges businesses, CEOs, HR personnel, managers and supervisors to view Diversity in the Workplace as a business opportunity and not as a hindrance. Gobinder holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond, B.C.

Everyone is gifted, but not everyone realizes their gift and leads a fulfilling life. Many fail to recognize their true purpose and passion in life. One of the main culprits is that people begin to believe the false labels stuck onto them by their family, friends and society. Over time they begin to shackle themselves with these labels. This stunts their potential to fulfill their dreams and aspirations and they become prisoners of these labels.

Gobinder Gill, himself, was once labelled as stupid, ugly and one who would amount to nothing. As an immigrant orphan child he endured more obstacles in life more than one can imagine: he suffered all kinds of abuse and racial prejudice, ate from garbage cans, weighed 61 pounds at the age of 13 and had no jacket in minus 30 degree winters. However, he refused to believe the naysayers who said he wouldn’t amount to anything.  He followed his passion and built a distinguished career in the broadcasting industry where he found himself once again facing prejudice and naysayers.

Gobinder Gill looks at the fundamental flaws we all face and offers practical tools and techniques to free yourself from self-imprisonment.  He offers private consultations, public speaking engagements, seminars and workshops.

Topic Presentations

Gobinder will customize and tailor any presentation according to your organization and your desired learning outcomes. Gobinder can present any topic related to diversity in either a keynote or workshop format.

Canada Racism - Free Zone Now

Immigrants Need to Intergrate

Celebrating Cross-Cultures

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion

Stereotyping is one of the biggest culprits in determining the morale of a workforce. People who get typecast for whatever reason inevitably perform poorly, which adversely affects the productivity of the entire organization. Stereotyping is a form of personal bias and can occur at all levels in the workforce.

This presentation will assist managers, business owners, executives, employees and human resources personnel recognize the warning signs so they can avoid and keep this hurtful and detrimental practice from occurring on their watch.

The audience will leave with:

  • Identifying common stereotypes and how they are formed.

  • Identifying the detrimental consequences and ways to overcome stereotyping.

  • What is management's role in breaking the practices of stereotyping?

  • What is the role of the employee in breaking the habit of stereotyping?

To successfully compete in the global market as well as at home, the biggest challenge for any business is to keep good valuable employees. The first step is to hire qualified staff. The next and equally (if not more) important step is to retain them.

This presentation is for managers, business owners and human resources personnel.

The audience will leave with:

  • When and how to accommodate employee's cultural obligations?

  • How to assure employees that they are appreciated and valued?

  • How to recognize the full spectrum of talents, skills and abilities and make the most of the them?

  • How to acknowledge cultural elements of a diverse workforce?

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