Hire a Speaker Outside of our Roster

SBC can Hire a Speaker even if they are not listed on our roster.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada welcomes partnerships and relationships to help improve the industry. SBC prides itself in going the extra mile for clients, to find the exact speaker they need, in order to ensure that an organization’s desired learning outcomes are fulfilled.

We have an established roster and network of expert presenters. As a reputable Bureau, we can approach speakers and other speaker bureaus to get almost any speaker or expert you would like for your events. We have established good relations with other speaker’s bureaus in Canada and the USA.

For example, if you need hire a speaker outside of our roster, as a reputable bureau we will contact your desired speaker on your behalf. If the speaker is exclusive to another bureau, we will follow up and contact the bureau representative to get their speaker fee for your event.

If the speaker is non-exclusive to another bureau, we will be able to negotiate directly with the speaker to be a part of your event. Bureaus and speakers work with each other to help one another in the public speaking industry. We feel that speakers and event coordinators should be a part of this relationship. We are prepared to offer selective meeting planners and other speakers a co-broker fee, for any booking. We can work collaboratively to smoothly deliver great presentations for your clients and your events.

Please give us a call for more information regarding your events, our pricing, and how we can save you money! Let us know if you want to hire a speaker that is not enlisted with us, and we will gladly do all the legwork in obtaining the speaker of interest for your event.