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How To Hire A Keynote or Workshop Speaker?

Step 1

Establishing An Event

Establish the date, location and budget of your event. These factors play an important role in determining the pool of keynote speakers available to you. For example, your date will affect which keynote speakers are available, whereas your budget will limit whom you can and can’t afford to hire. To save on the cost of the keynote speakers’ travel, you may want to consider the distance between where he or she resides and where your event will take place. Expenses are usually over and above speaker fees.

Step 2

Developing A Conference or Event Theme

What’s your conference/event theme? Does it have “Zip”? Will the theme attract delegates? What desired effect do you want your keynote address to accomplish?

Step 3

Audience & Attendees

Consider the demographics of your audience. Do you need a keynote speaker who will appeal to a general audience or one who will interest a specific demographic group? (e.g., an all-women’s group, ages, special guests)

Step 4

Reasons To Hire A Keynote or Workshop Speaker

Clarify why you want to hire a keynote or workshop speaker. Some common reasons include the desire to:

  • Educate
  • Motivate
  • Shift behavior
  • Initiate a change effort
  • Raise funds
  • Promote a cause or organization
  • Entertain

Step 5

Research the Desired Learning Outcomes of the Audience

Consider which guest speakers or public speakers have been successful in the past with your group or a group like yours. Establish who the core decision makers are regarding the choice of a keynote speaker and tap into their vision for your event. Get them involved early in the process. Often, those who approve speakers have a desired result that they wish to achieve. By knowing what is expected, it will be easier to narrow down the right speaker.

Step 6

Research the Keynote or Workshop Speaker

Be sure to ask for and/or see testimonials and references of the speakers that interest you. See if any of the testimonials are from organizations like the one you are representing. Check for videos online and save them for future consideration. Try to observe the presenter’s connection to the audience as well as if they have information that appeals to the desired learning outcomes of your audience.

Step 7

Questions To Ask The Speaker Before Hiring

  1. Tell me how you can relate your presentation to our theme
  2. This is our audience and desired learning outcomes, how will you approach this presentation
  3. Based on what we have we have told you about this event and our organization, outside of this specific presentation that we have requested, is there any information from any of your other presentations or experiences that you would include?
  4. Do you have any value add ons that you can leave or deliver after the event to keep our organization engaged?

Step 8

Contact the Speakers Bureau of Canada to ask for our Assistance or Expertise

Avail yourself of your The Speakers Bureau of Canada consultants’ expertise. We will be objective in advancing the right speaker for your audience. We make a conscious effort to satisfy client needs. We have helped many organizations choose just the right keynote speaker for events and we are happy to listen attentively and offer suggestions. What’s more, our services are free. We are motivated to get you the best keynote speaker for your event because our aim is to keep you coming back to The Speakers Bureau of Canada for all your keynote, education and training needs. We will provide you with fees, availability, video clips, speaker information, presentation results to help you better understand your desired speaker, their topic and what they can do for you and your event.


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