How to Save Money

Want to save time and money when organizing events for your clients?  Would you like to guarantee the impact of your keynote and workshop presentations for your clients at your events? Would you like a representative familiar with the public speaking industry seek out the speakers that you want or need to make your events successful? Would you like a professional agency to negotiate fees within your budget, organize the topics and professionally complete the agreements with your speakers for you?

Get The CEO or The President

Ask the leaders of your organization to make a video for the conference theme or event and why people should attend.

Involving The Heads

Get the leaders involved. Let ambassadors be a champion for you! By involving the top management and sponsors to have access to the event and possibly the speaker themselves, the event itself will become more popular. If a sponsoring company receives attention from the speaker, sponsors are more likely to become involved with the event itself.

Raising Funds For An Event

Obtain a sponsor and to involve the sponsors organization of the event, so that it attracts more attendees to the event and possibly gain additional sponsors. Match make sponsors with the event and your organization – a marriage between a sponsor and an organization. Finding the right sponsor might take some work, but when a sponsor believes in the same core values as an organization, or has the same goals, it will often lead to a long-term relationship. Get the sponsors that can be a voice for the event.

Reduce The Cost of Your Event

Speakers Bureau of Canada will be able to reduce the cost of your event. Sponsorship and early planning will allow you to explore your different budget options and resources for your event. If you book more than one speaker for any event, we can offer you a further discount by lowering our commission for the engagement. You can also book a speaker for multiple presentations on the same day or for multiple events occurring throughout the year to lower their speaker fees.

Use Social Media For Your Event

Encourage in front of delegates to take pictures or videos and use predetermined #hashtags and tweets for the event. Create Sense of community for the event – Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter and Snap-Chat all help promote the event before and after it occurs. Get all organizations including our bureau to help promote your event and the speaker on social media.

Forward Planning Enables The Success Of Your Event

Get Involved Early! Set yourself up for success! Return on investment = asking the right questions – What is the desired learning outcome of the event? What is the desired learning outcomes of audience members? What is important to the audience? Why are they there? Who are they and why are they involved? What are the expectations of each type of audience member? Understanding the answers to these questions will determine your path to having a successful event. By getting in touch with our bureau early on, we will be able to explore more speaker options for the engagement.

What Went Well Last Event?

What fell off the track? What did you learn from the last event? What are you wanting to learn this time? By assessing and comparing the last event to your upcoming event you can reduce costs by understanding what you need to make the event a success.

All of this is available to you free of charge. Speaker fees through the Speakers Bureau of Canada are the same as though you contracted directly with the speaker.

Just give the theme of the event that you are organizing and let us present you with several speaker options for keynotes and workshops. We will promptly provide you with proven expert presenters with various speaker fees on relevant topics.

Getting Sponsorship’s For An Event

How Do I Obtain, Retain & Augment Sponsorship’s? 

Every event, every speaking slot, every meal, every coffee break may be sponsored.  Here is a sure way to augment your budget for speakers. It is frequently used by bright professional fundraisers. Following this method, you can turn your event a money-maker.

Step 1 – Finding the Right Sponsor

Make a telephone call to your existing sponsors or potential sponsor and ask for a meeting with them to seek their advice on your event. Tell them that you want 15-30 minutes of their time to help you complete a market study (a funding feasibility study in professional fundraising jargon). Usually people are flattered when they are asked for advice. This should be into a relatively easy way to make your appointment(s).

Step 2 – Asking a Sponsor for Support

At the meeting if you are speaking to an existing sponsor, thank her/him for her/his continued support. Briefly explain the impact of your event, who it will serve and how many will be affected by it. And tell them your budget shortfall to make it happen. Tell them that you would like to give people, companies, foundations and organizations an opportunity to be positively associated with your event through sponsorship opportunities.

For example, $10,000 for an Awards Ceremony, $5,000 for a Keynote Address, $2,500 for a Workshop/Breakout Session, $1,000 for a Coffee Break, etc. Then ask her/him for their considered advice on: “Who do we approach to obtain the needed sponsorship’s?”  THEN LISTEN. Let her/him enumerate a list of potential sponsors. She/he might itemize some of her/his competitors, suppliers and other related commercial/industry contacts that she/he may have.  THEN ASK: “Would you will be willing to call these people on our behalf to enable us to visit with them to explain the benefits of their sponsorship of your event”. If she/he has time she/he might make the phone calls right in front of you. THEN ASK:  Is your company prepared to help by sponsoring the event? Or prepared to augment the amount of your current sponsorship?

Step 3 – “Thank You”

Thank her/him for her time. Let them know you appreciate their assistance.

Step 4 – Follow Up

Follow up with her/his leads. If the person with whom you have met has made an introductory telephone call to prospective sponsors, this will help immensely.

How To Give Sponsors Visibility At Your Event?

There are many ways to thank sponsors and co-sponsors. Here are few: Not all will apply to your situation. Pick and choose those that will work for you.

  • Ask the speaker to contribute to the sponsors such as showing up to the sponsors organization and meeting the employees and taking some photos
  • Asking the speaker to possibly endorse the sponsors through social media or a drafted video / column on why the event is important for the community
  • Give the sponsors exposure by displaying their company logo and a few lines in your program
  • Give the sponsors a discounted delegate price for a limited number of their representatives
  • Give the sponsors an opportunity to introduce a keynote/and or a breakout session presenter
  • Give the sponsors an opportunity to thank a speaker
  • Give the sponsors an opportunity to bring greetings on behalf of their company to the delegates
  • Give the sponsors a live link on your conference website promotion pages
  • Give the sponsors a discount on a booth at our conference, if it is associated with a trade show
  • Give the sponsors a mention by your President as an expression of the gratitude to the delegates during the conference
  • Give larger contributors a live link on your permanent website
  • Give their representative a spot at the head table for awards ceremonies or fundraising events
  • Give a sponsor a place at the reserved table where the speaker is seated for after-breakfast, lunch and/or dinner keynotes
  • Give them an opportunity to promote their company with a hand-out to each delegate, usually done in a delegate kit
  • Give a major sponsor the opportunity to send one or two emails to your delegates. Do not share your list with them. This will have to be done through/by the organization
  • Give them signage on the main stage of the event
  • Give them signage at a breakout session
  • Print the name of a sponsor on the back of conference meal tickets, if applicable
  • Give them an opportunity to have a door prize at a plenary session and/or breakout session.
  • Offer the sponsor the opportunity to have the speaker present at their own organization for a discounted fee from the speaker and our bureau. Speakers enjoy making multiple presentations when they are in the same area, or to the same organizations. By teaming up with a sponsor that shares similar values, or struggles as your organization, speakers will be able to lower their rate as a combined fee for multiple engagements.


Anytime we book a speaker for one or more events for the same client, speakers will reduce their fees significantly, depending on how many presentations they are booked for. By working with us, we can help coordinate a separate agreement between our bureau and each speaker for all of the engagements as a speakers’ series, instead of a single event, thus reducing costs.

We can also help coordinate speaker options for conferences and events according to each event’s themes and desired learning outcomes. We can also identify overlaps of topics and learning outcomes,  and relay that information to each organizer, before we approach a speaker to obtain their official speaker fee for a single event or multiple event opportunities.

We  help coordinate the speaker programming and collaboration to obtain speakers between each organization, event or conference, which saves you time and money. It is also very important to keep in mind that we can approach any speaker outside of our bureau on behalf of any client. Therefore, if any conference board member is interested in any speaker, we can contact and negotiate the best speaker fee on your behalf and handle the agreements.

We will also research speakers outside of our bureau and our network to match your audiences with right speakers, to reach your desired learning outcomes of each session at the conference. Speaking industry standards of practice and ethics, are that speakers are to charge the same through a bureau, as they would directly to the client.

Our goal as a bureau is to encourage and facilitate the collaboration among similar organizations to deliver superior speakers for similar events such as Small Business Week and National Aboriginal Day. We work closely with many similar organization, and it only make sense that we help organize a speaker to make multiple presentations to similar Government Agencies, Trade Associations or Professional Associations.