Kevin Burns

Safety in the Workplace, Workplace Safety Expert

Keynote speaker Kevin Burns is the author of the M4 Method of interpersonal management skills development for supervisory and safety personnel. He is an internationally recognized speaker in safety leadership and also one of the top motivational presenters in Canada. His a highly-sought-after speaker worldwide and bestselling author on human performance and safety in the workplace.

Kevin Burns makes safety personal by using positive solutions, personal leadership and buy-in. When employees develop their own personal leadership skills, they make better choices. Kevin Burns helps your people to come to safety willingly. He helps people make better choices and choose safety as one of their personal values. Burns makes safety fun, engaging, easily understood and positive, aligning with and supporting your safety program.

Burns brings a positive and message to safety throughout his presentations. He believes that safety is a personal value and requires a series of practical steps to live long and healthy lives. Kevin Burns will convey practical solutions on how to increase productivity, develop teamwork synergy through respect for one another, and create a forward thinking workplace culture as a result of making safety a priority. Furthermore, he believes that personal leadership and accountability is the cornerstone to safety and injury prevention.

Kevin is uses his research from his multiple books, his past presentations, his years’ experience a speaker and safety expert to deliver powerful presentations. As a result, Kevin Burns will captivate your audience members with informative and educative sessions. He will have a long term impact your co workers and your organization throughout his presentations. Kevin Burns has multiple presentations he can combine or present individually. Above all, he tailors each presentation to reach the learning outcomes your organizations needs to stay safe.

Topic Presentations

Safety Leadership

Leadership isn’t a job title, it’s an attitude. It takes a positive safety attitude to build an engaged culture of safety. Kevin shows how safety leaders can grow at all levels of a company, from frontline crews to c-suites.

Safety Communication

Safety professionals and supervisors learn the communication strategies to build engagement, get buy-in, and make it stick.

Safety Management

 The responsibility of a safety manager is to build strong, reliable teams that get positive safety results while reducing incidents, staff turnover, and absenteeism.

Safety leadership is not a position. It is an attitude. Employees don't need to be in a management position to be a leader - especially in safety. Safety is a state of mind and a way of living one’s life. Safety is the result.

In Trust The Process, Kevin Burns helps companies to help their employees to take an active interest in their own safety - consciously. When employees do not choose safety consciously then, by default, they allow chance to dictate their safety results. Kevin encourages employees to step-up and play an active role in their own safety.

Trust The Process is a presentation that shifts safety perspective and builds safety leaders.

Trust The Process is a general session keynote for everyone in your organization: from senior management to front-line worker. This presentation goes deep into the minds of your people and, through stories and laughter, helps people to find their personal safety attitude in the performance of their jobs.

Based upon the forthcoming book of the same name, Kevin Burns focuses on the next level in workplace safety; people. In a perfect world, processes and procedures are definable and repeatable. But when you throw in the human element, process and procedure don’t always work. It is therefore vital that the human element carries more weight in safety discussions, planning, and protocols.

In PeopleWork, Kevin has developed a proprietary method to help companies to integrate the human factor. It’s called the M4 Method. It embodies four parts: management, meetings, marketing and motivation. To successfully get buy-in and safety engagement from employees, organizations need a balanced approach to not just how they manage and supervise their employees, but how they build engaging safety meetings, communicate effectively and motivate their front-line supervisors and employees.

As we make the shift from process to people our whole way of thinking about safety changes. We move beyond the rulebook and minimum standards to higher expectations. We go from compliance to community. We go from playing the game of enforcement to coaching crews in best practices.

PeopleWork is an excellent follow-up to Trust The Process’s solid safety leadership foundation. PeopleWork is aimed directly at front-line supervisors, safety personnel and middle and senior management. It is also a perfect presentation for safety conferences.

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