"Self-Actualization is the future of retail. Understanding your customer’s basic, societal, and growth needs should influence your current strategies and offerings." - Lindsay Angelo

Lindsay Angelo

Business Strategy, Retail/Consumerism, Futures and Innovation Expert

You will find Lindsay Angelo at the intersection of strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship where she partners with brands to craft their strategies and tell their stories while hitting stages across North America to deliver keynotes on the future of consumerism and innovation. Prior to advising, Angelo spent six years at lululemon athletica crafting their global growth strategy, exploring new marketplace opportunities, seeding new concepts and growing the company into the number one yoga apparel player in the world. Lindsay was recently named one of 2019 top innovators to watch by Inside Outside Innovation.

Lindsay Angelo discovered her passion for business and entrepreneurship starting up her own apparel venture at a young age. This pursuit later took her to the angel investment arena incubating early-stage brands and then on to working in Strategy across the health and wellness, activewear, sports, technology, fin-tech & energy spaces. Her experience includes working with both global and local brands such as lululemon, BC Hydro, the Olympic Games, WeWork, TalentLab, RAAS Market, and Elliot. Angelo sits on the Advisory board for World Business Research and contributes to a variety of media houses and publications including Retail Executive, providing global insights on the future of consumerism and innovation.

Prior to this, a lifelong love for sport transported Lindsay Angelo bi-coastal to play NCAA Division 1 volleyball for George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. A dual citizen of the US and Canada, Lindsay continues to live and breathe all that she pursues in her entrepreneurial, strategic advising and recreational pursuits. Her experiences culminate in what she refers to as her sweet spot – where strategy, innovation and insights intersect, where the rational meets the emotive, where facts meet insights and where logic meets creativity.
Lindsay delivers powerful keynote addresses and workshops on an array of cutting-edge topics spanning the future of consumerism, innovation and business strategy. Relevant to business audiences of all kinds, she brings to life her research and insights in an imaginative, enlightening and personal manner. Through topics ranging from the future of retail to the emotional economy, Lindsay provokes a unique understanding of key shifts happening in the consumer landscape and the world, the human element driving them and strategic opportunities. Lindsay has an ability to provoke deep understanding through intersecting logic with intuition and data with the social sciences. Connecting with audiences across the globe, she is a crowd favourite.

Topic Presentations

Personal growth immersions, a growing mindfulness movement, the gig economy, DIY lives – around every corner, signals of an emerging trend known as Betterment. Driven by a growing middle class, the digital age and the millennials, society is graduating up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in search of purpose, growth and fulfillment. What does this mean for consumers, brands and businesses? In this mind-bending talk, Lindsay illuminates a growing trend, the self-actualization economy, its business implications, her personal journey towards it and gives you insights on how to apply it to your own business.

Driven by a digital landscape, the maker’s movement & crowd-everything, we are witnessing disruption in the world of retail. Consumers are shifting from passively consuming a product to co-creating and inventing on their own. An army of authentic, innovative start-ups is emerging into the mix, democratizing the retail landscape and raising the innovation bar online and off. How can businesses respond to maintain relevancy and what does it all have to do with fundamental human needs? Lindsay explores the democratization of retail through the lens of evolutionary psychology and opportunities to flourish within.

A new wave of sophisticated emo-diversity is ushering in an era in which people are increasingly obsessed with how they feel. Driven by the millennials; a generation valuing self-insight, spirituality and personal growth, brands are starting to respond through placing emotions at the epi-center of their business models, experiences and offerings from a bath company focused on creating moments of joy to Pixar plots crafted around emotional regulation. What are the opportunities for brands and businesses in all of this and what does it mean for you? In this insightful talk, Lindsay journeys through the emotional economy, its impact on consumerism and opportunities for brands & business.

Consumers have more choice in the retail marketplace than ever before. The online revolution has enabled anyone and everyone to offer their products & services with just a click of a button, resulting in an army of authentic, innovative start-ups emerging into the mix. How can established businesses respond to maintain their “it” factor & continue to innovate? Through a combination of stories, insights, and play-doh(!), Lindsay explores the democratization of the retail landscape, shifting consumer expectations and opportunities for brands to thrive.

This one-of-a-kind captivating talk illuminates the future of sustainable fashion, uncovering hard truths plaguing the fashion industry and strategic solutions corporations and businesses can adopt to play their part in solving the problem. Combining insight from two sides of a coin – one from Growth Strategist, fashion industry expert & former lululemon Strategy Manager, Lindsay Angelo, the other from world renowned water conservationist, advocate and star of the award-winning documentary, RiverBlue, Mark Angelo. Walk away educated and inspired to make a difference as this dynamic father-daughter duo takes the stage.

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