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Sales and Customer Service, Entrepreneur, Business Strategy and Business Growth Expert

Marty Park is a rare breed. At the age of 21, while most students are neck-deep with homework and weekend plans, Marty was running his first company, with 8 staff members on payroll. Since then, Park has owned and operated over 14 companies, across industries from software to restaurants, audio production to marketing – he has become an expert at business growth and the personal growth that comes with it.

On top of being an accomplished serial entrepreneur, Marty Park is an award-winning business coach and has been involved in the launch, growth, restructuring or financing of a multitude of companies internationally. Working with clients to conquer adversity, transform their performance and achieve their ultimate vision of success, in business and life. Marty’s approach is completely personalized – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan for success. He applies his extensive experience as a hands-on business owner and coach to create a custom roadmap for his client’s visions. Each client’s vision, and future plan, is unique and they range from world domination in their industry, to simply gaining control of operations, and stronger business skills.

Marty Park is an expert business strategist and storyteller. His crafted keynotes include equal parts, humour, practicality and energy for each audience. Marty blends his experience in business, with practical insights he has learned as a business coach/consultant to create presentations that contain strategy and usable tools to increase bottom lines. His audiences come away feeling energized, enlightened and equipped to put the wheels in motion to produce better results. Marty Park is well recognized in North America for his unique ability to assess organizations and industries to identify new markets, restructure their position and use innovation as a tool for success.  What sets Marty apart from other business speakers is that he has first hand experience in business start-ups, business leadership and business success in many different industries no matter what the economic conditions.


  • Author of Amazon Bestselling book – Tiger by the Tail, 99 Secrets to Tame and Master your Business
  • business expert
  • Leadership Calgary Alumni – 2016
  • Advisor at the Hunter School of Entrepreneurship at University of Calgary
  • G20 Delegate (Young Entrepreneurs Summit in France and Mexico) as one of only 20 entrepreneurs representing Canada – 2010
  • GSEA Finals Judge  – Global Student Entrepreneur Awards – Chicago 2010
  • Canadian Youth Business Foundation’s Mentor of the Year (now Futurpreneur) – 2006
  • Calgary’s Top 40 under 40 – 2005
  • Business Coach of the Year for Canada and North America – 2003
  • Action International Canadian Coach of the Year – 2002

Topic Presentations

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are famous for sacrificing all other aspects of their life in order to make their business a success. The keys to creating a dynamic business are exactly the same traits and skills that can create a fantastically rich life. This presentation is geared towards hard working entrepreneurs and management teams who want insights to making their success universal. Get REAL impact in life and business - the focus on outcomes in your business and life that foster and result in better Relationships, Experiences, Abundance and Legacy (R.E.A.L.) A life well lived is everyone’s goal with REAL results.  Marty shares the secrets.


In launching 14 different companies and turning around a number of others, Marty has defined and identified many lessons and strategies that work time and time again.  Each lesson is defined by real life stories – many are funny and animated. Tools and ideas are shared that business people can use in their companies starting today for growth and performance.

The word ‘sales’ often conjures images of sleezy car dealers, wheeling and dealing, false promises, feeling pressured, or worse, manipulated. It’s no wonder that even sales people dread learning how to ‘sell’ better. Sales training often targets learning tactics, improving product knowledge and memorizing closing scripts to help someone function as a better salesperson. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t address the mindset, beliefs or framework that someone is operating in before they even initiate sales activities.
This keynote addresses the baseline attitude, beliefs and skills of the seller. Learn to position yourself in the sales process as a Leader, not as a salesman. People naturally follow a leader through a sales “process” or series of steps to make a decision when it comes from a place of assistance and not pressure. The best results stem from a place where we authentically Lead, Guide and Help prospects to make their own buying decision. Then Marty gets into strategies and tools that all use a cooperative paradigm and not a competitive one.

  • Dramatically improve your conversion rates from prospects to clients

  • Improve long term sales by keeping clients longer and getting them to buy more

  • Understand the dynamics of prospective customers and how they are reactive to you and your approach

  • Utilize personality styles and Modalities of Communication - what they mean, how to rapidly identify them and how to sell to them

  • Eliminate the delays and waiting when prospects drive the process

  • Establish how your offering and approach is unique so you stand out in prospects’ minds

  • Systemize your selling process so it works consistently across your team

  • Master deliberate sales communications so you are never misunderstood and your attention to detail aids in closing deals

  • Math of Selling - areas to evaluate with each sales person to maximize their results and effectiveness

  • Sales Timing - how to use the time with prospects effectively, keep them interested and get them to a decision quickly

  • Creating the Experience - how to maximize your clients’ 5 senses and get the prospect buying without any pressure

  • Agenda Selling - setting an agenda and objectives with the prospect to better serve them

While people like to focus on what makes people different at work, we are fundamentally all driven by the same motivators. The 7 keys looks at the secrets behind how customers buy, why employee stay and how managers lead. When you learn to address and master the 7 keys, you will find staff turnover stops, customers rave about your organization and people step up to be leaders.

Lead the client. Lead your company. Lead the industry. Becoming a standout sales professional in your market is critical today. Leadership is a requirement of great salespeople and yet it is rarely discussed as a part of selling. In order to get results, create lasting relationships and move people the way you want, leadership is a requirement. Leadership Selling establishes a new adage: “lead, guide and help; don’t just sell.”

Think about the last time you had an experience with a business. It may have been this morning as you purchased a cup of coffee on your way to work. Was the transaction memorable? How? Would you tell others about the experience? What drives business and gets people talking about your organization is SERVICE. Outrageous, incredible, memorable service. This isn’t just a smile but systems, details and spirit that move people to love your brand and buy more often.

So often people romance the idea of starting a company. Start-up is easy compared to the challenges of running a growing business. In launching 13 different companies and turning around a number of others, Marty has defined and identified many lessons and strategies that work time and time again. Each lesson is defined by real life stories – many are funny and animated. Tools and ideas are shared that business people can use in their companies starting today for growth and performance.

As an entrepreneur, Marty has owned 13 companies across 6 different industries.  Through all those different businesses, Marty has strived to become a better owner and knowledgeable entrepreneur.  He has constantly looked for sources of education and also been quick to share as many of his hard-learned lessons with other entrepreneurs and their organizations all over the world. Marty uses this materials when speaking to audiences to share with them, what is work and what isn’t in the real marketplace - beyond the hype of anyone new.

This presentation focuses on Proven Innovations in Business that can Accelerator Your Success as the topic.  This would touch on known and unknown innovations in business that should be adopted but also future trends to be watching and avoiding.  Marty will include practical advice on How Digital Innovation Is Changing Sales and Marketing, how to strengthen your business relationships, innovative strategies to get higher business results (branding, marketing and word of mouth sales), and how entrepreneurs should focus their company to achieve their goals.  Marty, as a current and active entrepreneur, as well as a coach and advisor to other entrepreneurs through his consultation company to constantly look for new innovations in technology, business acumen and performance to share with clients.


In tight economic times, sales are more important than ever. Marty Park. entrepreneur and business maverick can help your sales team sell more, more often. Marty’s dynamic presentation, Sell More, More Often, can be delivered as a full-day workshop (6 hours), for two hours weekly over a month or compressed into a two-hour period. Sell More, More Often will infuse your sales staff with ideas, tips, and the inspiration to make them succeed, develop and maintain a larger more profitable customer base for your company.

Marty will help you establish a new standard for your organizational team at every point of customer interaction. He will explain how to create a culture and environment of facility, hospitality, innovation, and genuine customer service by going through the sales process from the customer point of view. Superior service generates more sales and Marty will show you how it’s done. Win customers and grow your market share.

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Tiger by the Tail

Many business owners and entrepreneurs feel operating their company is like having a tiger by the tail each day. They need practical, proven ways to help tame the cat now! This book is for every entrepreneur that got past the start-up phase, only to find the challenges got worse. This book brings together 99 secrets on how to masterfully operate a company for long term success and reward. These tips, tools and secrets are the keys that entrepreneurs can’t find anywhere else. These are the lessons and insights you can only learn the hard way ... until now. Tiger by the Tail has the ideas and tools to make you a Tiger Tamer and Master Entrepreneur.

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