Michael Thompson

Health & Wellness, Leadership Consultant and Coach

Michael Thompson is a passionate and highly knowledgeable Leadership Consultant and Coach with over 10 years’ experience. Michael has a unique ability to promote wellness in the workplace and enhance the well-being of employees by employing a variety of strategies and techniques. An expert in stress management, resiliency and self-awareness who is skilled in identifying and assessing stressors at work and who is also adept at recommending solutions to mitigate these workplace stressors.  


Michael is highly influential and motivating with positive energy that invigorates and inspires change within organizations and move them towards a healthier, happier and more productive state. Resiliency is a key focus in all that he promotes. Michael uses a unique balance of the most up-to-date science in optimal brain function and resiliency along with an extremely heightened intuition that serves his clients with exceptional ease and grace. 


  • Proven motivational speaker when presenting to both small and large audiences. 
  • Coach working with clients across Canada, USA and Britain including frontline and mid-level leaders with exceptional success, resulting in referrals and increased coaching practice. 
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Consultant and Coach, assisting clients in understanding their EQ and building solid development plans for enhance Emotional Intelligence with a focus on business performance 
  • Certified HeartMath® facilitator and consultant working with a variety of clients in the understanding and utilization of energy management and increased resiliency. 
  • Specialized knowledge of workplace stressors and remedies for stress reduction, assisting several clients in managing complex situations with increased efficiency and balance. 
  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills with the ability to cultivate strong relationships with clients, 

employee groups and management. Involved in several high-level conflict resolution interventions with excellent results. 

  • Co-authored customized curriculum for a variety of training, workshops and professional 
  • speaking on the topics of Resiliency, Transformation and Leadership. 
  • Researched, Designed and Developed Coaching as a Leader program and has facilitated same for over 8 years with exceptional success resulting in repeat business and increase client referrals. 
  • Exceptional presentation and professional communication skills. Knowledgeable of adult 
  • learning theory and practice. Competent at engaging participants in meaningful dialogue in safe and trusting environment. 
  • Passionate and Innovative with an Unstoppable Determination for creating workplace wellness, highly resilient and productive teams 




  • Core Faculty, working directly with several clients across Western Canada, such as: 
  • Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba (Core Faculty and Coaching) 
  • Petrospec Engineering, Edmonton (Faculty) 
  • Schneider Electric (Coaching) 
  • Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries, Core Faculty and coach 
  • Assiniboine Credit Union (Core Faculty and Coaching) 
  • Price Industries Global, Canada, USA and Britain 
  • Coaching Managers in over 15 client locations 
  • Researched, Designed and Developed, Coaching as a Leader, New World Leadership Series 
  • Co-Authored, Creating Positive Energy™ for Parents, and Creating Positive Energy for Leaders – Roots to Resiliency 
  • Lead Instructor, New World Leadership Series 



  • Bachelors of Business Administration, University of Winnipeg 
  • Accredited Emotional Intelligence Consultant/Coach 
  • DiSC® qualified both workplace and team evaluation and interruption 
  • Graduate Facilitation and Professional speaking Workshops 
  • Attendee NeuroLeadership Institute Summit 
  • ACC, Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation 2014 (soon to be PCC certified 

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