“As a 15+ years’ veteran of professional speaking, I face every audience with the mission to engage, entertain and enlighten. In my upbeat sessions I strive to help busy people find focus, fulfillment and higher levels of success in everything they do. And, you’ll Laugh Out Loud while you’re learning how!” - Michelle Cederberg

Michelle Cederberg

Health and Wellness, Performance, Productivity and Energy Expert

Michelle Cederberg has spent most of her life in the realm of human performance – as a competitive kayaker, as an avid outdoor enthusiast; mountain biker, rock climber and snowboarder. She’s worked as a college instructor, health educator, fitness instructor and personal trainer always interested in what makes people tick – inside and out. She holds a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, a specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology and is a Certified Exercise Physiologist (CEP).

She now works as a coach, consultant, and professional speaker to educate busy, driven professionals about purpose, productivity and the pursuit of better. Michelle’s keynotes and workshops address work-life success from a fresh perspective that helps you really appreciate that mental, physical and emotional health is not only essential for energy and longevity, it’s key to giving us higher levels of confidence, capacity and competitive edge… in everything you do.

A natural storyteller, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) Michelle transports delighted audiences on a journey of truth and laughter that will empower every person who dreams of more to go for it. Every leader who dares to make a difference to trust they’re able. And every go-getter with a vision for success to say “Yeah, I can!”.

For over 15 years, Certified Speaking Professional Michelle Cederberg has been captivating audiences across North America with her empowering and humorous messages about how to set worthwhile goals, get energized for success, and live a Carpe Freakin’ Diem life.

An in-demand speaker, author, coach and consultant, she believes that personal and professional success is directly influenced by the physical, mental and emotional capacity we each have within us to create the life and career we want. She helps people boost that capacity, so they gain clarity, build confidence, and get the discipline to do the freakin’ work.

She holds a Masters in Kinesiology, a BA in Psychology, a specialization in Health and Exercise Psychology, is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, a Certified Professional Co-Active Life Coach, and an ORSC-Trained Team Coach. She truly combines mind, body and practicality to empower change.

Michelle is the author of three books. Her newest book It’s How We Work will be released late 2019. She has been featured in the National Post, Calgary Herald, Huffington Post, Best Health Magazine, Canadian Living and more.

Topic Presentations

In today's fast-paced and competitive world it's important to stand out and make an impact for yourself and those you serve...and stay healthy and motivated along the way. It's clear then that abundant energy is at the core of excellence in work and in life. Without it your enthusiasm and output will be poor, and with more of it your passion and productivity will soar!

Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg has literally written the book on living an energetic and abundant life. Over the past 20 years she has built her career as a speaker, life coach and author educating others about health, happiness, life balance and success.

She believes that when you're Energized for Excellence you show up as a leader and strive for success in all you do. You take on bigger challenges, and better manage stress. You feel great about yourself and your capabilities. What's possible from there? Highlighting information from her eye-opening book Energy Now!

Full of hilarious stories, anecdotes and innovative strategies, this session will educate, inspire and get you energized for excellence.

Small Steps to an Energetic Life this session will help you:

  • Get clear on what excellence means to you in your career and life

  • Find out what high-performers believe is the ultimate key to time-management and focus

  • Discover ways to strengthen your mental energy, alertness and day-to-day prioritization to be a stand-out in all you do

  • Commit to physical health as a foundation for personal and professional growth, and learn why it's the key to excellence

  • Embrace a path to excellence that includes career success without compromising health and wellness.

In our busy lives we often feel guided by the belief of 'not enough'; not enough time, not enough energy, not enough clients, not enough money. So for many, the idea that you can have it all is often met with resistance. But what if you could?

When it comes to creating the life and career that we truly deserve it often comes down to two variables - choice and change - the choices that we make regarding how we use our time, energy and resources, and the things we're willing to change to get the outcomes we desire. Are you focusing on the right things?

Michelle Cederberg is a High-Performance Coach and change agent who believes you can Have It All provided you're prepared to do the right work, on the right things at the right time.

Ideas and laughs converge in this high-energy keynote, and attendees leave with a renewed sense that it's possible to Have It All in life and career. This may be the ideal session to launch or close your event!

In this eye-opening keynote, you will:

  • Learn Michelle's 5 P's of Having It All and why each is important in your quest for success.

  • Define what having it all means to you, and identify your right things,

  • Rethink the rules that shape how you live and work, then

  • Discover how to renegotiate and realign your thoughts, behaviours and actions to create the outcomes you desire.

Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg has spent the past 20 years speaking to audiences across North America, coaching clients from all walks of life, and educating people about health, happiness, life balance and success. Over that time she has identified commonalities among the high-performers she's met, interviewed and coached: energy habits that make them standouts in everything they do. And high-performers exist at every level of your organization, so what are you doing to tap into your team and unleash that energy?

This session will help you and your team identify and integrate proven energy habits embraced by high-performers from every profession and walk-of-life. "Warning, this session may be habit-forming."

This topic will be customized to meet the desired learning outcomes for your organization. Before your event, Michelle will interview some top performers in your field, or right from your team, and include specific energy habits information and examples that will resonate with you and work for you and your audience.

It's in the habits:

  • What do high-performers say about self-care, and what do they believe is the #1 nonnegotiable high-performance health practice you need to embrace?

  • Which morning ritual will set you up for high-performance success like no other?

  • What do high-performers say is the ultimate key to time-management and focus?

  • How can you integrate these habits into your work and life to become a truly high-performing person?


When work demands are high, and the schedule is full, it’s far too easy to let lack of time and energy guide how you take care of yourself. It seems there’s always something more important to do, but when health gets pushed aside, it has a direct and often negative impact on energy, productivity, and brain power. Not to mention what it does for wellness and quality of life.

More and more research shows that the very health practices we push aside in the name of work progress, are the keys to better leadership and peak performance. In fact, health provides the ultimate competitive edge for business success. And think about this: If you’re already knocking it out of the park with career success, imagine how much more you’ll be capable of when you prioritize health as non-negotiable part of your business plan?

In this session, you will:

  • Be reminded of the many physical benefits of exercise, eating right, sleep and stress management.

  • Explore the benefits of health beyond the physical, especially regarding brain functions like long-term memory, attention, problem-solving, mental focus, and creativity.

  • Examine the benefits of health for boosting emotional wellness, self-confidence and social connectedness and why they matter for success.

  • Assess your current health-practices; what's going well, what's missing, and what you shouldn’t be without.

  • Identify effective, time-efficient ways to optimize your health, and that of your teams, so you show up every day mentally, physically and emotionally dialed-in.

In today's fast-paced, competitive work environment, if you want success at a high-level, it's essential to stand out and make an impact for yourself, your team, and your projects. But there’s more to success than just digging in and doing the work. To do your best work, you need to stay healthy, focused and energized along the way.

In this thought-provoking, high-energy keynote, Health Expert and High-Performance Coach Michelle Cederberg talks about what it really takes to fire on all cylinders and find success at a higher level.

  • Examine the constants and variables in your work and life that impact success mentally, physically and emotionally.

  • Explore daily habits that you may need to add or subtract from your day to multiply your success energy outcomes.

  • Design and calculate your own success-energy equation to focus on the tasks and habits that will bring you success and help you maintain health and energy.

This session will get you thinking about time, energy and productivity in different ways. Prepare to think, laugh, and learn your way to a better day.

You will:

  • Understand the definition of Success-Energy, and learn why it’s vital for enduring success.

  • Discover how mindset drives success, and identify key shifts you can make to embrace success at a higher level.

  • Examine the constants and variables in your work-life habits that impact success mentally, physically and emotionally, and learn which to add or subtract to multiply your success-energy outcomes.

We want it all, and we want it to come easy – a successful career, a happy relationship and family life, great health, life balance – but it’s never that simple, is it? Despite working hard at it all, it can often feel like there’s just never enough; never enough time, never enough energy, never enough opportunities, never enough money. So, we tell ourselves it’s not possible and push back against the idea that we can have it all. Time for a recharge!

Michelle Cederberg is a High-Performance Coach and change agent who believes you can have all you want in your work and life, with precise clarity about what’s important to you, a bit of honesty around what’s holding you back from getting it, and a willingness to act beyond your comfort zone. Ideas and laughs converge in this high-energy keynote, and attendees leave with a renewed sense that it's possible to recharge work and life at any age and stage, and win big in both. This is the ideal session to launch your event!

In this boundary pushing session, you will:

  • Learn Michelle's 5 P's of Work-Life Transformation and why each is important in your quest for ‘big picture’ success.

  • Assess where you are with the 5 P’s, and clarify what work-life success can look like for you.

  • Learn how to disconnect from ‘busy,’ and learn why your comfort zone may be holding you back.

  • Find out about Michelle’s DTFW mindset and why it’s a game-changer.

  • Discover how to take meaningful action to plug in to a life that you love.



75% of Canadians don’t believe that work-life balance is possible. We’re working more than ever, spending less time with our friends and family, and inevitably watching our health and happiness drift away. So maybe life balance isn't possible?

Michelle Cederberg is pushing back against the common definitions of life balance and challenges you to consider a new view. Michelle uses humour and expertise to cut to the chase with ideas and insights that help even the busiest people live an energetic, more balanced life.

In this thought-provoking session you will:

  • Get clear on what better balance means to you and set your intentions for moving forward with change

  • Identify your biggest time wasters and effectively prioritize your day to find time for the things that matter

  • Learn small-steps methods for boosting energy throughout your day

  • Develop strategies to move forward with greater clarity, work day focus, and life balance.


In an era of 24/7 connectedness and 'nose to the grind-stone' ideologies, multitasking has become something of a workplace badge of honour. In fact it's often heralded as a 'work skill' in interviews and on resumes. But is it really?

These days the overwhelm of technology and lack of boundaries between work and the rest of life mean that multitasking feels more like a necessity than a choice. How else will I get it all done? The truth is that multitasking doesn't make us more productive; in fact the exact opposite is true. With the pace of life ramping up, and hours in the day slipping away, focus and mindfulness matter now more than ever.

In this session we'll look at how multitasking impacts productivity, what's happening in your brain when you take on too much, and how it hinders learning and memory. Then we'll explore ways to re-focus, prioritize, and really get the job done.

When day-to-day stress is high (and let's face it, when isn't it?) most of us let lack of time and motivation guide our health care actions. The result is unhealthy lifestyle practices that contribute to a litany of workplace challenges including increased absenteeism, health claims, short and long-term disability and workplace accidents.

In fact, the Canadian Policy Research Networks estimates that stress-related absences cost Canadian employers about $3.5 billion each year.

Long hours, large workloads and lack of time are part of today's workplace reality but that doesn't mean you should let it affect your quality of life. Join Michelle Cederberg as she presents her viewpoints on the physical impact of stress on the body, how we create needless stress for ourselves, and what we can do to minimize it.

Stress may be an inevitable part of life but fighting back is up to you! This session will provide big ideas for small steps toward improved stress management and health.

This session will help you:

  • Understand the physical impact that stress has on your body and long-term health, and learn how to recognize the subtle signs of increasing stress

  • Discover how stress affects your day-to-day stamina and productivity and learn ways to stay focused and alert

  • Find ways to enhance motivation toward the essential stress management practices of exercise, healthy-eating, and sleep and learn why they're key to your success

  • Create a small-steps-plan for moving ahead with change.

What one great dream would you dare to dream if you knew you could not fail? And does small thinking, or maybe fear of success stop you from climbing your own Everest and taking in the view from the top?

In this thought-provoking and entertaining session, Michelle Cederberg shares insights learned through 20 years as a speaker, entrepreneur, health expert and life coach that will shed light on why we often toss up barriers to doing and being our best.

Michelle defines the small thinker using humorous personal examples. She introduces you to that inner critic and share ways for you to manage that voice within. She shows you how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals in a new and thrilling way, and helps you identify and navigate your Expert E.D.G.E.© so you're clear on which mountain to conquer. And in the end she emphasizes the importance of walking your talk in the work that you do and what's important to you.

Throughout this session you’ll relate to Michelle's stories of her day-to-day struggles, and laugh at her honest look at fear, motivation, and in the end...empowerment!

When it comes to goal setting and getting things done, why is it that some people are able to push forward and achieve at high levels while others seem to flounder? Research suggests that it has less to do with skill or education, and more to do with how we set goals. And whether we possess key characteristics of something called "grit" - the persistence, drive and determination to achieve a goal.

Michelle Cederberg is a High-Performance Coach and change agent who wants to help you get things done. In the quest for career success and life fulfillment, goals matter. Learn effective, exciting goal setting, strengthen your grit, and get things done. This session provides the tools.

In this eye-opening keynote and/or companion workshop you will:

  • Explore 5 characteristics of grit and learn ways to exploit each in your quest to have it all

  • Learn how to set effective goals, and find out why long-term goals matter

  • Identify behaviours that positively (and negatively) impact goal achievement so you can focus on the right ones

  • Find out the number one, surprising reason people don't succeed at any given pursuit and how you can avoid this pitfall.

As you navigate from morning to night there are so many factors that will determine whether you have a good day; the people you come in contact with and the exchanges you have, the thoughts and perceptions that you carry toward them, and of course your own personal energy levels and attitude coming in.

Why not arm yourself with tools and awareness to connect those dots and create a better day for yourself and everyone you interact with? Change your perspective on how you communicate with yourself and others. This session shows you how!

In this entertaining and practical workshop Michelle Cederberg will help you:

  • Recognize and stop the negative messages you tell yourself

  • Find ways to be more positive and productive throughout your day

  • Learn tools for communicating effectively with others

  • Identify ‘common messaging’ mistakes we all make

  • Gain powerful reminders for reducing negative talk and behaviour in your home and work

  • Learn why self-care is so important for personal fulfillment and effective communication.

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Energy Now! Small Steps to an Energetic Life Achieve better health, greater happiness, and yes more energy – mind, body and spirit – through a small steps approach that will leaving you wondering why you didn’t think of it sooner! This book provides all the how-to tools for success once-and-for-all. 238 pages.

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