News Release – Speakers Gold and Speakers Bureau of Canada

News Release

The Speakers Bureau of Canada (SBC) and Speakers Gold (SG) announce that we have agreed to collaborate to offer a well-rounded array of expert presenters on relevant topics for our bookings.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada is the nation’s newest bureau. We were formerly known as the Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©, one of the most active bureaus in Western Canada. We have now expanded across Canada and formed The Speakers Bureau of Canada.
Speakers GoldSpeakers Bureau Canada


Speakers Gold and the Speakers Bureau of Canada have a lot in common. Our criteria to become a speaker member are exigent and we follow strict guidelines in our recruitment process to ensure that our clients are always well served. While Speakers Gold in head-quartered in Toronto, the Speakers Bureau of Canada is head-quartered in Calgary.

After a couple of months of discussion and informally collaborating, Speakers Gold has been very impressed with the way the owner of the Speakers Bureau of Canada, Gordon Breault, conducts business and his vision for speakers’ bureau’s and their role in the speaking industry. SBC wants to grow our speaker roster and our speaker network. Therefore, we are actively looking for speakers outside of our network to add to our roster.


Gordon is also impressed with Cathleen Fillmore’s careful assembly of speakers for Speakers Gold. She has written several articles and books about the speaking industry and she has coached many successful speakers on how to market themselves properly. She continues to offer speaker training by coaching and developing strong marketing speaker portfolio’s which in turn increase their bookings and their speaker fees.


Cathleen’s and Gordon’s new working arrangement may eventually morph, however, for the time being, they will continue to operate Speakers Gold and the Speakers Bureau of Canada separately. The initial stage for their partnership is that we will share our speaker network with one another.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada will focus on bringing the best speakers available, no matter where they are from to Canadian clients.

With above in mind, SBC and SG will add speakers who seem a good fit into each other’s roster in 2018.


As our relationship develops, we will see where it goes, but for now, we want to celebrate and inform you that we will be working closely with one another to improve our bureau’s and the speaking industry.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada wishes to invite any feedback or questions you might have about our collaborative strategy. Please get in touch with us as we grow our rosters, our bureau’s and Canada’s speaking industry.


Gordon A. Breault

Executive Director
Speakers Bureau of Canada