“I am passionate about helping people improve their ‘sandbox factor’ to build and maintain strong relationships, especially when the playing field gets tough. Healthy teams embrace conflict, but most fear it and avoid conflict rather than moving through it. Conflict unresolved is very costly. It’s everyone’s responsibility to PLAY NICE so profits can be used for better things.” ~Penny Tremblay

Penny Tremblay

Workplace Relationships expert, helping teams learn to PLAY NICE in the Sandbox, communication, conflict resolution, speaker, trainer, author

Penny Tremblay helps people learn to play nice in the sandbox…and when they don’t, she helps them fix broken relationships.

As we approach 2021, it is more important than ever for workplaces to inspire collaborative teamwork. Moving through conflict to cooperation fosters more productivity and profit. Engaging and retaining top talent is a great investment. People rarely quit jobs; they quit managers or toxic cultures for something healthier.

Penny Tremblay had been teaching audience members and participants practical ready to use skills and while boosting their confidence to be more productive, restore damaged relationships, improve communication and develop strong leaders for over 20 years. Tremblay’s advanced mediation certificate from Harvard, combined with years of conflict resolution facilitation, bring stories, experiences and guidance to enhance learning and shift minds.

Penny Tremblay is passionate on helping individuals and organizations succeed. Her unique approach leaves a strong impact with the audience member as her highly interactive and contain the right mix of ‘edu-tainment’ which inspires better human relations, self growth and commitment to ones work for performance and team synergy. Her captivating style is authentic and swings like a pendulum from the depths of human emotion to hilarious. Audiences are taken on an unforgettable journey of possibility, realizing the value of relationships, and how the one we have with ourselves is foundational to the relationship we have with others.

Penny Tremblay can deliver keynotes, workshop and training sessions. She enjoys taking a deeper dive into each organization, event and industry to customize her presentations for each client. She looks at each event as a chance to shift mindsets; with relevant tools to approach difficult conversations, negotiate win/win outcomes, build rapport and improve relationships immediately.

Tremblay lives in Northern Ontario and enjoys outdoor activity. She travels regularly to serve clients across the vast province of Ontario. She has a big heart for First Nation communities and the Indigenous peoples that are face a variety of challenges and require assistance to promote stronger collaboration with neighbouring communities and municipalities for equal treatment and access to social programming.

Topic Presentations

Suitable for all audiences including managers and senior leaders, this keynote offers current trends and techniques for dealing with our most important assets … our people! Not usually taught in technical education, people skills, when mastered help gain promotions, lead harmonious and profitable teams and engage long-term clients.

Improve your ability to Play Nice in the Sandbox even when the going gets tough. Cultivate more time and money. Peace and productivity increases profit.

• Understand conflict: why we’re attached to it, why we fear it and when to embrace it
• Lead yourself first, then others
• Navigate through challenging times and difficult behavior
• Adopt social graces of gratitude, praise, recognition, appreciation and acknowledgement

Penny’s captivating style is authentic, passionate, interactive, inspiring and swings like a pendulum from the depths of human emotion to hilarious. Audiences are taken on an unforgettable journey of possibility, realizing the value of relationships, and how to harness and leverage our people skills to maximize profit, save time and money and engage long term employees and clients.

This keynote inspires people to take personal responsibility for their presence, performance and inner peace for best practices in workplaces and beyond. Suitable for large audiences or smaller workshop settings, participants get to dive deeper into their own mixed bag of tricks and discover what personal inventory is worth keeping and what needs to go.

When we show up to work, we bring everything from our past experiences, including things that have been buried for years, causing low esteem, lack of trust, fear of speaking up, or a sense of not being good enough. Not only does this hinder our belief in our ability, it also is a major source of conflict. Why are we so attached to it? You’ll find out in this interesting keynote that swings from deep to hilarious, and sheds light on some of the darkest corners of our being, and the how and why to unpack those unresolved issues that continue to pop up.

• Discover what’s in your suitcase
• Why you’re so attached to it
• How to detach, find peace with it and unpack your authentic self

Penny’s delivery style is captivating, raw and real with stories, examples and research about how resolving conflict from the inside out leaves very little left for others to get entangled with. Unforgettable with actionable tools and advice, this transformational piece fuels positive and lasting change.

Workplace and business culture rooted in human connection is more challenged than ever in this digital era. With millennials tipping the workplace population scale, relationship strategies to build productive, peaceful and profitable teams that are engaged with their corporate purpose are critical.

Suitable for all who work with people, this inspiring keynote explores the paradox of giving more yet having more, framed as a business strategy that improves corporate culture, connection, creates highly functional teams and earns loyalty and engagement of long term clients and employees.

Give and be Rich in Workplace Relationships
• Giving Simply to Give
• Being Open to Receive
• Giving To Yourself and Others for Strong Business Relationships

Penny’s message is backed by her best-selling book, Give and Be Rich, which invites us to look deeper into our own authentic inventory, and find more within to give. Giving is the new sexy. Giving is where we become rich in self-worth, confidence, humility, respect, love, social grace and all currencies of life. Her dynamic stage presence and message delivery is entertaining, interactive and memorable. There is laughter and depth to inspire long lasting change in perspective, service, attitude and gratitude.

An estimated 100 million Millennials are currently entering the workforce, making up the largest generation of our time, yet businesses have a difficult time recruiting, retaining and motivating them. Is your organization prepared? The Boomers and the Gen Xers are quite comfortable with managing each other, however managing millennials requires a different skill set and is a worthwhile investment.

The most productive, peaceful and profitable workplaces embrace the assets of all generations. In this interactive workshop, participants will learn to recognize, appreciate and engage all generations in their workplace.


• Perceptions and Attitudes Between Generations
• How To Recruit, Engage and Retail Millennials

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Give and Be Rich

Can you really have whatever you want in life? Absolutely! The true nature of abundance is that it has no limits. No matter where you are in your life, you have what it takes to give and receive gifts of tremendous value. Change your mindset from one of having to one of giving, and allow the dynamic flow of abundant energy into your life. The key to riches and self-fulfillment lies in giving what you already have---first to yourself, then to others, in charity and in business, and finally, being fully receptive to receive the abundance that awaits you.

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