"Staying current in the 21st century requires vigilant attention to what we do, how we do it, and ultimately, who we are."

Rosemarie Barnes

21st Century Leadership | Bridging the Generation Gaps

Rosemarie is a noted public speaker and trainer helping you Spark, Speak, and Hear Your Brilliance through keynote addresses, workshops, seminars, and classes all designed to improve confidence in yourself, your company, your cause.

Why, “The Maverick Voice?”

Rosemarie has been known to veer off the well-beaten path and create new ways of looking at old problems. Most people believe that confidence comes from enjoying success. Rosemarie doesn’t agree. She believes that confidence comes from successfully navigating through disruption and even failure.

Where four generations of people working under one corporate roof can causing chaos and pain, Rosemarie sees opportunity for learning and brilliant potential. You can also expect Rosemarie’s presentations to be sprinkled liberally with humour and tangential anecdotes, because that’s just what Mavericks do.

Rosemarie’s mandate is:

  • to help people succeed in their businesses through understanding how to communicate with, inspire, retain, and reward employees, and by acknowledging the different leadership needs of Generations X, Y, and Z,
  • to teach confidence and communication skills, specializing in verbal and written skills for business,
  • to offer inspiration and hope to people who have lost confidence in their personal or business lives and to offer methods for regaining it.

Rosemarie Barnes will help you Spark, Speak, and Hear Your Brilliance through keynote addresses, workshops, seminars, and classes all designed to improve confidence in yourself, your company, your cause. She will also assist you in sharing your own thoughts and wisdom by providing professional narration services. As a speaker, Rosemarie is appreciated for sharing vital and current solutions to confident leadership and reinvention issues in an enlightening and entertaining way and for her ability to make important connections for the hearts and minds of the audience participants.

Qualifications, Certifications, Associations:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drama
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Diploma of Music (Kodaly specialization)
  • World Class Speaking Coach certification
  • Member: Canadian Association of Professional Speakers

Topic Presentations

Being a leader in today’s business world is a little bit like being a ringleader in a circus.  To be successful, the circus ringleader needs to supply the lion tamers with a char and a whip, the trapeze artists require their swings and a net, and the trick riders must have their horses and special saddles.

Similarly, in business the good leader is aware that Generation X prefers carefully funneled information, Generation Y feeds on mentorship and praise, and the upcoming Generation Z needs to understand how their tasks fit in with the whole.

This alphabet soup that comprises today’s workforce poses special challenges to business leaders:  how can the immense combined power of these groups of individuals be harnessed for the success of a company?

Staying current in the 21st century requires vigilant attention to what we do, how we do it, and ultimately, who we are.

In your personal, professional, or corporate life, are you able to confidently navigate the potholes in the road? Do you have a “GPS attitude” that allows you to recalculate, refocus, and redirect? Are you using the “TLC Principal” that leads you to Take, Leave, or Change disruptions to your primary paradigms?

Do your colleagues? Your employees?

Today’s multi-generational workforce, our rapidly expanding knowledge, and the continual barrage of new technologies demand a new kind of thinking; the kind that understands that what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow: the kind that can inspire today’s businesses and people to not only adapt to new and different demands, but actually encourage it.

Do you have the confidence to renovate, reinvent, or re position yourself and your organization when it is time?

Do you know the difference between a good speaker and a great speaker? A good communicator and a great communicator?

Good speakers speak.  They play their part, share their information, impart their wisdom, and do their best to bestow understanding on who they are speaking to.  Great speakers orate.  They connect with and engage their listeners, they share the best information for the ears that are present, they offer their ideas and they excite the others to find and create their own.  Finally, they present their listeners with a call to action in order to solidify concepts and internalize learning and they follow up to ensure it has been done.

All great speakers become proficient at creating, organizing, and delivering compelling and powerful content, and successfully impacting listeners with vocal finesse and charismatic speaking techniques.

The only choice is deciding what kind of communicator that you want to be:

  1. the kind that would rather chew on broken glass that give a simple toast,

  2. the kind that does the best they can and that elicits sympathy from others,

  3. the kind that thinks they know what they’re doing but end up boring others, or

  4. the kind that understands the responsibility of helping their audience with their top-of-mind problem, and who does everything they can to reach out and engage their hearts and minds through your words.

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Confident Leadership in 21st Century Business: Bridging the Generation Gaps

Given that today’s workforce is comprised of 4 very different generations, each with their own motivational forces at work, a variety of workplace needs, and very demanding workplace expectations, that is no small request. Business leaders of the 21st century understand that each of the generations in today’s workforce is motivated by different values. They must know how to tap into the strengths of each of the groups, they must address their responsibility to mentor and create new leaders, and they must bridge the gaps between the generations so the entire group can work together as a successful, cohesive unit. Have the fundamental rules of leadership changed with the generations? Yes, and no, but regardless of the generation, regardless of the situation, and regardless of the preferred method of leadership, the same governing tenet still prevails: everyone wants to feel included, have their ideas acknowledged, feel appreciated, and work in a company that agrees with most of their fundamental values.

Confident Public Speaking: Being Heard Above the Noise – available as paperback and audiobook

A good idea not shared or understood by others is a shame. A brilliant idea not shared and understood is a tragedy. Public speaking is so much more than the courage to stand in front of a group and talk. For a presentation to be powerful, it must have the right amount of content, organized in a memorable way for both speaker and audience, it must be delivered with power, warmth, and charisma, and it must be spoken in the language of the audience.

Confident Reinvention: Navigating through Disruption

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