"This is not just about cannabis policy, it is also about change management, respect, communication and fair treatment. Canadians are embarking on a new journey into uncharted territory and it will be leaders who chart the course." - Sandra Crozier-McKee

Sandra Crozier-McKee

Cannabis in the Workplace Expert

Sandra Crozier-McKee is an accomplished C-suite executive with a proven track record achieving exceptional results in business, finance, education, food service, media and recreation. Although she has a degree from the University of Western Ontario and a teaching certification from the University of Calgary, her true education is gleaned from 30 years of hands-on experience conceiving, developing and executing on strategies and initiatives while leading teams through tumultuous times in both the for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.

Responding to the lack of professional advisors possessing “insider knowledge” about operating a business day to day, Sandra Crozier-McKee resigned as President and CEO of the BBB to start “Western Master Business Mechanics Inc.” to provide business leaders and owners with a professional team of advisors possessing “insider knowledge” and front-line experience operating a business day to day. They design practical plans and goals, train self-managed high functioning teams, and set realistic implementation targets that work.

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Canada, organizations need to be cannabis-literate. Crozier-McKee is a proactive innovator responding nimbly to changes in government legislation impacting how Canadians do business on both sides of the border and she is well positioned to guide you through the ever-changing landscape of cannabis related legislation and policies affecting your workplace. She is member of the Canadian Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, CCOHS certified in “Cannabis in the Workplace” and backed by extensive reliable research and experience and is recognized for her expertise. Sandra Crozier-McKee is the person who can help you navigate the impact the legalization of recreational cannabis on your employees and operations.

Topic Presentations

This presentation delves into the essential actions leaders and organizations must take ensure their policies meet the required standards under the relevant legislation. This presentation is constantly evolving and updated to provide the latest information available in the area where your business is located.

Presentation Topics can be tailored and include:

  • Cannabis: The Science Summary

  • Cannabis Countries

  • Bill C-45

  • Governance

  • Employer Responsibilities

  • Employee Responsibilities

  • Cannabis Education – Medical and Recreational

The workshop is based around “The One Thing” by Gary Keller. The “someday” goal is to complete the Workshop Drug and Alcohol policy, obtain approval, and introduce it into the workplace. There are many stages to be completed but, in this workshop, we will work together to identify the first step in the journey towards the goal. Each participant will leave with an action plan relevant to their workplace and the commitment to complete that step in an established time frame.

As a conscientious employer the urgency to reduce risk to your employees and your organization can be mitigated by taking action now. In this workshop you will create a step-by-step plan that you and your team can follow immediately, and in the future.

After attending the presentation participants will:

  • Have a clear understanding of relevant legislation at all levels of government.

  • Recognize impairment in its many forms.

  • Pinpoint the “must haves” of a basic policy and the key elements to cover when analyzing job demands related to accommodation.

  • Identify the 7 items that must be covered in employee and leadership education.

  • Construct a blueprint with action items and established time frames for implementation.

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