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The Speakers Bureau of Canada will remain the first choice for the selection of top speakers, presenters and facilitators of Alberta and Canada. We provide clients with viable options of presenters for conferences, training sessions, workshops, group facilitations and for master of ceremonies of events at no extra cost to the client.


The Speakers Bureau of Canada connects audiences to Canadian Speakers to inspire, educate and inform individuals and organizations to make better life decisions. Our service is prompt, confidential, and professional. Through networking, research and providing strong speaker representation we develop relationships within the speaking industry to have some of Canada’s top and upcoming speakers to help elevate events.

 Speakers Bureau of Canada

The Speakers Bureau of Canada was born from the Speakers Bureau of Alberta in 2017. We offer competent, proven and expert presenters on over two hundred topics. The Bureau is a homegrown business based in Alberta. We have served hundreds of organizations in Western Canada since 1999, maintaining an outstanding reputation for professionalism and promptness.

Roger Breault distinguished a history of providing reliable professional speakers and presenters for all occasions. Through mentoring Gordon Breault about the speaking industry since 2014, our aspirations grew to represent Canada’s top experts so we can reach more audiences. The Bureau provides speakers that deliver quality presentations as a keynote address, a workshop leader, a seminar leader, a group facilitator or a master of ceremonies. We book our speakers frequently on the national and international level. It is our pleasure to serve you promptly, efficiently and professionally.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada only admits the top speakers of their respected fields. Our speakers are not only experts and professional, but possess the rare skill of delivering powerful and intriguing messages to any audience. The Speakers Bureau of Canada looks for three qualities when selecting members of the Bureau: Expertise, Articulation and Authenticity. We work hard to maintain a strong relationship with our speakers to ensure a captivating delivery at every presentation.

The Bureau works with clients to provide high quality speakers within your budget. Each speaker pledges to charge the same speaker fee through the Bureau as when hired on his or her own. The Bureau insists that each speaker tailors their presentation to meet audience needs and aspirations.

If you want a specific speaker or need an expert from outside the ranks of the Speakers Bureau of Canada, we will gladly obtain him/her and negotiate the best possible fee for you. The Speakers Bureau of Canada maintains relationships with other bureaus to accommodate the client’s needs and desires. We mostly work in Canada, and we welcome customers from anywhere in the world.

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