SBC Charitable Donation Policy

Once you book through the Speakers Bureau of Canada, we are prepared to donate a portion of the speaker fee to the charity of your choice.

Your cause is our cause.  We are committed to all Canadian non-profits; we understand that many non-profits have associated charities. For example, most professional associations have a charity dedicated for the education of its members. Municipalities and School Boards are also, by definition, charities.

We can donate to a civic cause or a special project of a school board. Some non-profits may choose to have us direct our donation on their behalf to a Community Foundation or a special charity of their choosing.  SBC is proud to play a role in helping our clients support direct and indirect charitable causes of their choice.

When you book with SBC, we will request which charity best serves your organization and we will donate 1% of the speaker fee to that organization on behalf of SBC. One percent may not sound like much; however, we encourage you to approach all of your suppliers to do the same.

We will request both you and the charitable organization if they wish to send a representative to the event, so that a personal relationship can be developed, maintained or promoted through the event. In doing this we hope that our donation is not a blind gift, and all parties are able to benefit from your event and the speaker at your event.

It all adds up.