SBC’s Collaboration Project

SBC wants to play a part in helping Canadian non-profit organizations team up with similar or like-minded organizations to make your event that much better.

Individuals, non-profit associations, trade and professional organizations, municipalities, government agencies and businesses are now connected more than ever.  With a little effort, and some help from our team, collaboration between groups can serve to inspire and educate more staff and members for a lot less money.
Here are several examples on how, in the past and in the present, SBC helps speakers and non-profits serve many more for little or no extra money:

  1. Several Chambers of Commerce jointly booked the same speakers for small business week awards ceremonies.
  2. Several municipalities teamed up for a series of practical workshops on safety, communications and leadership.
  3. A few Agricultural Societies got together to book a speaker to address matters related to horticulture and gardening for their respective spring conferences.
  4. Some National and Provincial professional organizations collaborated to jointly book the same speaker to help their members better understand the common challenge of leadership that they both face. This was done at consecutive annual conferences.
  5. Two Government Departments got together to jointly book a speaker on the subject of resilience – something common that both staff groups were struggling with.

The added advantage to collaboration goes far beyond saving money on speaker fees and associated travel expenses; it fosters closer relationships, networking and teamwork.

SBC wants to serve non-profits better. We want to encourage partnerships and collaborations of all sorts. We are willing to go the extra-mile and contact any other organization on your behalf to raise awareness of your event and to ask them to participate and/or share your expenses. For example, we can also contact any sister or similar organizations to see if they would be interested in obtaining the same speaker or collaborating with you for the same event.
Collaboration pays off in more ways than one. Here are some of the reasons why collaborating with similar or sister non-profit organizations can work for you and your team:

  • To save on travel costs for a speaker when they are making multiple presentations in the same geographic region
  • To save money on speaker fees; on your behalf, SBC can negotiate speaker fees for speakers that are booked for multiple presentations
  • Co-sponsored events generally increase your income because of a larger pool of potential delegates
  • To heighten the awareness of common everyday challenges of members within similar organizations
  • To attract more delegates to an event/conference because it is co-sponsored; collaboration will increase the marketability of your event
  • To bring in complementary speakers for an event because you have saved money
  • To bring awareness to similar challenges of more than one organization and its members; you are then in a position to develop joint strategies that go beyond one organization at a time
  • To allow those within the same or similar professions to network and develop collaborative strategies and partnerships for their personal and professional development
  • To close the gaps between one organization and another
  • Add credibility to your organization and your event because of co-sponsorship
  • To bring in those who can benefit most from a presentation and an event, so that they can help themselves and their teams
  • To bring in other special guests that can help your team and organization, so that they better understand your challenges and the direction you are headed
  • To invite and attract elected officials to attend your event for the purpose of lobbying; elected officials are more likely to attend if an event is co-sponsored.