"I am passionate about helping individuals and companies up-calculate their possible, and integrate high yield actions to realize their vision. I want to help others feel the incredible satisfaction that comes from doing what one loves"

Scott Armstrong

Productivity & Innovation Strategist | Entrepreneur Solutions Expert

Scott is an international speaker, Emcee, published author and is recognized by his colleagues as an extraordinary visionary leader who has the uncanny knack of motivating others to inspired action. Sitting at a office desk over 20 years ago, he was deeply frustrated and knew there had to be more than pushing paper. He made the choice to go Limitless. Three years later Scott had created Canada’s largest rehabilitation centre for abandoned exotic animals –swimming with jaguars, running with wolves, playing in the snow with tigers.

How does swimming with tigers launch a 25-year speaking career? Well when you also inspire over 2000 businesses along the way then there is something special to talk about. Starting an exotic wildlife sanctuary from scratch and growing it into one of Canada’s premier environmental education centers without a single donation requires a special talent. Growing that talent and becoming Director of Entrepreneurship and Corporate Training at The British Columbia Institute of Technology requires exceptional future vision and relentless tenacity to provide sustained motivation to a diversity of audiences.

In addition, he educated over 20,000 children on endangered species and was privileged to provide ‘Make A Wish’ dreams come true for dozens of terminally ill children and adults. Scott has since spent his time showing thousands, including military personnel and professional athletes, how they can make their Limitless dreams come true. Whether as a University Professor or Director of Corporate Training at BCIT Scott has helped over 3000 individuals create their own businesses and over 2000 employees engage their next level of high performance.

Specializing in business and personal motivation for growth Scott brings a counter intuitive energy to his presentations, helping clients broaden their perspectives to otherwise concealed opportunities.  He possesses a remarkable ability to understand what is truly important to his audiences.

Scott’s presence on stage, his complete professionalism, and ability to craft custom messaging in his presentations ensures:

  • Attendees will feel a heightened level of enthusiasm and commitment to their work and will have free resources to ensure the momentum is maintained
  • Clients will experience seamless integration of Scott into their conference with logistical items and timely promotional materials
  • Scott will talk with organizers and attendees to ensure his knowledge of the audience and their needs radiates through his presentation


Topic Presentations

A gift to you! One life-altering juicy goal – realized. What would yours be? In your most pumped-up state, what do you think is possible? What if your dreams, no matter how incredible, are only the entry point to a new life of passion and fulfillment!  Why, you ask? Quite simply when you are living life with meaningful energy you attract others who are also doing extraordinary things. When this happens unbelievable opportunities…well, they just begin to appear.

Limitless will not only inspire and entertain, but it invites and will show you how to:

  • Access your purest potential, creating a deeply fulfilling life of adventure and accomplishment

  • Unearth personal passions and skills scarcely known to you

  • Hobble procrastination so you will see and feel results immediately.

The spirit of disruptive innovation is essential for all successful organizations – large or small. Don’t agree? Just look at how resource companies are struggling to cope with $30 oil, or retailers 3 steps behind Amazon’s expansion to 50% of the market.

Birthing and nurturing an innovative mindset and company culture that dreams of, creates and executes disruptive innovation is no longer the unique calling card of superstar brands like Apple – it is essential to any firm looking to succeed beyond the next calendar year.

In this boundary breaking and entertaining keynote participants will:

  • Gain insight into unseen and global forces shaping their future

  • Grow and enhance their ‘game up’ skills to allow true and necessary innovation to thrive

  • Put the words ‘No, we don’t do that’ into a stronger cage

  • Break the numbness of debilitating routine and move to innovative and proactive thinking, every day.

Is it passion? A sound business model? A sustainable market? After helping over 2000 businesses launch and grow over the past 15 years Scott has deeply learned that every successful business owner’s success is…well, unique. Ask him – he developed Canada’s largest exotic wildlife refuge and spent his working days playing with wolves and rehabilitating tigers.

A published entrepreneurial author, Scott will share his top 20 tips to effectively motivate, inspire and coach entrepreneurs from all walks of life. Transformational, and inspiring are what audiences consistently call Scott’s keynote. Your conference organizers will thank you.

Innate intelligence as the main determinate of your success? Not by a long shot! Countless interviews and observation of the extraordinarily successful show something different – something we all can do without a doubt – but most of us don’t. You want to truly accelerate what you are getting out of your efforts for your career, yourself and your family? Try using the following five habits and watch the mirror as you astound yourself.

Get more sleep – 7 hours at least every night. No screen time at least 30 minutes before bed. Your brain is busier at night than during the day and needs to time to cleanse itself. If you don’t give it the time you wake up with half a tank of fuel and while you feel like a warrior, the quality of your work is at 80% or less.

Say “NO” a lot more – twice as much as you are used to. Most people’s hour-to-hour and day-to-day time is consumed by other people’s agendas. If an activity does not serve your long-term goals it does not belong. It is your life – own your time for things that matter to you. Extraordinary success awaits!
Block off time on your calendar for key activities – special projects, planning, etc. Be ruthless on this! Short of an apocalyptic event you should not be disturbed during these times. You need time to escape the attention deficit world and develop your brain capacity to focus longer term on things that truly matter to you.

It is all about flow – blood flow that is. Get exercise every day and rigorous exercise at least every other day. Sitting at a desk all day sucks! It is like taking a Ferrari and mothballing it – it soon decays. Commit to a boot camp, one-month gym membership, bike riding or running, yoga or running around crazy and scaring your kids:) When the blood flows your brain is a better place.
Look at people as relationships, not transactional entities to be navigated throughout the day. People take action on how they feel – so make them feel good and take that extra minute to find out what is happening that is important to them. Positive energy –it attracts some incredible opportunities.

Bonus – Don’t start your day by looking at your phone or listening to the news. Your phone is someone else’s inbox for you and the news is a negative assault on the programming for your brain that day. Before getting out of bed think of something to be grateful for and maybe listen to a TED Talk – keep the junk out!

But there is a catch – of course. You have commit to the habits for at least 30 days. Faithfully, committedly, top-notch priority – it has to be done. No excuses like it was the weekend, I could not find time or I was not feeling well. If those thoughts come into your head and you listen to them you are back to the common pool – no extraordinary success for you;) You take care of these and you will be amazed, no matter where you are currently at. Which one(s) will you start with? If you are already faithfully using some habits, which is the next one to bring onto your team?

You know there is more out there for you – more vitality, more adventure, more ‘ah, that’s perfect!’. You even have a vision of what it is – a great idea, an awesome lifestyle – if you could only get it started and keep the momentum going.

Five traits of those who accomplish the great things in their lives say helped them the most:

Your Whys – Write down all the reasons you want this – don’t just think of them – actually write them down. How strong are they? Think of the impact of this dream not only to your ambition but also to your vitality, your partner, your family and your community. Paste it on your bathroom wall where you see if every day – BAM – there it is, visually and with all the WHYS you should be doing it now and not waiting for the perfect moment. Hey, you already know that moment will never arrive.

Sleeping More– Despite what some corporate warriors say, you cannot perform at your best if you don’t get at least 7-8 hours sleep a night. Yes, there are those braggarts who say they only need 5 hours but here is the kick – every credible sleep study shows that if you are even one hour of sleep shy of 7-8 hours per night you are impaired cognitively the next day. So as Arianna Huffington has said, “Sleep your way to the top!”

Thinking Unassisted – We are so used to reflexing to Google or YouTube when we want to know something. By doing this we shut out our own mind’s ability to think, and think creatively. Start each and every day avoiding your phone or iPad for at least 30 minutes. Think unassisted about your dreams and visions. Take that shower and as that warm water hits you find something about your vision to get excited about today. Personally, I even take dry erase markers into the shower to write on the walls and glass, as this is where so many inspirations come for me. Find your spot and do and extract/record your best.

Gratitude Expression –As each day goes by you should be happy. Why? Because your vision is still being pursued and despite the ups and downs of every day you have amazing things happening in your life. We all do.  Gratitude is not generated by external circumstances – it comes from you, and you envisioning your goal and being mindful with what is already around you.

Perspective– Your vision is a journey to be enjoyed – pay credit to this. Each and every step you take, whether it is describing your idea to someone, meeting a group who can help you, or doing some initial research (off of the computer) needs to be acknowledged and celebrated. Your mind will enjoy these self initiated moments of celebration and will motivate it to move forward in your journey. Have belief in yourself that you can handle this!


Getting a connection with and understanding the needs and desires of people you work with is not the sole domain of professional salespeople. Everyone needs these skills whether you are selling to a client, applying for a job or trying to get your boss to say yes to your idea. This presentation is chalk full of need to know, how to use techniques that will provide you with immediate results.

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After losing his wife, Wil is looking for a fresh start with his daughter in the remote west coast town of Prince Sound. But TRUE COST, a mobile computer app he creates to help his daughter at school gives him anything but. Steph is a chemical engineer and heads a multi million dollar firm in Toronto, specializing in fracking in the oil patch. The unexpected death of her only brother gives her something she never wanted – a child to care for and a challenge to her values. Wil and Steph’s geographical and ideological chasms begin to evaporate as they are plunged into a the most powerful game of corporate espionage the world has ever seen. TRUE COST is a blessing and an apocalypse. It evaluates products world wide on health, labour and environmental criteria, and goes unexpectedly viral. Soon Prince Sound, and then the world, are changing what they purchase, and what they don’t. Such a shift creates a tsunami of attention, as well as powerful enemies who are losing billions of dollars. Wil and Steph, his new venture capital partner, are hunted by the clandestine and all reaching arms of the corporate underworld who will stop at nothing to take TRUE COST offline, permanently. From China to Toronto, New York to Costa Rica, Wil and Steph try and evade the hidden assassins as they attempt and get the next version of TRUE COST up and running. Save the world or save themselves? It is a choice they need to make at every turn. Steph’s character is one of survival and success in a male dominated industry. She is as tough as it comes until that moment that touches her in a place she promised she would keep buried forever.

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