"Let's place the responsibility for producing quality results back where it belongs – squarely on the employees’ shoulders." - Sheila Newel

Sheila Newel

Workplace Culture, Employee Management and Conflict Resolution Expert

Sheila Newel inspires through a passionate and articulate belief that the choices we make strongly influence our own and our organization’s future in positive or negative ways. She readily connects with audiences and her expertise on matters relating to Human Resources shines through.

Sheila Newel is the Principal of HRMD Inc. (Human Resources Management & Development) through which she participates in community and civil court mediation. She has instructed at Mount Royal University & Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Polytechnic (SAIT) and coached law students at the University of Calgary. Sheila Newel specializes in assisting individuals with career challenges and delivering seminars and dynamic workshops and keynotes for corporate and not-for-profit clients.

Newel is a Senior Human Resources Consultant with extensive experience providing and training others in human resources, leadership, and management skills such as performance management, coaching, conflict management, process improvement, and career planning, Sheila is an IAF, HRIA, AAMS, and HRAC participant and member, with CHRP certification. Her latest course work has been in Linguistic Lie Detection.

Sheila Newel earned her honours Bachelor of Arts Degree, Education Administration Graduate Diploma, and Human Resource Management Certificate from the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary, and Queens Industrial Centre, respectively.  After 10 years of instruction and first-level supervision, Sheila Newel became Dean of Communications, Dean of Applied Arts & Sciences, and then Director of Human Resources at SAIT. After leaving SAIT, she continued to manage Human Resources at Tri-Ocean Engineering before starting her own company.

Sheila Newel gained additional valuable insight from working in and with public boards, charitable clubs, and not-for-profit associations. Her hallmark is a determination to help others find the best course of action for themselves and their organization. She inspires through a passionate and articulate belief that the choices we make strongly influence our own and our organization’s future in positive or negative ways.

Topic Presentations

The most common and most stress-laden mistake front line supervisors, managers, and leaders make is believing they are responsible for making their employees work harder, faster, or better. Supervision, management, and team leadership are hard enough without taking on responsibilities that belong to someone else. In this presentation, Sheila talks and works with your group to place the responsibility for producing quality results back where it belongs – squarely on your employees’ shoulders.

You will learn how much more respect you are showing for your staff when you expect and require them to do the work they were hired to perform and how much more respect you will receive in return when you learn how to step aside and let them do it. Sheila’s presentation or workshop is not about abdication; it’s about accountability and empowerment – real empowerment, as opposed to lip service. It’s about learning how to help your employees take pride in doing their very best. It’s also about understanding the difference between ability to do the job and willingness to do the job

What you will be able to apply:

  • How to discover strengths and limitations – yours and your employees,

  • How to sidestep the most common snares & hazards,

  • How to achieve a greater understanding that will result in increased loyalty, and enhanced staff productivity, and

  • How to experience the joy of leading and supervising.

Ever have a boss who told you what to do, how to do it, and then held your hand while you did it? Or one who told you how simple and easy it will be for you to do something that you know is both complex and hard? Or perhaps even a boss who practically runs from you when you come up with a new and better way of doing things? “Don’t fix it, if it ain’t broke”, “why rock the boat”, and “we’ve never done it that way” are maxims for many people, but they can also be impediments to your progress.

In this presentation or workshop, Sheila provides you with practical steps on how to respectfully and subtly take back the reins when your boss is struggling. You will learn about how to gain more respect for yourself and your boss by requiring him or her do a better job of leading you, managing your performance, and evaluating your results – all while retaining your self-respect.

Sheila’s presentation is not about revolution or mutiny; it’s about transformation and development – your transformation and development. It’s about taking pride in doing your job well, either with the help of or in spite of your boss. It’s also about understanding what leads to disagreements between a manager and an employee and what to do about it.

Sheila will help you learn the “follower-ship” and leadership journey by:

  • Discovering strengths and limitations – yours and your boss’,

  • Sidestepping the most common snares & hazards during performance reviews,

  • Providing you with a dynamic understanding of your workplace,

  • Increasing the recognition for your contributions, and Enhancing your productivity.

Cease Fire is an open-minded conflict resolution process that leaves managers and staff with success based resources they can use in their work and personal lives. Conflict resolution also leaves managers and staff with success based resources they can use in their work and personal lives.

Seminars or private affected parties’ resolutions result in greater understanding of the following:


  • What is behind each conflict.

  • Why and how disputes spiral and grow.

  • How their own conflict style impacts a situation.

  • How to resolve employment disputes in a positive way.

  • When to move from the past to the future.

  • How to reach voluntary, mutually- beneficial agreement.

While most of us acknowledge the importance of communication, we still underestimate the impact of how we talk, write, and even more importantly, how we listen, has on our work and personal lives. So whether our jobs or our personal lives require us to be interact with others as little as 50% of the time, as many employees do, or as much as 90% of the time, as managers and leaders do, those interactions need to be successful. Improving communication skills enhances our ability to think critically and learning to think critically improves our communication.

You will learn:

  • Awareness of the Barriers to Communication

  • Nonverbal Communication Skills

  • Listening Skills

  • Constructive Feedback Methods

  • Assertive Communication Skills

  • Business And Technical Writing Skills

  • Persuasion: Recognizing Faulty Logic

  • Policy and Procedure Communications

Leadership development and improvement keynotes and workshops are customized to needs, but include Applied Supervision: Practical Shortcuts, Team Building, Motivation, and Delegation strategies to develop strong leaders and a more productive workplace.

You will learn skills for leaders through:

  • Applied Supervision Skills: Practical Shortcuts for Leaders to become more effective and productive by prioritizing getting the most out of their employees.

  • Team Building: Collaborative tasks can increase the camaraderie among teammates.  Increasing a leaders understanding of professional and conflict styles to focus on one specific goal.

  • Motivation: Understanding of old and new motivation skills can help leaders encourage staff based on each person’s needs rather than generalizing.

  • Delegation: Leaders who achieve mastery of delegation skills have staff who appreciated their opportunities. Those leaders who simply hand off work can end up with resentful staff who feel taken advantage of.


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