Andrea Holwegner Won The Peanut Bureau of Canada Award For Her Recipe Of a Cocoa Bar

Andrea Holwegner won The Peanut Bureau of Canada Award for her recipe of a Cocoa Bar. She is one of a handful of registered dieticians in Canada that is a great public speaker. She also won a prestigious Award given by the Dieticians of Canada for excellence in public instruction about nutrition and consumer education. She is a frequent expert presenter for CBC and CTV.

Her presentations are always humourous and chalk full of great information that go far beyond diets, and nutrition. She inspires audiences to change their lives, their directions and to regain motivation to renew their commitment to become a better person – both in the workplace and at home. Andrea is also a distinguished Member of the Chatelaine Magazine Health Advisory Board and an active Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Calgary Chapter.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada is proud to represent Andrea Holwegner. She has an important message for Canadians and people world-wide. She is an effective presenter and she gets accolades from our clients wherever we advance her.

By Roger Breault,

President of the Speakers Bureau of Canada

June 2nd, 2017

Andrea Holwegner – Happy, Healthy and Energetic

Andrea Holwegner: Happy, Healthy and Energetic keynote and workshop speaker understands and conveys that good health is the key to success.  Health motivational speakers like Andrea understand the importance of a healthy diet and how to speak to those health-conscious consumers.  From sourcing your healthy food to the useful side of a burgers and fries, Andrea focuses her efforts on helping companies create less stress and promote health, internally and externally

Consumers are starting to align with a more health conscience point of view, and communicating with them is getting harder.  Andrea is taking a crack at this challenge through the use of her immense knowledge in health and marketing with her keynote presentation and workshop, “Marketing and Catering to the Health-Conscious Consumer.”

Healthcare keynote and workshop motivational speakers like Andrea create presentations and workshops designed to help the food industry connect with health-conscious consumer.  This includes food producers, food processors, grocery stores, food service, agricultural fields, nutritionist, and the like.

Picture Andrea’s presentation as a perfect blend of marketing and health-conscious behavior.  Understanding what the health-conscience consumer is looking for, listening to, and wants to buy, helps food service establishments all over create content and practices that speak to the health-conscience consumer.  With Andrea’s expertise, health-conscious food services will learn what it takes to connect with the health-conscious customers they are seeking.

As one of the premiere motivational woman speakers, Andrea helps these health-conscious teams create content through increasing their credibility, visibility, and reach.  By doing so, these teams will be able to increase their market share through knowledge.  This allows health-conscious teams connect with their customers through the power of knowledge.  If you prove to the customer that you know what you are talking about with one subject, that consumer is more likely to return with more questions for you to answer.

By helping teams create ideas and content that are focused on the health-conscious consumer, Andrea makes sure the marketing department is talking to the right people.

From medical needs to preparation techniques, your team should be prepared to help each and every consumer with a question.  Leaving a door unopened is leaving money at that door, so Andrea makes sure your team knows how to stay up to date with the major trends.  The philosophy revolves around credibility.  If the major players in your industry are discussing a topic, you should be too.

On top of following the major players, your team will learn how to stretch their creativity through reviews, case studies, and research.  Andrea will help your team learn how to apply these data giants into opinions and other content that your health-conscience consumer is looking for.

Communicating your current and future offers can be a challenge, but with Andrea on your team’s side, your team will learn everything it takes to make a major impact on your health-conscious consumer through targeting and powerful marketing.

Remember, communicating with your customer the right way is the key to success.  So, instead of treading water in your market with no direction, look to one of the best female motivational speakers like award winning Andrea Holwegner help your team freestyle to the top.

Written By Roger Breault,
President of Speakers Bureau of Canada,
Dec 1st, 2016