Bruno Wiskel – ABCDEFG: Farming for Growth

Bruno Wiskel is an award-winning farmer, geological consultant, and Canada’s leading agricultural inspirational keynote speaker. Bruno spent 30 years of his career consulting geologists on environmental law. In 1988 he was laid-off from work, so he purchased a half-section of land that spans less than 40 acres 150 km north of Edmonton, and grew his farming business from $30,000 a year to $30,000 a month by diversifying his tools and procedures with cutting edge computerization, agricultural practices, and marketing tactics.

Bruno Wiskel graduated from the University of Alberta in 1983 with Honours in Geology, and a B.Sc. degree. In the same year, Bruno Wiskel won the Tony Redunzo Award for “Academic Achievement and Zest for Life. Shortly after receiving his professional accreditation with the Association of Professional Engineers, and Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA), he began his 3 decade long career as a geological consultant.

During his tenor in a corner office that overlooked Municipal Park, he brazenly suggested that computerization was the key to scale to his manager. He worked overtime to create a presentation that would highlight the details of his plan, only to be told that computers don’t have a place in geology. This seemingly put Wiskel at odds with upper management.

In 1986 the price of oil dropped below $10 a barrel. This was cause for his company to exercise budget cuts across the board. Bruno Wiskel was one of those cuts. As a result of being laid off, he received a sizeable severance package that allowed him to purchase land and start his farming business.

Bruno Wiskel brings 32 years of farming experience, from cattle wrangling and hog handling, to fruit producing and vegetable raising, to the table in each presentation designed to show you precisely how other farmers and agriculturally minded people can be more profitable and enjoy their farming operations.

As an inspirational keynote and workshop speaker, his presentations have inspired hundreds of farmers and entrepreneurs to discover prosperity within their own farming operations. Described as energetic and wildly entertaining, his combination of side splitting humour and real life experience keeps the audience engaged and hungry for knowledge.

Here are Bruno Wiskel public speaking topics:

He Joy of Farming

In this talk, Bruno serves his experience on a bed of agricultural revelations and professional insight. As a professional member of Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, Wiskel has spoken in front of numerous agricultural service boards, producer associations, gardening clubs, and woodlot organizations.

Time to Get Growing

As an environment motivational speaker, Bruno orients his focus to gardening clubs, horticultural associations, and landscape organizations. High energy and humorous, this presentation covers everything from building an energy efficient home to planting a vineyard.

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By Gordon Breault,
Executive Director, Speakers Bureau of Canada
December 8th, 2016