Steve Foran Receives CSP Designation

Steve Foran of Nova Scotia and Member of the Speakers Bureau of Canada has recently received his designation as a Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speaking Association.

The CSP designation is the speaking profession’s highest international measure of professional platform competence. Clients can reliably hire Steve as being one of the best of the best because of his top-notch speaking ability and his track record of professionalism and success.

Level Leadership is his most popular presentation and is rooted in a deep understanding that success is not a self-made recipe. Level Leadership is a mindset that acknowledges the interdependence we have with others and recognizes the contributions made by self and others in that success. Level Leadership is balanced because it is rooted in gratitude. Audience Members discover why gratitude needs to be a key component of success.

Steve has been speaking professionally for 10 years and has touched more than 250,000 people. His video 100 Halifax Doors went viral and gained national media attention through the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as one of the top eight heart-warming stories of 2016 in Nova Scotia.

He has recently repurposed the content of his online training sessions to reach more audiences, even the ones in very small companies who wouldn’t otherwise hire him.

Steve Foran had made over 500 presentations in the past 5 years. Many of his presentations are return engagements to the same client for a different topic. His client list includes just over 100 organizations and associations across various industries including education, funeral service, financial services, healthcare, construction, real estate, and much more.

Steve Foran is a qualified presenter on the topics of Leadership, Business Ethics, Workplace Culture, Conflict Management and Personal and professional growth. His heartfelt personality comes out in every presentation.