Terry Lashyn

Business Intelligence, Human Resources and Retirement Expert

Terry Lashyn who has a B. Comm and a CPA, CMA is a seasoned leader who has the ability to connect with the audience on a variety of topics. He is now consulting after a very successful career at ATB Financial where he had senior positions in Finance, Business Intelligence and Human Resources.

In his last position at ATB, he helped set up an area in the People and Culture (HR) department called People Intelligence. In this area, ATB did extensive work in understanding why certain team members / teams and leaders were successful. Partnering with companies like IBM, Deloitte and SAP the work was about understanding what attributes did the successful team members have in common and how could this be leveraged to other parts of the organization. There also was extensive work in understanding team engagement, trust, reducing turnover and analysis ensuring the on-boarding process was working for the new team members.

ATB was an early adopter of People Intelligence and showed that HR could actually lead work that connected people attributes to business results. This early work was noticed and resulted in Terry being asked to speak at IBM, SAP and Deloitte conferences around North America.

Terry who is originally from Saskatchewan and living in Edmonton, has a great sense of humor and loves to incorporate real life examples including ones pertaining to sports into his sessions.

He is passionate about leaders realizing they are privileged to lead and still feels fortunate that many of his past direct reports still connect with him on a regular basis.

“ The great leaders understand that being a leader is a privilege and it up to them to continuously mentor, connect and support their team so they can attain their personal and company goals “  – Terry Lashyn

His experience in working and understanding of the three key business areas: Finance, Business Intelligence and Human Resources has really made him effective in outlining  how these areas can work together more effectively.

Topic Presentations

In this presentation the audience will be shown what the idea of People Intelligence is about.

The companies that best understand why their people stay and what makes them successful spend more time earning profits and less time recruiting and re-training. Surprisingly to many companies they already have the necessary data that can help them start their process..NOW.

In this session you will learn:

- The definition of People Intelligence

- Why it is important to implement ?

- The steps to start or advance the People Intelligence journey

- Who should be involved on the team ?

- The ways the information can be analyzed

- Outcomes that you can expect to see

- Outlines of what the steps are after the analysis

In this presentation the audience will build off of the “Introduction to People Intelligence” session and be shown the process of understanding what types of data they currently have that could be leveraged and other new sources.

It is important to understand who are the key members of the team and how they will interact with partners from the business. The goal is continuously working to understand what common people attributes the company’s successful teams and leaders have in common.

The resulting process should help the company understand what is working and what needs to be changed from a people perspective.

In this session you will learn:

- Confirm the understanding of People Intelligence

- What current sources of data to consider

- To outline potential next best sources of data

- To understand what many companies overlook when analyzing their people

- The various ways the information could be sliced

- How to set up the team and who should be the key contributors

- How the business needs to interact with the group

- How to implement change

Employees do not leave companies, they leave leaders. Leadership has evolved over the years and in this session the audience will understand what modern leadership looks like. There are many things that today’s leaders need to do  and this session will walk the audience through how to get team members ready for leadership, help them become better leaders and show how leaders can be evaluated.

In this session you will learn:

- The most important day of being a leader to that new team member

- What does the successful leader do today ?

- How can companies evaluate if a leader is successful ?

- How do companies know if their leaders feel they have the tools to be successful ?

- How can we help our leaders become better ?

- How can we help prepare team members to be leaders ?

In my work in People Intelligence which included working and interviewing individuals that were either retiring or retired- I saw how so many people felt scared or unprepared about their pending retirement. I decided to do some “field work “ and took a one year “sabbatical “ (retirement) between my full time job and consulting- to see what I could learn. The learning was plentiful!

In this session, I will help the audience understand what they should expect after they retire, what they should do before this period and how to get that “peace of mind” feeling going in.

Top companies who care about their people can help them prepare for retirement AND help the company’s bottom line. I will also outline how companies can leverage some of these “retired “ team members.

Today’s retirement is NOT like your mom or dad’s!

In this session you will learn:

- What can I do to prepare (2- 15 years before my expected retirement) ?

- What should I expect ?

- What potential fears do I have - that I shouldn’t ?

- What is the process to determine my “9:00 - 5:00” after retirement ?

- How can companies help their bottom line and help their team members prepare for retirement ?

- How companies can easily tap into the “retired” resources with great results.

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