Thomas Budd

Mental Health, Emotional Health, Suicide Prevention and Overcoming Adversity Expert

Thomas Alan Budd, Retired Investment Banker, is well known for his business acumen, his fearless and competitive nature and once considered one of the top deal makers in Canadian Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions. He speaks openly about his rise to success from his modest beginnings in the Maritimes, the impact of his impulsive, compulsive and addictive behaviors, his path toward self-awareness and self-discovery in his transformation from Investment Banker to Philanthropist. Tom Budd today is better known as a Philanthropist, Mentor, Community Leader and Survivor. Tom Budd wants to share his story of survival, providing hope to others who seek work/life balance, and reveal his message that “Life is Worth Living”.

As the Founder of The Thomas Alan Budd Foundation Tom talks about giving back. His infectious personality, his attention to detail and tenacity keeps the audience inspired as he talks of his journey from Investment Banker to Philanthropist. Tom Budd promotes active participation, and in his own community it is common to see Tom walking for the homeless, biking for Mental Health, joining the Ride for Cops for Kids, or driving one of his sports cars in the August Okanagan Dream Rally. Tom is an advocate for giving back and wants to share how he developed his vision for The Thomas Alan Budd Foundation. Learn how to “Give Back”.

In recognition of his generosity and philanthropic work Tom Budd received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award and the British Columbia Community Achievement Award. He has been awarded the title of Man of the Year at the Kelowna Civic Awards, and received the Paul Harris Fellowship Award and the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Award for his outstanding leadership within his community.

Mr. Budd has survived the tragic suicide of both his sons, Dillon and Payton Budd. His painful loss has been the advent of a new journey and purpose – to share his story, to give people hope, and help get them through the hardest times in their lives by speaking out. Today Tom’s focus is on his own daily survival, and his journey involves helping others who suffer from life’s various challenges. He is an advocate for the benefits of “giving back” and increasing awareness surrounding mental and emotional health issues and suicide prevention initiatives.

Youth have been an important part of Tom’s life. The emotional and physical pain of losing a child can be felt when Tom speaks of his trauma and survival after the loss of his two boys. He talks openly about the importance of encouraging and inspiring youth to seek help through various means, such as counselling, speaking, talking, sharing. While in his hometown of Kelowna it is common to see Tom hitting tennis balls with a young player, giving guidance on writing a resume, or just talking about ways to deal with the challenges and risks in today’s society.

Mr. Budd has embraced his community. He is a leader, a listener and a speaker. He strives to inspire others to do their best. He is a passionate sports enthusiast, tennis player and car racer but most of all values the quality time he spends with his family and friends or people in need. He is a man who chooses to make a difference in our community and around the world.

Topic Presentations

“Life is Worth Living”.

We often hear the phrase that Life is Worth Living.

“… me, its real. I can feel the energy, I felt the impact, tears are pouring down my eyes uncontrollably, and I’m given my purpose. A purpose I’ve been searching for 6 years, I wake up, asking God, ‘give me my purpose’, what am I supposed to do as this retired Investment Banker, doing this charity work. Give me a purpose.

And my purpose?

Was ‘To go tell the world, that life is worth living’….:

Tom Budd’s story takes you through an emotional journey, sharing his story which demonstrates the impact of living an imbalanced life. The Tom Budd story is a mixture, it’s a story of success, it’s a story of failure, it’s a story of impulsive, obsessive and addictive disorders. It’s a story of self discovery and recovery, it’s a story of tragedy, it’s a story of daily survival.

Tom will deliver an inspiring presentation on the benefits of leading an emotionally and physically balanced life. The importance of physical fitness, and mental fitness.

Tom Budd will share practical solutions to battle depression, and other effects of trauma after experiencing the tragic loss of two sons to suicide.

Tom engages with the audience, discussing how his own experiences helped him find peace, and will define where to look within your own life for peace and happiness.

Find out why “Life is Definitely Worth Living”.

“When I lost my second son, I had to go into major grief counselling, trauma counselling. I went down to the states, I’ve been to three trauma centres, with the war vets there, because my trauma is so bad...”

“Before I crashed, people considered me focused, competitive, aggressive, fearless, bright, quick, intelligent, powerful, lean and mean, in your face. They called me a thrashing machine. My nick name was Rambudd, the Street Cleaner, a pit-bull. I was controlling, I was quick tempered, I was reactionary, I was rebellious, stubborn, I was unbalanced, I was full of fear, insensitive, self centered, and grandiose.” (quote by Tom Budd)

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get to the top? To achieve your goals?

You are invited to hear Tom Budd’s tragic yet captivating story of his life, from his rise to Investment Banking Stardom to his “crash” when he hit the wall.

Tom Budd’s life had a humble beginning in the Maritimes of Canada. He will share his story using humor and personal experiences. Tom captivates the audience as he talks about growing up in a small family with his own set of challenging dynamics and eventually becoming one of the top Investment Bankers in Canada.

His drive and “win-or-die-trying” attitude launched his career as one of the top Investment Bankers in Canada, earning him a title of “Masters of the Universe”.

Tom Budd eventually conquered his goals but with it came personal sacrifices and costs.

This presentation will highlight:

Importance of Education

The Art of Networking – building your contact list

The Art of Negotiation – win / win


Proving your Worth

Focusing on the Long Game

Maintain a work/life balance


You are invited to hear Tom Budd’s tragic yet captivating story of his life.

Today Tom Budd speaks candidly about his rise to centre stage as he became one of Canada’s top Investment Bankers. The excitement, the adrenaline, the emptiness and loneliness and lack of meaningful purpose.

Tom will share his experience of “hitting the wall” as being the critical decision point in his life. He shares how he changed his personal values and his desire to help others and do more while seeking a deeper meaning in life. Through business Tom always had a need to share not only his wealth, but also his knowledge and kindness and this has now expanded greatly in his charitable giving activities.

Today he shares his personal experiences leading to his decision to set up the Thomas Alan Budd Foundation. Tom talks about the transition from Business to Philanthropy and discovering the “Art of Giving Back” and being a “Philanthropist” and how this has positively altered his relationship with friends, family and his community.

Being a philanthropist is about giving back to the community and its people. Making the World around you a better place.

Topics covered may include:

How to be a Philanthropist, (time, talent, treasure)

Learn about your Community

Choosing a cause, find a need.

Spreading awareness, involve others

Encourage others to participate

Volunteer your time

Enhance the quality of life around you by helping others.

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