Why use our Speakers Bureau?

What is the Speakers Bureau of Canada?

Our services cost you nothing because we are compensated by our speakers. Our speakers are glad to pass the contractual, logistical and marketing work to us so they can concentrate on performing for you. We have agreements with each one of our speakers that ensures that the speaker fee you pay through the Speakers Bureau of Canada is the same as the speaker fee she/he charges when you contact them directly. Further, we can offer you a discount depending on the number of speakers you book through us for a conference.

Why Work With The Speakers Bureau of Canada?

You can find all kinds of speakers on the internet, right? Yes. But how good are they? Are they fitting to your event? We know that speakers can either make or break your event. Choosing the right speakers within your budget is daunting task. Whether you an employee or a volunteer of an organization or a professional meeting planner, we will make your job easier. We can do all the work for you and make you a star. We hope that these planning tools help you save time and money. We are here to support you.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada continuously screens the marketplace for the best and brightest new speakers so that we bring you only top performing eloquent experts. We try to personally audit each speaker and their presentations before becoming a member. The Speakers Bureau of Canada intimately knows what each of its speakers offers and how each will impact your audience. We recruit speakers that have three characteristics: Expertise, Eloquence and Authenticity.

We Go The “Extra Mile”

Our mission is to work closely with you to understand the desired effect that you want to achieve through each presentation. Our Bureau recommends the right speakers within your budget, while maintaining the high-quality presentations and getting you the results you need. We insist that our speakers talk to the conference organizer well before the event to tailor their presentation to meet and exceed audience expectations and aspirations.

We Are Not Limited To Our Bureau Members

We work collaboratively with other bureaus across Canada and the World to get you speakers. We have a stellar reputation in the industry. We have the experience, know-how, contacts and the research capability to get you any speaker you want. We Co-Broker deals with the right speakers and agents to guarantee the right presentation.

“Bang for Your Buck”

Any keynote speaker that is worth his/her salt also offers a corollary breakout session or workshop. Take advantage of this. You’re already paid for her/his travel and accommodation expenses; your speaker is there at your event, for little or nothing more we you can ask a speaker to:

  • Deliver a second practical workshop or breakout session on the topic covered in a keynote.
  • Ask your speaker to moderate a break-out session.
  • Offer the speaker to facilitate round table discussion with key staff, management or board members on a pertinent topic while they are there.
  • Prepare and deliver to your delegates an interactive follow-up webinar after the event.
  • Book more than one speaker through SBC for the same event and get a 5% discount on secondary speaker fees.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada Handles The Details, Saving You Time, Energy & Money When Hiring A Speaker

We attend to the logistical details of your event to make your life easier. The Speakers Bureau of Canada professionals are with you every step of the way:

  • From inception and theme development
  • Providing you with viable choices of speakers
  • Taking care of the administration of speaker contracts, including travel arrangements, AV needs, expenses and the speaker payment
  • To ensuring that speakers work directly with clients to prepare their presentation, and
  • Evaluation of the speaker, their presentation

We know you are busy; let us handle the details.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada Has A Distinctive Canadian Speakers’ Focus

Our focus is to connect Canadian audiences with Canadian speakers that share Canadian perspectives. The Speakers Bureau of Canada understands the regional differences within Canada. We represent Canada’s top keynote, workshop and Masters of Ceremonies. The passion, energy and emotion that these speakers bring will transform both personal and professional lives. Through their superior knowledge, experiences and insights, our speakers can redefine how we look at the world around us. We provide Canadian experts who will dramatically improve and impact the way individuals and organizations operate. Our speakers positively change businesses, organizations, associations, trade groups, professional groups, volunteers and individuals every time they make a presentation.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada Goes Beyond The Keynote Speaker

We work hard to lock in the learning for your team for the long term. Many agencies only book speakers for a one-hour keynote, while The Speakers Bureau of Canada offers you or your client a great follow up service. As mentioned in “Bang for Your Buck”, SBC can deliver tailored follow-up webinars, round table discussions and breakout sessions to give your audience members lasting impacts. We can work with you to develop a custom-tailored program to go deeper and truly transform your company or organization. We work with speakers to create package deals so that speakers can connect with your audiences and vice versa. Unlike other bureaus, we want our audiences to connect directly with the speaker after a presentation. We want to ensure that you or your client gets a full bang for your buck! Our speakers can provide your audience members with more information and even more insight on your chosen subject without SBC interference.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada Backs You Up

We handle any emergencies that may arise. If a speaker cannot show up, we provide an equal or better speaker to your group.

Speakers Bureau FAQ

The SBC speakers bureau FAQ answers all your questions about working with our team. We are transparent on our operations and what we do for you.

May I Book Speakers Through More Than One Speakers Bureau?

You are free to work with as many speakers’ bureaus as you wish. Sometimes using multiple bureaus can lead to confusion and wasted time. However, working with one bureau will save you more time and money over a long-term period. We work with other reputable bureaus to get you the right speakers. When we get to know your needs better, we are in a better position to provide you with flawless customer service and to recommend precisely the right speakers for your organization’s events.

If A Speaker Has An Exclusive Contract With A Given Speakers Bureau, Must I Book The Speaker With That Bureau?

Not necessarily. The Speakers Bureau of Canada can book just about any speaker for you, even if the speaker has an exclusive relationship with another bureau. Because we have extensive relationships throughout the industry, we can “co-broker” speakers with other bureaus at no expense to you.

Does It Cost Less To Hire The Speaker Directly, Rather Than Going Through A Speakers Bureau?

No. Speakers promise bureaus that the fees we quote are the same as those they quote clients directly.

Do Speaker Fee Include Expenses?

No. Some speakers do include travel expenses. Most speakers do not. You need to budget for the speaker’s round-trip airfare, vehicle rentals, ground transportation, hotel accommodation, meals during the speaker’s travel days.  Presentation day(s). AV requirements and handouts are also the responsibility of the client. Some celebrity speakers also charge additionally for autograph signing sessions and/or attending golf tournaments and/or receptions.

When Planning A conference, isn’t the speaker’s fee a good place to keep costs low?

No. The quality of your speakers will either break or make your event. The cost of a professional speaker is a small fraction of your total expense of putting on a conference. The enduring value of a superb keynote speaker and/or workshop is your most important consideration. Skimping on a speaker is fee can be a costly mistake.

What should I look for and expect from dealing with a reputable speakers’ bureau?

Sound, objective, impartial, unbiased professional advice on your choice of speakers and how to accomplish the desired outcomes for your audience members. SBC always offers you different speakers and different fee levels to ensure that you can stage your event within your limited budget. We will not advance you a speaker unless we are confident that he/she can fill your audience needs and aspirations.

Why Should I Use a speakers’ bureau Like The Speakers Bureau of Canada?

You should you use a bureau like SBC for the for the same reasons, you’d utilize a travel consultant, stockbroker or realtor. Hiring a speaker is a considerable investment for many organizations. Our consultants know the marketplace and can make your job easier by bringing you exactly what you need for your event, while avoiding the pitfalls. Our experience, and years of forming relationships throughout the industry, can help you get the most value for your money, and we’ll find the right speaker for your event. Our team will listen carefully to your needs, research availability, and identify the right speaker for you. We have speakers for every budget for most subjects and can even assist you in creative ways to find funding.

The Speakers Bureau of Canada as a stellar reputation. We were formerly known as the Speakers Bureau of Alberta©, established in 1999. We grew to become the largest speakers bureau in Western Canada and now we are the Speakers Bureau of Canada Inc. We have the experience, know–how, contacts and positive relations with speakers to better serve.

We Need a Speaker for Next Week’s Event! Is it Too Late?

No. We often field last-minute offers and have been known to place (or replace) a speaker at a moment’s notice.

Can’t I Just Contact a Speaker Directly?

In some cases, you can, in others not. Most top-name speakers only work through bureaus. Most speakers are also quite busy. Because we have good working relations with every one of our speakers, we can usually get answers from them on your behalf within 24 hours.

I’m Trying to Locate a Speaker Who is Not on Your Roster – Can You Book Them?

Yes! We have reciprocal arrangements and partner with many agencies to book speakers that do not appear on our website. We can also conduct research to locate and book a speaker for you. Just let us know if you have someone in mind, and we will secure them at the same fee as you would book them directly or through another bureau.

Do You Coordinate Travel Arrangements?

We can, but most speakers handle their own arrangements. If that is an issue for your organization, just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

My Boss Just Tasked Me with Finding a Speaker for an Upcoming Conference. I’ve Never Done This Before – What Should I Do?

Just call us or fill out the Request Information for Event form on our website. Getting in touch with our dedicated consultants to best understand your needs to help guide you through the process, step by step.

Do You Accept Pro-Bono Requests?

Generally, no. However, we do evaluate all proposals on a case-by-case basis and will gladly forward any reasonable requests to a speaker. If they accept your invitation, they will contact you directly. When requested, we will gladly arrange for a second “gratis” presentation to a local high school when/if the speakers’ schedule permits.

How to search and book for a keynote or workshop speaker for an event?

The Speakers Bureau of Canada will guide you through the process. We cover all aspects of each engagement with a comprehensive agreement covering speaker fees, travel and accommodation requirements AV Needs and all other details. Your agreement will contain contact information for the speaker to enable you to communicate with her/him before her/his presentation.