“I teach these skills in a way that guarantees behavioural change and ensures that the learning sticks.” Vanessa Judelman

Vanessa Judelman

Leadership Development, Human Resources and Intergenerational Workplace Expert

Vanessa Judelman is President of Mosaic People Development, consultant and a leadership expert. Through her HR background and business practice, Vanessa has developed a solid reputation for knowing what it takes to inspire great results in the new world of work. Her personal leadership experience allows her to intimately understand what leaders struggle with and the difficulties they encounter every day. She knows that leadership can be rewarding and understands that it can also be extremely stressful and challenging.

For this reason, Vanessa is dedicated to developing great leaders, building collaborative teams and giving leaders the tools they need to be happy and productive. For almost two decades, Vanessa has been developing her “secret sauce”. She knows that there is a science to developing leaders and has created a proven formula to develop results-oriented leaders who feel empowered and confident to do their job.

Whether keynote speaking, facilitating a group discussion or training, Vanessa Judelman’s programs have achieved strategic and successful change outcomes with organizations such as Motorola, Torstar Digital, Campbell’s Soup, the United Nations, Workopolis and Food Bank Canada. She is also a guest lecturer in the MBA program at Ted Rogers School of Management. Her fresh perspective on the world of work will challenge the misconceptions and myths often found in today’s workplaces.

It’s obvious that “old school” leadership is no longer working. A top down approach just doesn’t fly any more. People want their leaders to be authentic. People want their leaders to care about them. People want their leaders to help them to learn and grow. The bottom line is that people just want to be happy at work. Yes, it is that simple!

Vanessa Judelman will teach your audience how to become an effective leader, find the time to give feedback, coach their team and connect with them in a meaningful way. She will create a strategy to improve your team culture from unproductive to disengaged to productive and high-performing.

As a co-active, certified coach, Vanessa Judelman motivates teams and individuals to exceed their goals and her consulting experience and practice and regularly helps companies and organizations in Talent Management, Performance Management, Intergenerational Workforce, Succession Planning, and Learning and Development and Leadership. Judelman is noted as an expert in her industry and has been featured in the Globe and Mail and National Post.

Topic Presentations

The workplace is changing at an astonishing pace which requires a new kind of leader. Old business models are crumbling, and new ways of working are emerging. In this keynote, participants will learn the five key traits successful leaders are applying in the new world of work.

  • What is this new world of work?

  • How is it impacting leaders?

  • How can you navigate this environment successfully


How is the next generation is transforming the world of work? In this this presentation, Vanessa Judelman explores these issues and debunks common myths about the generations at work. Participants will watch Vanessa’s short film called Beyond the Digital Divide and then she will highlight and expand on the key points and tailor the message for your audience.

  • Are digital natives (millennials) lazy and entitled?

  • How are their perspectives impacting the world of work?

  • What can be done to bridge the growing gap between digital natives and digital immigrants (those not born into the digital era) at work?


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Mastering Leadership: What it Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast Paced World

If you are like most leaders out there, you are likely facing constant change, a heavy workload, high expectations to deliver results and the expectation to coach and develop your team. Mastering Leadership: What it Takes to Lead in Today’s Fast Paced World will provide you with the strategies you need to become an extraordinary leader, even under these conditions. This book is practical. You’ll hear countless stories of every day leaders who have applied her approach to achieve excellent results. Plus you’ll be able to assess your current leadership effectiveness as the book includes three assessments and an action plan. Vanessa Judelman also shares the wisdom of twelve executives who speak frankly about the challenging, yet fulfilling journey of mastering leadership.

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