“As a motivational speaker I am passionate about raising awareness about the importance of recognizing areas in life that could cause serious mental health issues. Social Media Anxiety Disorder may become the next diagnosed mental health disorder; it can cause anxiety and depression." - Wade Sorochan

Wade Sorochan

Award Winning Mental Health and Social Media Expert

Wade Sorochan is an accomplished Alberta broadcaster and national award winning speaker, author and mental health advocate recognized as Canada’s “Social Media Expert.” Wade first gained recognition for his pioneering impact on the #1 rated radio talk show and “Canada’s most unique radio talk show”: The Bill & Bill Show. Nicknamed “The Tone Arm”, Wade Sorochan became the first broadcaster in history to spontaneously use song clips to enhance a radio talk show. Wade went on to host his own popular radio and television talk shows in a career that has spanned four decades.

As a mental illness survivor, Wade Sorochan is a sought after speaker sharing his inspiring story of living with mental illness; being emotionally abused and abandoned as a child, experiencing five mental breakdowns, eventually hitting rock bottom, and how he is surviving and thriving with mental illness. Wade’s warm and friendly style and sense of humour creates an instant and genuine connection with his audiences.

Wade Sorochan is the author of the ground-breaking book Unsocial Media: Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety. The book reveals how social media can affect mental health. He is also the author of the book Fastest Tone Arm in the West: Chasing a Radio Dream. The book features entertaining stories from a successful radio career and inspiring story of surviving child abuse and mental illness.

Wade Sorochan’s Awards

  •   CAMH National Difference Makers Award , Recognizing 150 Leading difference makers for Canadian Mental Health
  •   Canada 150 in 150 Award , Recognizing 150 Inspiring Albertans

Wade Sorochan’s Media Coverage

  • The Toronto Star, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, CTV Edmonton, Global TV Edmonton, City TV Toronto,
  • CBC Radio Edmonton, CHED Radio Edmonton, CJOB Radio Winnipeg, News Talk 770 Calgary

Topic Presentations

Wade Sorochan shares his engaging and inspiring story about his lifelong struggle with anxiety and depression to help raise awareness about the serious impact mental illness has on individuals, families and society in general. Wade shares important mental health information and talks openly about his mental health struggles; being emotionally abused and abandoned as a child experiencing five mental breakdowns, eventually hitting rock bottom, and how he is living with mental illness.

Presentation outline:

  • Mental illness--Important facts

  • A survivors story

  • Understanding anxiety and depression

  • Suicide awareness

  • Breaking the stigma

  • Stress and mental health

  • Social media and mental health

  • Hope for those who are suffering and their loved ones

  • How to show support to a sufferer

  • 5 basic truths about mental illness

An informative and humorous presentation on the rise of Social Media Addiction causing an anxiety inducing fixation for "LIKES," FOLLOWERS" and "COMMENTS." Studies now show that social media can actually make you feel sad, anxious and depressed. Wade Sorochan shares the latest information on the effects of social media on mental health including; Symptoms of "Social media Anxiety Disorder," Screen Time and Bed TimeTexting Miscommunication Anxiety, Tips to Break Social Media  and Smartphone Addiction and More!

Remember that everything on the internet is traceable and leaves a “digital footprint.” According to Webopedia, a digital footprint is used to describe “the trail, traces or “footprints” that people leave online.” This is information transmitted online, such as forum registration, e-mails and attachments, uploading videos or digital images and any other form of transmission of information, all of which leaves traces of personal information about yourself available to others online. Wade will deliver practical solutions on how to stay safe online and remove risky behaviour from online habits.

Canada's social media expert and award winning speaker and author, Wade Sorochan, reveals how smartphones, with all they have to offer, have become the new drug of choice; causing mental, physical and relationship issues. Research now confirms that the addiction to smartphones, social media, and technology in general, is equivalent to the addiction to a drug like heroin. Wade provides important information on how to break the addiction before it becomes a serious mental health issue and causes major issues in a person's life

Canada's social media expert and award winning speaker and author, Wade Sorochan, reveals how social media can create an unhealthy obsession with self, which could lead to impatience, a lack of empathy, a need for instant gratification, and serious mental health issues. Wade is a national award winning speaker, author and mental health advocate who  shares important information on how to break the addiction before it turns into a serious mental health issue.

Sleep plays a vital role in good mental and physical health and well-being throughout your life. Wade will tell deliver practical insights on the importance of getting enough quality sleep at the right times to help any individuals mental health, physical health, quality of life and safety. The way you feel while you’re awake greatly depends on what happens while you’re sleeping. Studies show that screen time before bedtime can significantly affect both quantity and quality of sleep. It has been proven that exposure to light from computer tablets significantly lowers levels of the hormone melatonin, which plays a role in the sleep cycle regulating our biological clocks. Wade will present on the importance of getting a good nights rest and how sleep plays an important role in our productivity and health. Wade will offer practical solutions on chronic sleep deprivation health risks and factor practical solutions on how to improve proper sleeping habits and behaviours.

500,000 Canadians miss work every day due to mental health issues; a $50 billion dollar a year cost to the economy. Canada's leading mental health advocate, Wade Sorochan, shares important information on how to create a mentally healthy workplace which includes identifying symptoms personally and supporting co-workers and providing practical tools for employees and employers to deal with any issue effectively before it affects productivity and the bottom line.

Technology has made it easier than ever to access pornography. A simple online search can result in thousands of sexually explicit images and videos. Pornography addiction is much more common than most people think, and it is on the rise. Many marriages are in crisis or have ended because of pornography addiction. Wade will explain how the pornography industry portrays women as sex objects and how that impacts men, women and relationships. Wade will link the effects of Pornography addiction to mental health. He will introduce solutions for men and women to identify risky and behaviours linked with online behaviour in relation to pornography addiction.

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Unsocial Media

Unsocial Media; Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety

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