Allan Knight

Former Zen Monk turned Inner Fitness and Communication Coach

Allan Knight is a truly unique person with an extremely interesting and compelling background. He is a former Zen Monk who for the last 25 years has been a guide, mentor and coach helping people to speed up the process of achieving a deep level of inner freedom, inner confidence along with the ability to connect effectively with others both professionally and personally.

Both his parents died when he was in his teens and he himself came close to dying while travelling the world at the age of 22. It was a that time that he had a life changing experience coming close to death with a heat stroke while vacationing on the Mediterranean Sea. That was the wake up call he needed to seek out his more spiritual side.

Within a year of returning home he became a zen monk for a period of nine years where he discovered a spiritual side he had never known. He now longed to return to the normal world and integrate what he  learned into every area of modern life. He returned to university where he obtained hiss Masters Degree in Counselling psychology where his these was ‘ relationships with others is founded on the relationship we have with ourselves’ .

For the last 25 years he has guided and mentored thousands of individuals using his 9 step formula to help speed up peoples growth personally as well as I their communication skills. He is the creator of the Zen Zone Mindset training as well the Soulmate Revolution. He is the author of mind Gone Wild – finding freedom within the chaos as well as A Knight Without Armor – 9 step formula for success in work and life. He is a dynamic speaker, engaging and very down to earth.

Topic Presentations

  • Mind Gone Wild – finding freedom within the chaos

  • Leadership Begins Within

  • Overcoming Social Anxiety Forever

  • A Zen Approach to Challenging Times

  • Why Emotional Intimacy Should Precede Physical Intimacy

  • A Heart Centered Approach to Power and Influence

  • Leading Others by Managing Yourself

  • Turning Feelings of Loneliness Into Joyful Connectedness

  • How to Communicate with Clarity, Confidence and Impact

  • They Can Take Away My Physical Freedom But Not my Inner FreedomNOTE – in most cases my talks will include some content, humor but most especially practical take aways. These will include:Whats Holding You Back…its highly effective for people to see right in front of them where their strengths and weaknesses lie and we achieve that through a zen zone assessment exercise.

    They will get an overview of the 9 steps or secrets to mastering whatever communication or personal skills they are seeking to improve upon.

    We will do interactive role play scenarios like a 30-60 second personal intro in front of the group so I can give feedback on what worked well and how it can be improved.

    We set up different role play situations depending on the theme of the talk.

    We would do some practical exercises like listening fitness exercises o one of the 9 steps so they have an immediate take away, something they can implement in their lives right away.

    Q&A at the end.

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Vancouver, British Columbia


"Are you still struggling with finding or implementing your vision, in a world where everyone is trying to sell you on theirs? Are you tired of wasting money on motivational seminars that don’t deliver,and leave you feeling ‘bummed out’ a few days later? Do you find it difficult attracting and sustaining quality relationships, yet know in your heart you have lots to offer? Do you suffer from having a hyperactive mind that keeps you from staying focused and on track from achieving your goals,while watching less qualified people achieve more just because they can focus? Do you want to learn sure fire ways to eliminate the fear that’s holding you back from being a more authentic, confident and effective communicator?"


"Can you imagine how easy succeeding at business is when you know the ‘real desires’ of your potential new client? Can you imagine how easy succeeding with the opposite sex is when you understand their real feelings? What about dealing with your kids, your parents, even your parents-in-law? It took a cloistered Zen Monk to put this together, and boil it down to 9 simple steps that you can act on right away. That’s why Allan’s method has been called “Revolutionary in the Self Help Industry” You owe it to your family, your loved ones, and anyone who depends on you to take action now and start reading Mind Gone Wild – Finding Freedom Within the Chaos today!"

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