“Bring light to people's career and lives. How often has the inner critic stopped you from living your best life? I help individuals and companies move past woe to ROCKSTAR.” - Alnoor Damji

Alnoor Damji

Personality Dimensions, Teamwork, Communication and Productivity Expert

As an international lifestyle guru, Alnoor Damji aims to inspire, inform and intrigue the audience reach to greater heights in their career and life. Acclaimed career coach and workshop facilitator and coaching award winner, he loves life and ignites this passion in others through keynotes, workshops and coaching one-on-one or in teams.  Alnoor’s presentations are built upon a strong foundation of core beliefs: Diversity, Pluralism and Equality.

Peers and clients alike say that Alnoor Damji is thoughtful, creative, engaging facilitator that is very focused on a client or participant. He has an amazing ability to respectfully engage with people of very different experiences and perspectives including mature workers, newcomers and persons with diverse physical and developmental challenges. And to top it all off, he loves to laugh and use his humour to engage his audiences and make his sessions fun.

Alnoor Damji was awarded the Career Development Practitioner of the Yearby the Career Development Association of Alberta in2015. He is recipient of two Awards: 1) The Professional Business Service Award of the Okotoks Chamber of Commerce in 2012 and the Team Category, Business Service Award of the Okotoks Chamber of Commerce in 2011. Damji has a B. Management, Human Resources Major, University of Lethbridge, a Certificate, Living Life to The Full from the Canadian Mental Health Association of BC. He also an Associate, Retire to The Life You Design, Life Skills based on MBIT. Alnoo is also a Certified Personality Dimensions instructor.

Alnoor inspires individuals, teams and leaders to become more effective and productive at work and at home. He helps others gain set goals and gain focus to set out a plan to become who they want to be. Alnoor breaks down communication techniques and teaches audiences to deal with today’s diverse and fast pace workplace. Alnoor Damji provides practical and ready to use insights on how individuals and teams can improve productivity through effective communication and by fully understanding different personalities within any team environment.

Topic Presentations

For the first time in history, four generations are sharing the workplace. How can you successfully manage the diverse styles of the Traditional Traditionalists, Still-Baby Boomers, Xtra-Independents, Gen Xers and Tech-or-Die Gen Ys? The answer is crucial to your organization’s productivity and long-term strategic success.

In this keynote or workshop, Alnoor Damji, Calgary based, international speaker, trainer —shares expert insights into the four generations and their motivations, goals and communication styles. You will learn how organizations across a wide variety of industries are thriving with a multigenerational workforce. You will also gain specific, actionable strategies to manage your cross-generational challenges and turn your multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage.

Participants will:

  • Identify areas within the workplace where generational conflict occurs and discover how to meditate for success

  • Learn how to strengthen cross-generational communication

  • Develop specific strategies to leverage multigenerational opportunities


How can you successfully manage change?  Whether it’s starting a career, a career transition, refocusing or rebuilding a lifestyle or relationship initially we are motivated, excited and empowered. Over time, however, this momentum often fizzles and it feels like we are lost. In this presentation, Alnoor Damji, Calgary based, international speaker, trainer —shares expert insights into how incorporating change management skills will make you a legend in your career and your life.

Participants will:

  • Gain specific, actionable and accountable strategies to transform bad habits

  • Learn how to move beyond blaming behaviour

  • Acquire insights into how your individual strengths enhance team performance

One of the greatest challenges when mediating conflicts is helping parties to focus on the underlying needs, values and beliefs that form the foundation of the positions they have taken. Focusing on the underlying core interests can be a key step in identifying common ground for moving forward. Participants of a conflict resolution workshop will gain additional tools to facilitate positive interactions with others.

  • Identify their personal styles and how they and others respond to conflict

  • Appreciate the diverse ways individuals can experience and manage conflict

  • Examine barriers to conflict resolution

  • Learn to adapt to manage conflict in less than ideal situations.

Alnoor is a trained and accredited facilitator for Personality Dimensions (PD) workshops. PD is a human relations tool based on leading-edge research into human motivation and behaviour. PD helps to explain what motivates behaviour in people with different personalities.

Combine an introductory 3 hour workshop with either a Conflict Resolution or Team Building workshop to create an entire day of learning. In an ideal workplace, we would all understand each other and get along, however in reality we see things through our own lens. Temperament theory gives us the tools we need to understand the purpose behind behaviours. When we communicate, we have ‘triggers’ that can cause unwelcome behaviour, leaving us feeling uneasy and perhaps stressed. Take the introductory workshop to recognize your own unique blend of strengths and qualities, and to appreciate others’ differences and use your knowledge of self and others to improve interpersonal relations and teamwork.

Personality Dimensions workshops themes can include:

  • Leadership Development

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Career Building

Personality Dimensions' Learning outcomes always include:

  • Recognize the different ways people act and react when experiencing conflict

  • Increased teamwork

  • Mutual understanding of team members’ motivations, skills and shortcomings

  • Increased productivity in the workplace.

Project teams are becoming increasingly common, but it takes time to build a great team. Personality Dimensions® can facilitate effective communication and shared understanding of team goals and objectives, as well as necessary conditions for personal productivity. Employee engagement is the highlight of this team building workshop.

  • Your team will learn how synergies can make the team’s results greater than the sum of individual contributions

  • Your team will learn to recognize the strengths each person brings to the team

  • Your team will learn to adjust their style of communicating thereby improving efficiency and minimizing unproductive conflict.

Benefits to Organizations

  1. Improved work performance and productivity

  2. Effective teams

  3. Improved outlook toward change

  4. Enhanced cooperation and workplace relationships

  5. Improved morale and retention

  6. Improved critical judgment and decreased conflict

  7. Stress reduction / less sick leave

  8. Greater customer service and satisfaction.

Benefits to Individuals

  1. Heighten self-awareness and self-esteem

  2. Appreciate own strengths and qualities

  3. Understand strengths, motivations and behaviors of management and co-workers

  4. Improve interpersonal communications

  5. Appreciate differences and diversity

  6. Improve leadership/motivational skills

  7. Improve problem-solving abilities

  8. Heighten conflict management skills.

With increased life expectancy, the retirement landscape has changed with new and enriched potential. There is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach for planning for your golden years. What worked for your parents may not necessarily work for you, but there is a holistic approach to retirement that everyone should follow that accounts for more than just money. Retire to the Life You Love is a must for 45+-year-olds to get ready for the next chapter in life. In this workshop, audience members will explore the possibilities and define the direction you want to move in for a personally meaningful next chapter. You will focus on inspiration, clarity, and confidence will guide you as you learn how to make choices focused towards living an intentional life. Doing what is most joyful and important for YOU will become YOUR priority.


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