"I understand the communication challenges faced by healthcare professionals. My leadership training, which includes workshops, breakouts, and seminars is focused on participants becoming confident and competent using processes and strategies that create engagement, build credibility and generate positive working relationships." - Barb Langlois

Barb Langlois

Healthcare Workforce, Conflict Resolution and Communication Expert

Barb Langlois (RN, BSN, MSN) is a healthcare leadership and communication expert. She is known for fun, inspiring and pragmatic presentations that are full of usable take home tools and strategies. Barb uses her education, research and experience to deliver a passionate message filled with humour and insights that help you create powerful leadership choices.

Barb always planned to be a formal healthcare leader. She earned her bachelors and master’s degrees during her 30 years of nursing experience. She has worked in various sectors, including acute care, education (both in the hospital and university setting), and the community. As a nursing manager, she held a large portfolio, leading a community team of 500 employees serving 1700 clients. In her first year as a nursing manager, she was nominated for a prestigious “Above and Beyond” award for her leadership with teams.

To expand her leadership skills, Barb Langlois worked with international communication gurus and experts Barry Oshry and Gervase Bushe. She became certified in ‘Power and Systems’ and ‘Clear Leadership,’ respectively. Barb then coupled her leadership skills and abilities with her systems thinking and clear communication to assist leaders in their development and the development of their teams.

To encourage her own innovative thinking and to stimulate ideas, Barb Langlois also studied personal leadership. She engaged in some out-of-the-box activities that proved to her ‘anything’ is possible. These activities included breaking a cement cylinder with her bare hand (she has the video for proof), bending rebar with her throat and walking on fire 108 times in one night, to become a certified firewalking instructor. And most importantly, she did it without burning her toes! Completing these activities demonstrated to Barb, the power of what people are capable of, despite their limiting beliefs. Barb Langlois frequently uses this knowledge when working with leaders.

Barb Langlois has published leadership articles in nursing journals. In 2015 she had a series of five articles, published with the Canadian Nurse magazine which distributes to 140 000 nurses. The Series was called: SPEAK UP! With Barb Langlois. Barb has also written a book called “Seriously?? Me, too! 10 Power Strategies for Personal Success.”

Langlois brings value by educating and assisting emerging and middle level health care leaders on engaging their teams so their teams deliver their best service. She does that through keynote presentations, coaching, workshops, and articles.

“Incorporating 30 years of healthcare experience, I understand the communication challenges faced by healthcare professionals. My leadership training, which includes workshops, breakouts, and seminars is focused on participants becoming confident and competent using processes and strategies that create engagement, build credibility and generate positive working relationships. The prickly communication issues that can wreck havoc on a team are identified and resolved, nurses and other healthcare professionals learn how to speak and advocate so others’ listen and effective feedback becomes a natural communication tool. The result is a positive working environment where healthcare professionals are able to focus and deliver optimal care”.

Topic Presentations

Barb educates and coaches emerging and middle level healthcare leaders on improving their communication engagement so that they can create and sustain high functioning teams and results. She does that through speaking, workshops, articles and webinars. Barb’s humour and straight talk motivates audiences to take action to create results. Audiences are left entertained, inspired and confident they can make a positive difference.

If you ever find yourself:

  • Hesitating to take action (and seriously, who hasn’t sat on the fence?)

  • Focusing on past experiences (they’re powerful, aren’t they?)

  • Being caught up in the process but forgetting the patient (it’s hard to admit to that one!)

This tangible, humorous and inspiring keynote will spell out the exact strategies you need to get results in the healthcare setting. It doesn’t matter whether you are a manager, an informal leader or in direct care, these rules will work for you! For best results employ Barb to deliver both a keynote and a practical workshop for our event. She will tailor her presentations to suit our audience.

In this upbeat, highly interactive session, you will explore what it means to be an effective and engaged leader and learn the skills to be one. I will have you laughing out loud as you learn and practice powerful strategies and hands-on tools to ensure others connect with your message.

What Participants Come Away With:

  • Have more productive meetings

  • Speak with confidence and assurance

  • Enroll and influence others in a positive manner

  • Achieve improved results

Disengaged employees, hostile work environment, increased sick time and high turn over. There may not be a way to get around conflict in the workplace but there is certainly a way to get through that conflict.

What Participants Come Away With:

  • Identify potential problems before they evolve to conflict

  • Address recurring problems with one easy conversation

  • Confidently use language that promotes listening and understanding

  • Work more effectively with others

Struggling with gossip, negativity and a less-than-ideal work culture? Creating a great workplace where people enjoy coming to work takes specific tools and strategies. In this upbeat and engaging session you will learn how to create that environment.

What Participants Come Away With:

  • Know how to get clarity when disrespectful comments are made

  • Understand how to show appreciation to others

  • Establish clear boundaries

  • Use clear language in expressing what they want

Having to give feedback to a peer can be intimidating. What if they get defensive? And what if you give the wrong feedback? There’s a lot at stake when giving feedback so it’s wise to learn the most effective way to give it.

What Participants Come Away With:

  • 3 types of effective feedback

  • How to give appreciation that lasts

  • A process to effectively deal with defensiveness

  • Positive body language

  • A process to use when feedback goes badly

  • Ability to increase their confidence in 2 minutes

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