Bruce Lee

Productivity, Engagement and Accountability Expert.

Bruce Lee is an international event speaker, coach, MC and author. His passion is working with individuals and organizations by offering real solutions to their current challenges through high-value “what to do” content-rich information, an engaging style and real life situations that all audiences can relate to. The objective is to enhance leadership performance and individual productivity in order to improve bottom line results, increase market share and vital employee and customer loyalty and retention. This will create the culture you need where customers and staff do not want to leave. As a former business owner and with extensive experience gained through involvement in four businesses from a good cross section of industry; banking, credit, oil and gas, executive recruiting and a retail business, prior to becoming a professional speaker, Bruce brings a hands-on approach to measuring and maintaining employee satisfaction. Each presentation includes a variety of additional resources and tools designed to support the training and increase the skills which are important to everyone.

His keynotes and workshops are focussed on creating:
-PRODUCTIVITY: Doing the right activities at the right time with the correct resources. This starts at the strategic planning phase and goes through to time management and implementation of new ideas, strategies and deliverables.
-ENGAGEMENT: The effective education, motivation and buy in by management and employees to the organizations mission that ensures customer / patient / resident / members / vendors satisfaction and retention.
-ACCOUNTABILITY: Providing systems and check points and the communication tools to ensure the work gets done on time, every time.

Topic Presentations

Bad attitudes and behavior sabotages the performance of those it is directed at, destroys moral, lowers self-esteem and reduces teamwork and productivity. Learn the surprising causes of this and how to eliminate it.

Action, Power, Passion, Results! An inspired look at how to put the power of attitude and excellence to work for you in order to accelerate your company, your professional career and your personal life. It will touch on exactly what it is that separates the average performer from the superstar

This keynote addresses how to grow, sustain and maintain trust – an attribute that can make the difference between being successful, or not. Trust in the workplace and with your workforce  is a must for the customer (patient/resident) and prospects as your reputation depends on it. Learn who can be trusted, those who can’t and how to build trust in your employees.

An engaged workforce is not an option these days. This keynote will show you how to effectively engage and motivate employees that will be measureable by improved survey scores and retention levels by your patient, customer, resident and employees.

Tackle your #1 problem – lack of enough time! This combines the best of time management with the most critical templates along with the best attributes of leadership that focus on creating results. The bottom line - moving careers ahead by doing the right things at the right time.

This session will explain how to get all four generations working together. Understand why Generation Y is called the "Echo Generation" and how to bring out their intense loyalty and enthusiasm. Technology is key!

Most new employees in today’s companies are not job ready, and often times they have yet to develop the  entrepreneurial skills appropriate to the company’s environment. Learn how to identify, develop and grow  employees present and potential strengths. Turn good employees into great employees by high achievement through high expectations, trust and being constantly challenged.

How to remember everything, anytime, anywhere, forever! This includes the all-important skill of name retention and current and future ‘To-Do’ lists.

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Calgary, Alberta

Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge

Why Trust Me? provides practical and real-life examples of the power that being trustworthy generates, that advances careers, and that fast-tracks the development of the people you work with, manage or supervise. Trust is created by everything you say and do. Trust promotes honesty, transparency, and integrity by consistently doing the right thing every time, with everyone. Trust motivates, inspires, and builds relationships. It becomes the key that opens the doors of opportunity for you. Why Trust Me? will help you find your competitive edge by showing you how to increase your leadership skills, engage employees at all levels, and improve your reputation – creating the ultimate customer experience. Why Trust Me? shows you how to do all this — and so much more!

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