“I always thought you had to start your own project to make a difference in the world, but I realized that if someone else is doing something meaningful and effective, contributing your passions to that may lead to greater results ”- Carly Sotas

Carly Sotas

TEDx Speaker - Mental Health, Leadership, Courage and Growth Expert

Carly Sotas is an author and mental health activist dedicated to empowering the next generation of leaders. After publishing her first book at twenty, Carly Sotas began working with young empowerment and literacy organizations around the world. As an author and speaker, Carly believes that everyone has an important story to share. As a TEDx speaker and radio host, Sotas has inspired audiences around the world with her empowering message of encouragement and hope. At age 20, the challenges she faced with mental-health and social pressures led to the publication of her first book, Illusion, which empowers leaders to overcome failure and limitation.

Through her talks, she inspire young and mature leaders to recognize their ability to create positive change, regardless of their age, background, or status. Carly Sotas is passionate on helping organizations become more involved and in touch with their employees and their clients. She stresses the importance of self awareness, growth and the power of community to help create support for individuals at home and at work.

As a host and producer at CiTR 101.9FM, Vancouver, Carly Sotas shares leadership insights as she interviews top global leaders ranging from New York Times directors and bestselling authors, to the CEOs and founders of Starbucks and Forbes Media.  Sotas graduated from the University of British Columbia’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, where she received an Honours Bachelor of Environmental Design as a Loran Scholar. Having studied and worked with organizations around the world, she demonstrates how young leaders are redefining leadership and education.

Carly’s presentations focus on the roles that leaders have in helping others underneath them develop into strong, caring and empathetic individuals. She teaches the importance of self awareness and self growth in order to make a difference and create real change in ourselves and each other. Carly Sotas brings the audience to better understand themselves so that they feel empowered and ready to overcome any obstacle they might face. Her presentations are high energy and full of passion on how we can grow, achieve and become the person we want and need to be.

Topic Presentations

It takes only one idea to spark a movement and one small gesture of kindness to change someone’s life. Yet, how often do we overlook opportunities to become drivers of change? Drawing from her experience working with diverse teachers and leaders, Carly offers powerful strategies for influencing change as both a team member and leader. By leveraging individual strengths and reigniting a sense of purpose, this keynote demonstrates how to make a positive impact through your work and daily interactions. Whether you’re a young leader or an accomplished professional, you’ll be inspired to reach your highest leadership potential and make a meaningful difference in your workplace, school, and broader community.

What does it mean to be a leader? Leadership requires the courage to embark on new ventures and envision a future that does not yet exist; it demands the strength to step beyond uncertainty, discomfort, and fear. Join Carly as she explores what it takes to be a true leader and visionary in all aspects of life. As a twenty-two-year-old author who has lived in five different countries over the past five years, Sotas’ experience will inspire you to embrace new challenges and march forward without knowing where your path will lead. Whether you’re ready to publish your first book or travel the world, this keynote will give you powerful tools to live beyond fear and create the future you envision.

Making a positive impact and living with purpose takes more than big ideas and aspirations; it also takes the courage to overcome failure. In this motivational keynote, Carly Sotas discusses the importance of failure and explores what it takes to overcome obstacles when starting new projects. After publishing her first book at age 20, Sotas became the host and producer of Question Everything on CiTR Radio, where she interviewed global leaders about the failures they faced on their paths to success. Her global mindset and perspective as a millennial will empower your audience to achieve their vision, regardless of age, background, or status.

With the rise of technology and social media use among youth, educators today face unprecedented challenges addressing bullying and mental-health issues associated with online social platforms. As a mental-health activist with a certification in Mental Health First Aid, Carly Sotas shares the importance of transparent communication among youth and adults. Having served as a facilitator and board member of the University of British Columbia’s student-led mental health support group, Sotas delivers powerful strategies for strengthening open and honest communication across education institutions.

In a culture driven by image and success, being yourself and staying true to heart is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. As the author of Illusion: How Many Lies Are They Telling You?  Sotas explores what it takes to acknowledge your strengths and stay true to yourself despite the pressure to cave in to outside demands. She explains how each of us has the ability to make a positive impact by finding sharing the powerful stories and ideas inside us that are waiting to be told.

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How different is the version of ourselves we put on the cover for others to see from the person we are inside? "Photoshopping" doesn't just happen in magazines: it is a major part of how we live our lives. We cut away and conceal parts of who we are, while keeping the truth hidden inside. Sharing courageous stories of determination and personal growth, Carly Sotas uncovers lies about confidence and success while discussing her own struggles with self-esteem, fear, and failure. Instead of speaking as an authority or expert, she offers the perspective of a relatable twenty-year old, letting young people know they are not alone in the challenges they face and in their desire to live extraordinary lives.

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