Darren Lang

Stress Management, Resiliency and Productivity Expert

Darren Lang has lived his talk. Having gone through a major rut in his own life, everything he talks about are the tried and true tools he used to pick himself up and get back to feeling great. Throughout his career, Lang has shared his stress busting techniques to help thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations by sharing fun and powerful stories and ideas on how to take control of stress and stay more connected and balanced.

Darren Lang has a degree in Business Administration as well as an MBA. He is a professional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) for over 10 years and is also past president of the Saskatchewan chapter of CAPS. In addition, Darren has been a member of the Saskatchewan Association of Human Resources Professionals (SAHRP) for over eight years. For the past 21 years, he has worked with several different companies designing and conducting training sessions and in the last eight years, Darren Lang and his wife, Darci, have operated their own corporate speaking and training company, XL Enterprises.

Tired of working with a stressed team? Is your group suffering from burnout, apathy, absenteeism and health trouble? Stress can have a huge impact on your team, resulting in poor decision making, lackluster performance, stress leave and staff turnover. Darren Lang shares his own journey with stress and the tools that brought him back to feeling his best.

Topic Presentations

These days, the frantic pace of our personal and professional lives has got stress levels soaring. This intense stress actually starts to deplete us. It affects our ability to deal with and rebound from stress, getting many of us caught in a stress spiral. Your group will learn tools and techniques to help them get a handle on stress and feel happier and more productive at home and on the job.

Learning Outcomes:

  • To identify when your stress switch gets flipped and how manage it

  • How to become more stress resistant and less susceptible to big stress-related issues

  • Tools to reduce or even avoid getting stressed in any situation

  • How to take control of their stress and mood by learning to respond rather than react

  • To manage stress and avoid getting caught in a “stress spiral” of fatigue, anxiety and even depression

  • How to boost their body’s “good mood fluid” to think and feel your best


  • Team members are easier to work with, make better decisions and are more productive

  • Employees feel happier and less stressed at work and at home; having a positive impact on their most important relationships

  • Companies experience less casual sick leave, stress leave and turnover

  • All this improves your employees’ quality of life and your work environment, positively impacting your bottom line. (one employee on stress leave costs a company more than $17,000/year

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