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Innovation, Marketing, and Sales Expert

David Saxby is a former award-winning Creative Director and President of a leading Western Canadian marketing firm who has over 30 years of in-the-trenches marketing experience. A speaker, trainer and a sales and marketing consultant, he combines hard-learned lessons from his experiences in the marketing and advertising world. He brings his knowledge as a visionary business leader to each event and audience.

David Saxby’s presentations focus on innovative sales and marketing strategies. He delivers practical, thought-provoking and inspiring presentations. His message provides insight into how individuals and organizations can ignite innovation and achieve unparalleled success in their marketplace. As a result of his presentations, David Saxby shows clients how to find creative solutions for their business and teams. As a result, he identifies new sources of business through utilizing innovative marketing and sales approaches. David Saxby has traveled the globe delivering presentations to thousands of business people. His audiences range from front line teams to home-based entrepreneurs to senior executives and professionals. Because of his expertise, he has worked with wide range of industries. He brings practical solutions from his experience in working in multiple sectors to each presentation.

David Saxby’s success originates as a successful entrepreneur at the age of 23. He grew his first company from a one person studio to a full service advertising agency in less than two years. He followed that success in growing it into one of western Canada’s leading marketing communication firms through a major recession.

Saxby is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art & Design and the University of Calgary Haskayne Business School’s Business Owners Transition Program. He is a founding Board Member and Past-President of the Calgary Chapter of CAPS. He was also the Past National Director of CAPS (the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers). David Saxby is also a Past Chair of Small Business Week for the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.

Topic Presentations

In today's turbulent business environment systems and processes are critical to sustainability, but innovation is the spark that ignites strategic change and creates a competitive advantage.  During times of change your greatest asset is people… people with an innovative mindset and customer focused thinking. One of the biggest obstacles leaders face is resistance to change. Our role, as leaders is to create a safe and open environment where innovation thrives. To achieve this your people must feel comfortable talking about their concerns and sharing their ideas. Failure is accepted, lessons are learned, and solutions are implemented quickly. Innovative organizations recognize that game-changing ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. Innovative leaders encourage diversity and inclusion. They learn how to open lines of communication in a way that reduces resistance, breaks down barriers to change and helps their people be more innovative thinkers.

Being an effective leader means knowing how to identify and apply strategic thinking vs tactical thinking. Strategic thinking is process-oriented, being creative and future focused, with the aim to achieve long-term success. Tactical thinking is task-oriented focused on accomplishing daily tasks. Discover how to generate ideas easier and faster, engage your team’s talents and skills, and create innovative solutions to complex business challenges. Learn practical skills for dealing with change through developing innovative thinking.

 This presentation is applicable to change management, business development, sales and marketing, customer service, problem solving, process improvement and employee engagement.David can incorporate one or more of the following learning outcomes to create a customized presentation for your organization:

 The S.P.A.R.K. Formula:

  • Stimulating new thinking; strategies and techniques for leading the innovation process, seeing challenges with a fresh perspective and achieving practical results.; engaging every employee in the process of innovation, by fostering an inclusive attitude,

  • The Process of ideation – how our mind solves problems and ways to increase productivity,

  • Six essential skills, tools and techniques for creating new ideas and taking Action to implement the ideas,

  • How to work with the four different thinking styles to effectively engage our greatest Resources – people ensuring team members learn from mistakes and leverage the outcomes,

  • How to Keep Innovating even in challenging times by creating a “safe space” to inspire innovation, a workplace culture where your people are engaged, productive and confident.  Increase your staff retention and become the employer of choice.

Learn best practices, insights, strategies, techniques and principles, you can use immediately, to motivate your team, reduce costs, increase profitability and deliver exceptional customer service. Discover secrets from leading businesses in this content-rich presentation. Build stronger relationships, develop a better customer service culture and maximize value to create a positive experience for your customers.  Many organizations have a strategic vision to be “customer focused” but often struggle to create a customer-focused culture. Add to this with the challenge of working with multiple audiences, internally and externally.

For some businesses the customer service cycle-time is between several hours and a few days – a short time to create positive interactions.  Often, there is a breakdown in communication … as a result, there is a failure to create a genuine customer service culture. As business leaders you are tasked with educating your team (mindset), engaging them and helping them to understand the importance of their role (skill set) and inspiring them by making the purpose tangible and meaningful (motivation). David can incorporate one or more of the following learning outcomes to create a customized presentation for your organization:

 The S.P.A.R.K. Formula 

  • Service Culture – Build a sustainable customer service culture by improving communications within your organization and with your customers,

  • Power Up Your People – liberate your customer champions, create engagement and commitment, encourage positive attitudes, behaviors, values, beliefs and habits (mindset),

  • Add the Voice of the Customer – empower your people to deliver customer winning performance (motivation) walking the talk and saturating your organization with the voice of the customer,

  • Reinforce the vital importance of each team members role (skillset),

  • Keep Your Customers and Your People Loyal – Create a positive customer experience and customer loyalty – re-engage past customers, existing customers, members and stakeholders,

  • Develop customer service innovation, dealing with change and adapting to thrive in today’s market.

What do successful organizations do to inspire their sales teams to succeed with every customer contact? How do you motivate your sales team overcome their reluctance to cold call and increase their closing ratios? Understanding your customer’s needs is the foundation of every successful sales organization. Too often, inconsistent, ineffective, or inappropriate communication can hinder the sales process. Speaking with “One Voice” throughout your marketing and sales activities has never been so important.

The customer experience is needs to be consistent through every ‘touch point’. David reveals the secrets of how to master sales by making every sales contact an opportunity to create an unforgettable customer experience. He’ll show you and your team how to win customers through reinforcing a familiar message that motivates them to buy, to offer referrals and become loyal customers.

David delivers strategic, proven processes and practical tactics to ignite sales results. He will do a comprehensive assessment of your sales and marketing to help focus on key areas for improvements, to increase customer retention and generate more profit from each sale. David can incorporate one or more of the following learning outcomes to create a customized presentation for your organization:

The S.P.A.R.K. Formula:

  • Strategies for prospecting and qualifying new customers and re-engaging lost customers – traditional marketing and digital marketing campaigns, public relations, social media, word of mouth sales,

  • Preparation and execution of sales pitches and presentations; the “One voice” selling approach. Best practices for phone and electronic communication,

  • Assess your sales style, customer’s needs vs. wants, and adapt your approach  to the personality styles of buyers

  • Recognizing resistance; overcoming objections and confirming the sale,

  • Keeping customers loyal; creating an unforgettable customer experience; leadership strategies, team management and productivity,

  • Sales and marketing and customer service Innovation, dealing with change and adapting in today’s market.

How do successful marketers create “Brand” recognition in today’s over- communicated marketplace? What ‘actionable strategies’ do you need to develop promotions that ignite powerful responses with your customers? Many organizations have abandoned traditional forms of marketing, that have worked in the past, in favour of “Social Media” and have often failed to market themselves effectively. Powerful communication begins with a strategy. That strategy clearly articulates your value proposition throughout every customer touch point, whether it is direct marketing, advertising, public relations, sales or digital media.

Your brand symbolizes what your organization’s values are, who your customers are, and the value your offer to those customers. “Branding” is synonymous with words like leadership, reputation, integrity, customer loyalty as well as marketing and sales. If you can build a powerful brand you will have the beginnings of a successful marketing program. If you can’t, then all the fancy packaging, advertising, public relations and sales promotion, in the world, won’t help your company become an industry leader.

David reveals the secrets of market leaders in a no-holds-barred look at successful, and not-so-successful, branding efforts. Learn how you can leveraging the viral power of the internet integrating it with your current marketing tactics, to zap through the clutter and build deeper relationships with your customers. Master your marketing success using a proven formula for positioning any business to sell more… cost effectively. David can incorporate one or more of the following learning outcomes to create a customized presentation for your organization:

The S.P.A.R.K. Formula:

  • Strategies for building and sustaining a powerful brand – lessons from successful brand leaders. What a brand is, why it is important, the true value of a brand,

  • Positioning your brand in the mind of your customer– Five foundations for brand success. How you can turn everyone into a brand ambassador,

  • The Advantages of an integrated approach– combining advertising, public relations, sales, sales promotion, digital and social media

  • How to maximize Resourcestools and techniques: building a blueprint for success working with time, money and people more effectively

  • Five keys to Keeping Your Competitive Edge in a changing marketplace– becoming a customer centric organization to increase sales and create customer loyalty.

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