Denise Wozniak

Resilience, Overcoming Adversity and Trauma Expert

Denise Wozniak is a motivational and inspirational speaker who has been through incredibly tough times. Within a month, she was laid off her job with 30 other employees, found out that her six month old daughter had AIDS and that she, herself had also been infected with HIV. She became her daughter’s caregiver and her daughter died at home when she was just 9 months old in a time of immense stigma.

Denise Wozniak is passionate about inspiring and motivating others to be proactive and grow from trauma and stress. She will tell you the story of an incredibly difficult period in her life when she was told that her daughter and her were going to die, when everything seemed hopeless. She will tell you how she got through it and became better from it. Denise will teach you methods she used to break free from negative thinking and show you how to regain the vitality you used to have to move forward.

Denise Wozniak understands that people need to laugh and feel good when they work with challenges. She uses plenty of humour throughout her presentations. Humans are capable of considerable RESILIENCE.  You are stronger than you think and you have the capability to build A NEW WAY OF THINKING. Despite all of this, Denise Wozniak feels she has become more resilient and has even experienced growth which she now inspires others with through stories and laughter. Denise went on to speak at many venues in an effort to raise awareness of children with AIDS and was given the Queen’s Jubilee Gold and Diamond medals for her work.

Denise looks at issues such as burn out, stress and worry and gives practical solutions for her audience to use in their every day lives. Denise interacts with audiences to demonstrate life can be fun, full of laughter and they too can look at the world with a new attitude. Popular with media and has appeared on CBC, CTV and in Canada’s national paper, the Globe and Mail, as well as the Vancouver Sun. Denise Wozniak is also a Certified World Class Speaking Coach.

Topic Presentations

Stress and trauma have been shown to decrease productivity, negatively affect careers, sidetrack leadership and challenge teamwork.

Denise Wozniak and her 6 month old daughter, Katie were diagnosed with HIV in 1994. Denise discovered she had been infected in 1989. Katie died at 9 months, leaving Denise feeling shocked, isolated and depressed. She knew she had to let families know that this could happen to them too. After starting a Society for children with HIV/AIDS, Denise made a comeback which was nothing short of extraordinary and through stories and personal anecdotes, she imparts a clear and hopeful message that we can grow from our greatest adversities.

Denise's photography, humour and audience interaction inspires people to have determination, resilience and grit in times of trauma and uncertainty. She talks about thankfulness, accountability, the futility and hollowness of carrying blame of others and the liberation that results from letting go.

At the end of this presentation, audience members will leave with happiness in the knowledge they have learned practical solutions and proactive steps, as well as memorable methods to promote resilience, conquer negativity and progress to powerful thinking.

Denise's greatest fear was speaking in public.  She worked in Human Resources and her work called for her to speak to employees, managers and partners.  In addition, she was an event organizer and being able to speak clearly and confidently was imperative.

Denise faced chronic trauma in her life when she found that she and her daughter had been infected with HIV. She had to decide whether to conquer her terror of public speaking by speaking out in an effort to speak up about stigma and HIV.

After ten years of facing her greatest fear, Denise realized that speaking had become a passion and trained formally to become a master of public speaking.  Denise earned the accreditation of Certified World Class Speaking Coach.

Denise will work with you to improve your speaking and presenting as well as giving you tips on how to handle media interviews. She will show you how important it is to use your vocal and listening skills.

Denise Wozniak tells fascinating stories about finding out her diagnosis, being a woman living with a terminal illness and with chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

She explains the side effects of medication, the combination of a mountain of meds and their interactions with one another, and how she dealt with depression and solitude from living with a stigmatized illness.

Denise was awarded the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Gold and Diamond medals for her work with children and HIV and her openness about the disease in an effort to educate others.

Denise Wozniak will show you how her photography refocused her mind onto the beauty of life and how it gave her freedom from her past.

Leave Stress Behind, Have a backbone not a wishbone.

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