Dr. Zina Suissa

Dr. Zina Suissa with a diversified background as a psychologist, executive coach, professor, and speaker inspires and motivates people to find their own unique perspective on developing both personally and professionally.

Dr. Zina Suissa is the President of Resonance Executive and Team Coaching. Being a psychologist, executive coach, professor, and speaker has provided her with a diversified background which has benefitted her clients, students, organizations and speaking engagements. Bringing her many years of significant accomplishments has enabled her to provide unique perspectives on personal and professional development.

When working with executives and leaders, she works on accelerating development in relation to emotional intelligence and emotional agility, strengths and weaknesses, and the facility to deal more effectively with change and conflict. She challenges clients with new insights in order to inspire peak performance. In addition, Dr. Suissa is versed in many theories and able to impart this knowledge through speaking engagements. Dr. Zina Suissa has interviewed many thought leaders (all authors) in areas of employee engagement, emotional agility, coaching skills for managers, motivation, leadership, hope, forgiveness, and many other areas.

These interviews are posted on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook under Resonance Executive and Team Coaching. She also has provided some teaching segments (Bite-Size Learning) also posted on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook under Resonance Executive and Team Coaching. Her Tedx (McGill) on Courage and Convictions was drawn from her own life and the desire to inspire and motivate others to face their fears and cultivate their courage. Her belief is that it takes courage to conquer but it takes conviction to succeed.

Topic Presentations

During this time of crisis (COVID-19), leaders do not have to detach from the hope that the world will “reset” to a new normal. One measure of control that we do have is to maintain a hope mindset. Hope is the one mindset that will help us face difficulty in a time of crisis. This talk will focus on how leaders can illustrate a hope mindset by integrating leadership qualities – trust, compassionate, hope, resilience, and curiosity.

Key Takeaways

  • As a leader, do you have the trust of your administration, staff and employees that will demonstrate an ability to address unanticipated actions?

  • Compassion as the hidden heart of strategic success and the heart of leadership

  • Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. Resilience is not a fixed trait, it can be developed (American Psychological Association). How can a leader build resilience?

  • Curiosity can be learned but it must be intentional (Schmittlein, Dean of M.I. Sloan School of Management).

Willpower is the ability to do what you really want to do when part of you really doesn’t want to do it. Human experiences conflict between impulse and self-control in personal and social contexts. This talk will focus on willpower as the engine of self-control, the ability to manage thoughts and emotions.

Key Takeaways

  • Remover barriers that compromise optimal performance create

  • Identify how you can be in the moment, connected to the power of “now” even under stress

  • inspire yourself with how you can be resolute in achieving long-term goals by strengthening the willpower muscle

  • learn about the habits of people who have strong determination and willpower

Are you aware of how to influence without manipulation? How can you get others to make the right decision? In this talk, we will examine sources of power and its impact on influence and how you can leverage your strongest power base to influence others.

Key Takeaways

  • Differentiate between influence, persuasion, and, manipulation

  • Empower your thinking by examining your beliefs and values

  • Communication style in helping or hindering influence goals

  • Being sensitive to cues in addressing emotions

  • How to be influential and manage aggression

  • Framing difficult issues in ways that promote collaboration

  • Craft compelling messages that inspire, influence, persuade

Do you find yourself losing emotional self-control and then have difficulty bringing yourself back to a state of calm? Are you aware of the triggers for these disruptive emotions? This talk will focus on emotions as an intrinsic part of our biological makeup and how through self-regulation, we can have the ability to manage and control our emotions.

Key Takeaways

  • Come to terms with emotional debt by labelling emotions

  • Recognize that negative emotions may be the key to wellbeing

  • Learn coping strategies and techniques in order to avoid overreacting in overcharged situations

  • Reframe outbursts by challenging our thoughts

  • Recognize how self-regulation can improve performance and Positivity

  • Mobilize yourself from emotional manipulators

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