LIVE APPEARANCE EVENT PROCESS – Thank you for coordinating with us thus far. The following information is set to outline and guide you and your team in confirming the process, expectations, and next steps. Please read over the following information to ensure you are aware of our next steps and guidelines in collaborating with our speaker(s) and us.

AGREEMENT, PAYMENT PROCESS, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY & RECORDINGS – All processes can be referenced in the following link:

TRAVEL EXPENSES – Speaker(s) prefer and sometimes demand a “Travel Buy-Out” based on an agreed-upon flat fee. Travel Buy Out rates are calculated to purchase and cover all travel costs associated with the engagement.

Depending on the event and the audience, if the event is taking place at a hotel, they request to stay at a neighboring hotel so that they can leave and depart the facility without interruption. They have experienced challenges at in-person events in the past, in which they were forced to restrain their activities to their room due to their popularity with attendees.

Please visit this link to learn more about our current travel policies and costs:




MEDIA & AMAZING RACE CANADA – No organization is permitted to utilize the Amazing Race logos, language, or images/videos to promote the event. No organization can structure an event surrounding the Amazing Race Canada and use the Amazing Race as the event name.

  • The speaker(s) cannot speak to anything about the Amazing Race Canada’s production, cast members, or trade secrets outside of their participation and their experience with televised content.
  • They are able to reference personal experiences regarding their journeys, SBC and the couple are only able to mention their participation and/or that they won the Amazing Race Canada season 7.
  • Amazing Race Canada has not released any pictures or videos of their content and we are not permitted to use their photos from their appearance on the show.
  • Quick mentions of them winning, their accomplishments, and their appearance on the Amazing Race are welcomed.
  • We have offered the name, the Amazing Couple which we find is a nice addition to their participation on the show and is outside of the copyright/reproduction constraints by Bell Media.

MEDIA REQUESTS – SBC must be notified if there will be media attending the event and seek written approval for interactions, summaries, or articles which include the speaker(s).

  • It is recommended that all questions and discussion themes are related to their involvement with Indigenous & LGBTQ2S+ topics and/or the event.
  • All media requests must be sent and confirmed through SBC and the speaker(s) otherwise they will decline the approval and interactive opportunity.
  • In all cases, media requests must be approved by SBC, the speaker(s), and potentially external media companies depending on if they are subject to conditions within the ongoing Agreement.


DISCOVERY CALLS – The purpose of the discovery call is to outline the event theme, topic themes, desired learning outcomes, speaker home/studio setup, technical requirements, virtual software, audience information, outstanding deliverables, deliverable dates/deadlines, and schedule future meetings. It is also recommended to confirm the virtual rehearsal time, session duration, and Q&A duration. They will also want to go over the background of the event and your organization.

  • Speaker(s) will attend one (1) discovery call within 30 days of the engagement.
  • It is a standard that our speaker(s) research, customize, and tailor their presentations for your group.
  • It is important for organizers to have a final meeting before and after you connect with the speaker, to ensure full alignment with the speaker and the content of the session. Learning outcomes, topic themes, and honorable mentions should be clearly identified, explored, or requested during the call.
  • We encourage organizers to invite any team members, decision-makers, or executives to participate in the call.
  • Be prepared to provide the speaker with any names/titles of any other call in the connection email.
  • Please also discuss and outline any important deliverables and deliverable dates for any handouts, workbooks, or materials that will be required for the session.
  • Be prepared to provide the speaker with the contact information of your team members involved in planning or delivering the event.

CONTACTING THE SPEAKER(S) – Due to the speaker(s) dynamic schedules, they have provided us with a unique process to connect with them leading up to each event. If you send them an email, it will more than likely not register or be responded to since they have provided us with the following process.

  • If you have attempted to contact the speaker(s) 3 times within a 7–14-day period, please contact SBC and we will assist you to make sure they respond in a timely manner.
  • If you have not received a response through either Text or WhatsApp after two attempts, it is recommended to place a call and leave a voicemail on either or both of their telephones and place one more message to each of them.
  • If your event is coming up within 14 -21 days and you have yet to connect with the speaker(s), please contact SBC.
  • The speaker(s) are both still working full time while managing our requests. It is our role to keep up with them and their busy schedules.
  • This is not our process with each speaker and is unique to this specific speaker(s) and their schedules.
  • We hope that organizers understand that no response to your attempt to contact them has no part or action that they are not aware of your event.

PREFERRED METHOD OF CONTACT – The speaker(s) prefer that all quick communications with them be done through WhatsApp and Text. This includes scheduling times to connect for the discovery call/first test run and changes to times/dates for upcoming meetings.

  • WhatsApp or Text can also be used for quick confirmations or small updates regarding the logistics of the event.
  • If possible, it is recommended that all correspondences are done through WhatsApp as the platform has a lot of organizational and useful functions that enable the couple to stay organized and adhere to each request.
  • If WhatsApp is not available, Text messaging will be the first alternative.
  • Their emails are only utilized for calendar invitations.
  • Please also keep in mind that they are in Mountain Time (MT) Time Zone.
  • If you are able to accommodate their schedule and can be available before or after MT business hours, you should be able to connect with them more quickly.

CONTACTING THE COUPLE (STRATEGY) – Due to the speaker(s) dynamic schedules, they will only respond to requests to connect with them for events that are taking place within 30 days of the engagement. Since they are often speaking more than fifteen times a month, the speaker(s) must strategically prioritize each event and conversation with each organization.


  • We suggest placing a message through WhatsApp or Text to both speaker(s) or the speaker you are working with if they are presenting as individuals. Anthony is a little less busy than James, however, it depends on each day and their other commitments.

Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays are less busy for the speaker(s). For best results, please message the speaker(s) between the following times Monday to Saturday.

  • 5:00AM – 7:00AM MT
  • 11:00PM – 1:00PM MT
  • 4:00PM – 7:00PM MT
  • We suggest placing the second attempt to message the speaker(s) 48-72 hours after placing the first message and following the same format as (1)
  • We suggest calling James and leaving a telephone message and then following up the same as (1) + (2). In the third message please mention that if you do not hear back from them, you will let SBC know so that we can support their response and get you connected.

CONTENT OF WHATSAPP, TEXT MESSAGES, OR VOICEMAILS – Each message should contain the following information until you have established contact with them:

  • If it is urgent that you connect with them as soon as possible, mention it in your introduction.
  • If you have tried to reach out previously (indicating when that was.

Host Organization Name:
Event Date:
Event Name:
Main Organizer Name:
Main Organizer Phone:
Main Organizer Email:
Meeting Time Options:
1) Month/Day/Time/Time Zone
2) Month/Day/Time/Time Zone
3) Month/Day/Time/Time Zone

  • If you have confirmed a meeting with them, please create the virtual link and calendar invite
  • Please also Follow up with a Text letting them know it has been confirmed.
  • Please also include and we will enter it into their calendar as a back up.


AT THE EVENT – It is important that we have the A/V representative contact and assign an onsite contact for the speaker(s), and the contact for any other person involved with the planning and coordinating the event with the speaker(s).

  • All our speaker(s) request that they have time to meet with the A/V representative to test their setup prior to speaking on the day of the event. If available, it is always great to have a host/representative responsible to escort the speaker while on-site so they can familiarize themselves with the facilities, attendees, and the organization.
  • The speaker(s) will also commit to networking, mealtimes, and breaks to make themselves available to you at the event unless they are on a tight schedule and must fly or depart quickly for another commitment or event.
  • We recommend bringing any special requests up with the speaker in your conversations with them to ensure they are aware of any of your requests and to see if they can commit.
  • Speaker(s) also enjoys sitting with other speaker(s), leaders, event planners, and program leaders during meals, which gives the opportunity to strategically discuss topics related to their presentation, the event, or the organization to expand learning before or after the session.
  • It is recommended that the personal escort or on-site contact discuss and provide the meals separately than the other attendees to make sure the speaker(s) eat.


Dr. James Makokis Dietary Restrictions:
Wild Meat if possible (Dairy, Eggs, or Fish) – No Pork, beef, or chicken

Anthony Johnson Dietary Restrictions:
Wild meat if possible – (Dairy, Eggs, or Fish) No shrimp no Pork

MEET & GREET SESSIONS – It is important to consider the timeslot you have allocated for them within the program so that attendees after their session do not interrupt the next session or speaker. It is common for attendees wanting to interact with the speaker(s) directly after the presentation. The best way to avoid this is to have a scheduled Meet & Greet with the speaker(s) after the session.

  • There are no charges for Meet & Greet sessions, however, the speaker(s) must confirm their availability and participation with you in the discovery call. Meet & Greet sessions can only be attended by the speaker(s) if they have no previous virtual or meeting commitments after the presentation.
  • For the Meet & Greet session, it is recommended there is a specific time and location provided by the host organization which will take place at a strategically selected time so that it does not interrupt the program.
  • They require a small break for decompressing and a washroom break between the presentation and the Meet & Greet (5-15 minutes.)
  • It is also recommended that the host organization provides a specific representative to escort them to the Meet & Greet session and administer the Meet & Greet line for attendees. It is recommended that attendees line up in a single file and have the host’s representative administer and manage the line.
  • They also hope for the host representative to encourage each attendee to hand sanitize before and after interacting with the speaker(s) and to have their cameras ready. They also request that the host representative encourage attendees to limit their time to one to two minutes per attendee.
  • It is welcome that the host organization set up/provide specific backdrops or banners with the event or organization’s name on them for photos. At the Meet & Greet session, they requested to have a table, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and one large jug of water with an extra glass for the host representative.


TOPIC DESCRIPTIONS & PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS – We are providing you with their short biographies below, current approved images and their information from our website.

  • The speaker(s) uses a creative process leading up to each event, often requesting input from Elders and community members that may provide ideas or contribute with stories, history, and knowledge that will be included in the session.
  • Their creative process is started after the discovery call and usually does not end until the day of the event. This limits the ability to provide customized topic descriptions for the promotion of the event.
  • SBC and our speaker permit you to use and edit any of the current topic descriptions from their profiles on our website to draft a short topic description to promote the event.
  • If you must receive slides for translation purposes, you must contact SBC and let us know ASAP as we must request to learn if the speaker(s) can accommodate the request.
  • During the event discovery call, you may edit the topic description you have selected to complement the outcomes of the topic themes identified, confirmed, and discussed on the call.
  • The speaker(s) have challenges submitting slides before their presentation. On average, slides are submitted within 2 days of each event.
  • They DO NOT submit slides after the presentation as it is treated as the intellectual property of the speaker(s).

Anthony Johnson and Dr. James Makokis became the first Two-Spirit team to compete in the Amazing Race Canada and received national attention for their participation in the show while bringing new awareness to gender, sexuality, and First Nation issues. They fought hard challenge after challenge and eventually became the winners of Season 7! They are both now speaking across Canada sharing the stories of their experience on the Amazing Race, their work in the community, their work in their advocacy, and their careers.

Although quite the Amazing Couple, they both possess distinctive skillsets and personal experiences. They will strategically blend their personal experiences with the experiences they have had as a couple along with the experiences and history of their people. Through raising awareness, the couple shares insights on what we can do to support their advocacy, and the roles and responsibilities we have in changing the outcomes for those who face discrimination. They are on a mission to gather allies around the world in support of equal access and treatment for individuals they represent.

We will send the PDF for their profile after executing the agreement. Profile:

Dr. James Makokis is a Nehiyô (Neh-hee-yo) two-spirit physician from the Onihcikiskapowinihk (Saddle Lake Cree Nation) in Treaty Number Six Territory. He practices Family Medicine in Kinokamasihk (Kih-no-kum-a-sick) Cree Nation in northeastern Alberta and has a transgender health-focused practice in South Edmonton. He was the inaugural Medical Director at Shkaabe Makwa (Shkaa-bay Muh-kwa) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto – the first Indigenous health center designed to lead systems’ transformation in Indigenous mental health across the country. He is also an Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta.

In 2019, Dr. Makokis competed alongside his husband Anthony Johnson as “Team Ahkameyimok” (Ah-ka-may-mook) (Never Give Up in the Cree Language) on the Amazing Race Canada and won, becoming the first two-spirit, Indigenous, married couple in the world to do so. In 2020 Dr. Makokis was named one of the 30 most powerful physicians in the country by The Medical Post but believes power is a concept that should be shared amongst others. Dr. Makokis is a regular guest on the Marilyn Denis Show and a commentator in the media. Dr. Makokis is passionate about revitalizing the Nehiyô medical system, educating people about Treaty, and working toward the vision of Turtle Island, which is to live together in peace and friendship.

We will send the PDF for their profile after executing the agreement. Profile:

E: (calendar invitations only)
P: 587.990.5683

Anthony Johnson, a self-proclaimed spiritual nomad, is an artist, poet, photographer, cultural documentarian, public speaker, and strategic analyst whose mission in life is to explore the beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants. A proud Dine (Navajo) man who was born and raised in the Navajo Nation, he is lived in many cities across Turtle Island and even had a short stint in Shanghai, China. After graduating from Harvard University in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Anthropology of East Asia, he has worked in the tech industry, fashion world, and project consulting.

His move to Treaty 6 Territory in Edmonton, Alberta marked the beginning of the newest chapter in his life when he wed his husband, Dr. James Makokis, while running the BMO Harris Vancouver Marathon in 2017. Canada, and the world, we are introduced to the couple when they competed in and won Season 7 of The Amazing Race Canada. Anthony currently works as a Project Coordinator in Kehewin Cree Nation where he is helping to revitalize Traditional Cree birthing practices, medicines, and ceremonies as they relate to the Cree 7 Stages of Life philosophy. He is an aspiring filmmaker who believes in the power of stories to bring healing.

We will send the PDF for their profile after executing the agreement. Profile:

E: (calendar invitations only)
P: 587.937.2057



We are pleased to have with us two of the nations leading Indigenous and lgbtq2s+ advocates, Anthony Johnson, dr. James Makokis. Dr. James Makokis and Anthony Johnson are the first two-spirit couple to have made it on Canadian television gaining national recognition for their participation in the amazing race in Canada. During the show, they fought hard, overcoming challenge after challenge, pushing their limits, and uncovering new understandings of themselves and one another. They were able to work with one another in synergy and created lifelong bonds with other teammates, all while reaching the final and becoming the winners of the Amazing Race Canada season 7!

Winning was only a part of their journey, as they used their appearance to raise awareness for two-spirit and gender inclusion. They also took the opportunity to dedicate their participation in the show to advocating for the rights and social movements to create new outcomes for Indigenous peoples. They are both now speaking across Canada sharing the stories of their experience while continuing to raise awareness and advocate for first nation and LGBTQ2S+ individuals.


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