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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker that can draft a customized presentation for your audience on different topic themes? Maybe you are looking for an inspirational woman who presents on communications or business strategy. Maybe you want to combine an athlete with a topic Our efficient and powerful advanced search tool below assists organizers to combine speaker types + speaker topics + speaker locations + areas of expertise so that you can filter your results and narrow your search to find the perfect speaker for your event. You can always go back and restart your search and it is a fun tool to play with as we have set in our speakers to reflect their dynamic ability to customize and tailor a presentation for your group.

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    Kathy Macdonald

    Cyber Security, Online Safety and Fraud Prevention Expert

    Warren Macdonald

    Disabled Mountain Climber - Leadership, Agility & Change Expert

    Monique MacKinnon

    Leadership, Employee Management, Workplace Culture and Change Specialist

    Dr. Greg MacLuckie

    Inspirational, Health and Wellness Expert

    Sinclair MacRae

    Trust, Values and Ethics Speaker

    Tod Maffin

    Digital Marketing Strategist - Futurist & Human Workplace

    Tim Magwood

    Leadership, Innovation, Change and Workplace Culture Expert

    Shamena Maharaj

    Happiness & Mindfulness, Personal Change & Resilience and Emotional Intelligence Expert

    Dr. James Makokis

    Two Spirit Doctor - LGBTQ2S, Indigenous, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

    Dr. Patricia Makokis

    First Nation & Indigenous Expert

    Janice Makokis

    Indigenous legal scholar Rights Advocate and Consultant

    Sophie Jama Malindi

    International Keynote & Women Empowerment Leader

    Alan Mallory

    Mountain Climber - Leadership, Change, Teamwork & Communication Expert

    Elizabeth Manley

    Olympic and World Silver Medalist

    Vik Maraj

    Leadership, Communications, Team Building and Transformation Expert

    Katie Mares

    Marketing, Branding and Customer Service Expert

    Lesra Martin

    Lawyer & Advocate - Systematic Racism & Discrimination Expert

    Jeff A. D. Martin

    BLM - Racial Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Expert

    Sylvia Marusyk

    Injury Prevention, Occupational Therapist, Stress Management Expert

    Gair Maxwell

    TEC Canada "Speaker of the Year" - Reinvention, Innovation, Business Growth and Branding Expert

    Ian McCormack

    Providing guidance, advice, capacity and independence to organizations

    Lanny McDonald

    Stanley Cup & Olympic Champion, Philanthropist and Leadership Expert

    Gary McDougall

    Conflict Resolution, Communication and Negotiation Expert

    Sandy McIntosh

    An authentic C-suite executive &thought leader committed to driving positive change in the workplace

    Gabe Mederos

    Senior Marketing and Communications Expert

    Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte

    Business Strategy Expert - Branding, Marketing, & Customer Service Expert

    Dr. Miguna Miguna

    Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate & Political Activist

    Trisha Miltimore

    Relational Leadership Expert, Team Engager and Passion Igniter.

    Curt Minard

    Paralympian Snowboarder, National Standing Amputee Hockey Athlete, Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Tomi Mitchell

    Board-Certified Family Physician and Mental Health & Wellness Coach

    Richard Monette

    Strategic Leadership and Performance Enhancement Expert

    Paula Morand

    Entrepreneur, Sales, Leadership and Communication Expert

    Lavender Morantz

    Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Founder and Leadership Expert

    Marc Andre Morel

    Adaptation & Collaboration Specialist, Change Manager, Leadership Speaker, And Performance Expert

    Benjamin Morgan

    Crisis Management Strategist - High Pressure, High Stakes & Risk Management Communications Expert

    Patricia Morgan

    Resiliency, Happiness and Seniors Expert

    Tom Morin

    Leadership in Critical Moments and Meaningful Work Expert

    Shannon Moroney

    Resilience, Restorative Justice and Violence against Women Expert

    Parth Mukherjee

    Global Affairs, Public Policy, Economic Markets & Project Management Expert
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