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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker that can draft a customized presentation for your audience on different topic themes? Maybe you are looking for an inspirational woman who presents on communications or business strategy. Maybe you want to combine an athlete with a topic Our efficient and powerful advanced search tool below assists organizers to combine speaker types + speaker topics + speaker locations + areas of expertise so that you can filter your results and narrow your search to find the perfect speaker for your event. You can always go back and restart your search and it is a fun tool to play with as we have set in our speakers to reflect their dynamic ability to customize and tailor a presentation for your group.

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    Jackie Rainforth

    ‘THE RAINMAKER’ B2B Sales Expert/Trainer, Author, Media Host, International Speaker

    Satyen Raja

    Business Leader and corporate culture transformation Expert

    Suzanne Raja

    Feminine Embodiment, Empowerment and Relationship Expert

    Michelle Ray

    Leadership, Management, Change, Workplace Culture and Influence Expert

    Georgette Reed

    Former Olympian - Health and Wellness, Mental Health and Productivity Expert

    Joe Roberts

    The "Skid Row CEO" - Leadership, Overcoming Adversity, Change Expert

    Eddy Robinson

    Indigenous Artist, Activist & Educator

    Adam Rodricks

    Canada's Top Social Media Strategist & Digital Marketing Expert

    Michael Rogers

    Futurist, Technology, Media and Trend Forecasting Expert

    Ruggero Romano

    Documentarian & Homelessness Expert

    Monica Rovers

    International Relations Professional

    Natasha B. Russell

    Leadership, Confidence Communications and Public Relations Expert
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