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Are you looking for a dynamic speaker that can draft a customized presentation for your audience on different topic themes? Maybe you are looking for an inspirational woman who presents on communications or business strategy. Maybe you want to combine an athlete with a topic Our efficient and powerful advanced search tool below assists organizers to combine speaker types + speaker topics + speaker locations + areas of expertise so that you can filter your results and narrow your search to find the perfect speaker for your event. You can always go back and restart your search and it is a fun tool to play with as we have set in our speakers to reflect their dynamic ability to customize and tailor a presentation for your group.

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    Darryl Sangster

    Business Transitions, Strategic Partnerships & Franchising Expert

    Danièle Sauvageau

    Police Officer and Former Canadian Olympic Hockey Coach

    Vincent Savoia

    Mental Health Advocate and Strategist, Keynote Speaker Trauma-Informed Coach ​

    Dianne Saxe

    Environmental lawyer, Environmental Commissioner, Expert on Climate, Energy and Environment

    Tammy Schamuhn

    Pediatric Psychologist and Mental Health Specialist

    Brennen Schmidt

    Author, Strategist & Cyber Security Expert

    Lesley-Anne Scorgie

    Women of Inspiration - Financial Wellness, Entrepreneurship Expert

    Beckie Scott

    Olympic Speaker, Overcoming Adversity, Resilience & Teamwork Expert

    Lindsay Sealey

    Educator, Positive Leader, Difference Maker, and Best-Selling Author

    Spencer Sekyer

    Animal Advocate. Compassion, Inspiration and Courage Expert.

    Lauren Sergy

    Public Communications, Performance and Master of Ceremonies Expert

    Mike Shaw

    Performance Coach - Leadership, Change & Resilience Expert

    Bradley Shende

    Human Centered Technology and Social Impact Leadership Expert

    Reg Sherren

    Journalist - Media Relations, Social Issues and Storytelling Expert

    Gayathri Shukla

    Leadership, Diversity and Human Centred Design Expert

    Eurico Rosa da Silva

    Award-winning athlete and coach with tricks to help everyone reach their peak

    Stephane Simard

    Employee Management, Communication and Generational Workplace Expert

    Tyler Simmonds

    Mental Health Expert

    Geroy Simon

    CFL Grey Cup Champion - Leadership, Teamwork & Determination Expert

    Mike Skrypnek

    Nine Time Author - Executive Leadership Expert, Business Strategy & Mental Health Advocate

    Sami Jo Small

    Gold Medal-Winning Goalie with the Canadian Women's Olympic Hockey Team

    Byron Smith

    Expedition Leader, Adventurer and Excellence Expert

    Murray Smith

    Natural Resources, Government Relations and Business Expert

    Doug Smith

    Mental Performance, Trauma, Recovery and Overcoming Adversity Expert

    Christina N. Smith

    Olympian, Author & Brain Injury Advocate

    Cowboy Smithx

    Redx Talks Founder, Award Winning Filmaker, First Nation Expert

    Micah Solomon

    Customer Service, Customer Experience and Business Innovation Expert

    Wade Sorochan

    Award Winning Mental Health and Social Media Expert

    Carly Sotas

    TEDx Speaker - Mental Health, Leadership, Courage and Growth Expert

    Jennifer Spear

    Change, Uncertainty, Resilience, Creativity, Innovation, Improv, Problem Solving Expert


    Award Winning Mentalist, Certified Hypnotist and Master of Persuasion Expert

    Barry Spilchuk

    Author, Trainer, Cancer Survivor, and Stress Management Expert

    Stephanie Staples

    Revitalization & Psychosocial Wellness Expert, for people who are ‘nice for a living’!

    Diana Steinhauer

    Educator, Treaty, Language And Culture Expert

    Carolyn Stern

    Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and Team Building in the Workplace

    Dane Stevens

    Conscious Leadership, Change and Mindfulness Expert

    Suzanne F. Stevens

    Conscious leadership and Social Contributor Cultivator

    Dr. Zina Suissa

    Dr. Zina Suissa inspires and motivates people to find their own unique perspective

    Steffan Surdek

    Leadership, Change and Productivity Expert

    Bruny Surin

    Olympic Gold Medalist - Attitude, Performance and Leadership Expert


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