Frank Feather

Futurist, Economic Trend Forecasting and Innovation

He’s been called “a walking encyclopedia on the future”, a strategy-driven futurist, Frank Feather combines solid business experience with uncanny forecasts and novel insights that often shake up the conventional wisdom. For 22 years, Frank was a strategic planning and marketing executive with three of the world’s top banks. In 1979 he coined the term “Thinking Globally, Acting Locally” and is ranked among the “Top 100 Futurists of All Time” by Macmillan’s Encyclopedia of the Future.

Frank Feather founded Geo Strategies, a company that consulted with corporations and world governments in 1980 and continues to offer geo-strategic advice, based particularly on geo-economic and geo-political trends. Since 1984, he has been a Special Advisor to China on economic modernization and market reform.

In 2010 he became the Co-Ceo of CExecutives, operating as CExecutives One-on-One, a global network of independent C-Level consultants with a diverse range of functional experience and expertise. The practice network includes Co-Founder CEOs, Senior Partner CEOs, C-Level Partners, Affiliate Consultants, Event Consultants, and Public Speakers and Seminar Leaders, across all geographic regions.

Frank Feather has been researching the Internet and its impact on society since 1992 and continues to avidly track future trends.  His analysis and forecasting system is based on that used by the CIA and is believed to be the most sophisticated software in the public domain.

Frank has advised a worldwide roster of clients on trends impacting their future. A much sought-after public speaker, he has addressed all but two U.S. states, each Canadian province, and most countries in Western Europe, South America, East Asia and Australia.

Topic Presentations

Frank Feather never gives the same speech twice. Each is customized to meet the goals and objectives of your specific event. In general, however, each presentation will be framed around  the following topic titles:

· FUTURE TRENDS: The Next Big Thing


· FAST FORWARD: The Future in 60 Minutes


· WEB LIFESTYLES: Who, What, Where, When, Why

· WEBOLUTION: The Next Web and its Impact

· WEBRENEURS: The Home-Biz Revolution

· EXECUTIVE 2020: Seeing + Mapping the Future

These are webolutionary times.

In the digital economy, by definition you must be digitally competitive. You must be a game-changer, driving innovation to be out front of major trends. That's how to future-proof your business, wow your clients, and lead the market. The only practical way is to design and manage your desired future, and make it happen

The digital revolution continues unabated and will be even more disruptive as old business models are not only disrupted but get reinvented or scrapped.

You cannot compete by simply upgrading technology.  The CIO or CDO cannot do this alone. The entire enterprise has to be re-envisioned and re-invented if it is to survive and prosper.

Long ago, Frank Feather identified a repetitive 9-year economic cycle in North America.

He forecast the last 3 recessions [1991-2, 2000-1, 2009-10] in his 1989 book G-Forces.  He also forecasts along the next minor slow-down, which he still says will occur in 2019, followed by another boom of unprecedented proportions.

Every service sector is vulnerable to total digital and competitor disruption and revolution. All product and service offerings need to be transformed in their creation, marketing and delivery. Some services may be totally replaced by new concepts as the gig economy and digital partnerships emerge.

Innovation and change must be constant and must relate to future market needs.

The world operates in "beta" mode. Innovation and change also must be in "beta" mode, or it will not be "future-proof". Stay ahead of the curve: Be your sector's innovation leader.

Marketing is being transformed by the digital revolution. Consumers worldwide continue to shift away from brick-n-mortar shops to online and mobile channels. They also demand a "wow" experience, forcing a total marketing re-think. The 4Ps must be revamped, as must every aspect of customer sales and satisfaction.

Despite an ever-changing world, many leaders merely fight fires or maintain the status quo – and get mediocre results, or slither backwards.

Futuristic leaders don't get side-tracked. They stay focused on the future – and attain extraordinary goals.

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